NTCA brings training to you with virtual workshops and roundtables

New NTCA VIP Text Messaging Program keeps you in the loop for upcoming training events

Here we are, in September, and no doubt you are missing some of the great training opportunities NTCA is known for. But did you know that although NTCA trainers are not physically roaming the country to present workshops and conduct roundtables, you don’t have to miss out on these educational events? In fact, you don’t have to leave the convenience of your phone or computer to take part in NTCA Workshops and NTCA Roundtables Live, all presented virtually.

NTCA Workshops

The NTCA Workshops were some of the most-anticipated training opportunities each year. Now you can enjoy the 90-minute virtual program anywhere you have a connected device, through the magic of virtual conferencing! 

The focus of the programs for this year is The Ins and Outs of Layout, which was developed to help contractors and installers master layout principles that can expedite your projects and create balanced layouts. The program reviews the basics of squaring a room, determining the focal point of the room to properly balance the tile installations, using grid pattern in tile installation and more. These principles are utilized by installation companies of all sizes in any type of job, so take the opportunity to tune into this virtual presentation and up your layout game. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions of the NTCA Trainer, and videos of the tips and techniques discussed will be shared with attendees. 

Visit https://www.tile-assn.com/page/VWSHOP for more information and to view a teaser video of the program. 

NTCA Roundtables Live

In June and July, NTCA Roundtables Live were held virtually in each region, with the Regional Directors moderating. This is a change to discuss pressing topics with peers, NTCA trainers, manufacturers and other industry experts and get answers to technical questions. They started up again in August, backed by the sponsorship of Custom Building Products through the end of the year.  

“Losing that human interaction has been crazy and difficult for all of us,” said Will White CTC/CMT, Director of Technical Communications & Training, Custom Building Products. “This roundtable series provides a way we can all connect. CUSTOM has always held high the standard of supporting the contractor on the job, in the trenches, getting it done day in and day out. More now than ever, creating a forum where we can meet, asking the difficult questions about installation issues, challenges and even experiences on this new way of life together is immeasurable. Custom Building Products and I are very pleased, excited for the growing participation and thankful to the NTCA for the honor to engage and support this new effort.”

NTCA Roundtables Live allows viewers the opportunity to discuss technical topics and answer technical questions with peers, NTCA trainers, state ambassadors, and other industry experts.

Each NTCA Roundtables Live is conducted via virtual conferencing and runs for about an hour, beginning at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (12 noon Central/11 a.m. Mountain/10 a.m. Pacific). There is a general topic set for each meeting; some topics that have been explored in past roundtables include: 

  • Exterior Installations
  • Installer Habits (good and not-so-good)
  • Use of Mastic (when and where – or – when not and where not)
  • Substrate Preparation
  • Jobsite Security
  • Qualified Labor in the tile industry
  • Bring your questions and conversation! We want to hear from you!

There’s also plenty of opportunities to discuss other topics that come up in the group. 

NTCA Technical Director Mark Heinlein co-moderates with the Regional Director, and NTCA Trainers Robb Roderick and Randy Fleming are on hand for technical discussion and questions. While all members from the states in the scheduled region will be invited to attend, non-members can take part as well. And going forward, each roundtable will be open to the entire industry, not restricted by state. 

One big advantage of the NTCA Roundtables Live is the format gives seasoned contractors and those new to the industry positive support through a respectful forum, said Heinlein. 

“The roundtables are really starting to take off, with more and more people attending and engaging in fantastic discussions,” he explained. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to talk about tile in a safe place with industry professionals, without fear of ‘keyboard bravado’ that is sometimes seen on social media sites.” In fact, Heinlein said – although participation powers the discussion – contractors and installers can join the call to just listen if they wish. 

One of the new features of the NTCA Roundtables Live in the second half of the year is the “Ask the REF” feature. This feature poses questions that are derived from the NTCA Reference Manual; participants who answer correctly have a chance to pick swag of their choice from CUSTOM. 

Visit https://www.tile-assn.com/page/RT to register for the NTCA Roundtables Live. 

NTCA VIP Text Messaging Program

Got too much going on to check your calendar to see when Virtual Workshops and NTCA Roundtables Live are available? NTCA has you covered. You can now opt-in to NTCA’s VIP Text Messaging program that will alert you no more than 4-6 times a month when and where our next educational event is – or when our trainers get back on the road – in your area. Just text NTCA to 31996 from your mobile phone and you’ll get a confirmation. You’ll receive notification for the next event and information on how to participate. 

Trainers are looking forward to seeing you, talking with you and answering your questions in these new, age-of-COVID, virtual formats. Take advantage of this new format to pump up your tile installation know-how, coming soon to a phone, tablet, or computer screen near you. 

Attend NTCA Roundtable Live, NTCA Virtual Workshop, Wednesday, August 19!

Are you looking for an opportunity to virtually gather with other like-minded individuals to discuss issues pertinent to the industry? Are you looking for some tile-related banter, expert information and inspiration for your business?

Join the next NTCA Roundtable Live on Wednesday August 19

Tune in to the NTCA Roundtable Live on Wednesday – August 19 at
10:00 am Pacific / 11:00 am Mountain / 12:00 noon Central / 1:00
pm Eastern.
“We will be discussing tile related issues that matter to you. Bring your questions, and discussion points for our team,” said Mark Heinlein, NTCA Technical Director.

Register here to receive a Zoom login link to attend the discussion.
Play the “Ask the REF” game — and test your knowledge of the NTCA Reference Manual — to win prizes from Custom Building Products!

In the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a NTCA Virtual Workshop, held at 6:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Mountain / 8:00 pm Central / 9:00 pm Eastern

Register here for the NTCA Virtual Workshop.

Learn from the one and only Randy Fleming as he presents NTCA’s The Ins and Outs of Layout workshop.  Stay to win prizes including a floor warming system provided by SunTouch and WattsWater!

Receive reminder updates for NTCA’s educational events, including NTCA Roundtables Live and NTCA Workshop. Opt in to NTCA’s VIP Text Update by texting NTCA to 31996 or click on this link: https://slkt.io/7gLq

“Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge” Now Available at No Cost, courtesy of a contribution from Jason Goldberg

Through a generous contribution from Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of America’s Floor Source, Retail Lead Management and TraLaMa, CTEF’s Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge is now available at no charge.

The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) has announced that it is now offering the “Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge” (FTBK) guide to anyone associated with the tile industry, at no cost.

This guide – along with the Certified Tile Installer “Field Manual for Thin-Bed Installation of Ceramic Tile” and associated tests – have become the industry standards for the professional development of tile installers and others involved in the sale, specification, prep, installation, and service of ceramic tile.

Free access and distribution of this guide have been made possible through an ongoing contribution from Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of America’s Floor Source, Retail Lead Management, and TraLaMa.

“We need a broader audience beyond installers to be knowledgeable about ceramic tile,” explained Goldberg. “Everyone from salespeople to estimators to construction managers must have a strong understanding of what it takes to do tile correctly. Otherwise, jobs go wrong, and the reputation of the whole industry suffers.”

Mark Heinlein, training director at the NTCA, added, “Tiling ain’t easy. A successful installation requires everyone in the chain to have a thorough understanding of the entire process – including the roles of every other person along the way.”

The CTEF aims to improve the tile industry through education, training, and participation in the development of nationally recognized standards and methods. With the inclusion of the distributor and dealer networks, CTEF will be able to reach the people who will benefit greatly from this new-found knowledge.

The Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge by CTEF is a valuable resource for the entire industry.

“This new program will enable all of us to reach more people through new avenues,” added Scott Carothers, Director of Certification and Training at the CTEF. “In doing so, we’ll create a more knowledgeable support system which will substantially reduce the number of expensive tile specification and installation failures. These failures, which should not be occurring, give the entire tile industry a ‘black eye,’ and can cause potential tile-using clientele to consider other possibilities. But with more people using the FTBK guide, there will be more tile installations being properly specified and installed correctly the first time, encouraging consumers to purchase more tile in the future.”

To obtain free access to the “Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge” study guide, tile and flooring professionals can visit www.CeramicTileFoundation.org and click on the red FTBK button.

Additionally, through the CTEF website, FTBK students can use their newly-found knowledge from this guide to complete an online test (for a $99 fee) and earn a Certificate of Completion as a Fundamentals of Thin-Bed Knowledge industry professional.

Mentorship: one-to-one support for your business questions

Facebook groups, NTCA offer advice to bolster businesses

Education and training take many forms – workshops, regional programs, lunch-and-learns. In this time of COVID-19, virtual conferencing tools like Zoom have helped convey information that traditionally was taught in person.

Long before COVID even reared its ugly head, Facebook instituted an option where experienced individuals in a group could work one-to-one with others with similar interests, to assist, support, and mentor them. 

Headshot of Bradford Denny
Bradford Denny

NTCA contractor member Bradford Denny, of Nichols Tile & Terrazzo in Joelton, Tenn., has been a mentor through Facebook in the NTCA Members Only group for a while. Once a group gets to a certain size, Facebook opens a popup that invites longstanding members of a group to become members, and Denny decided to give it a try. 

“There has been a spirit of mentorship in NTCA as long as it has been around,” Denny explained. “That naturally happens with contractors in that network. When you come to an event, you meet people who have something going on you can learn from.” 

Denny explained that mentorship is a commitment on the part of the mentor and the mentee. “Mentorship is an investment by both parties,” he said. The mentee has to be willing to act on suggestions that the mentor will offer.”

Facebook provides a virtual board that lists mentors and mentees on the group; when both parties agree to mentorship and are paired up, the mentee comes off the board. “They have to re-up if they want to try with a different mentor or get a separate perspective from someone else,” Denny said.

He observed that you are “witnessing real-time learning” with the Facebook Mentor Program in the NTCA Members Only group. 

Stock photo of a hand with pen and paper checklist
The mentorship process includes a get-to-know-you process in which mentors and mentees learn about each other and their businesses – like primary business, number of employees, annual volume.

Denny has been working with seven people in the past few months. The process includes a get-to-know-you process in which mentors and mentees learn about each other and their businesses – like primary business, number of employees, annual volume. Facebook gives a mentor a list of steps to follow to guide the mentee through the process. These include:

  1. Get to know each other (with suggestions on how to do that)
  2. Agree on a goal for the mentee
  3. Have a plan
  4. Check-in 
  5. Discuss progress
  6. Keep it going
  7. Celebrate progress
  8. Look ahead

“The mentor asks, ‘What is your greatest need in business right now?’ and from there, try to give them solutions,” Denny explained. “Many ask, ‘I want to grow my business,’ so we explore how good a handle the mentee has on their business, for starters.”

Denny has a reading list that he shares with mentees. He also recommends mentees use NTCA University as a resource; vouchers members receive in the Partnering for Success program can be used towards NTCA University coursework. Because Denny also is a mentor on the Tile Geeks Facebook page, he said, “NTCA University is a good way to expose people to NTCA in general. One guy joined and he said ‘I’m in the NTCA, what do I do?’ So I walked him through the process.” 

Mentors and mentees mostly communicate on Messenger as time allows, though sometimes there are also phone calls. Denny lets his mentees know what his availability is, then asks questions, recommends reading, and asks the mentee to read and think about it and answer back. Denny worked with one mentee, referred him to a book and they discussed it, then they worked forward to set a goal. 

Though there are no requirements or vetting of mentors through Facebook, when potential mentors fill out a profile, it lists their knowledge and experience in various aspects of the tile business. “The mentee also fills out a profile detailing where they want to grow or need help, in terms of the business or technical aspects of their business,” Denny said. “The mentor can choose a mentee, or a mentee can choose a mentor, and you can end a mentorship at any time.”

Headshot of Jim Olson
Jim Olson

In addition to the Facebook mentorship program, NTCA has word-of-mouth, member-only mentorship option that is coordinated through NTCA Assistant Executive Director Jim Olson. “I’ve asked new and existing members to let me know what they would like help with,” Olson said. “There is more interest in business mentoring versus technical, due to our technical hotline,” he said. Various NTCA Five-Star Contractors and State Ambassadors have stepped up to mentor, support, and answer questions.” 

Olson said the program is mostly focused on residential business and smaller companies with a goal to formalize it and make it available on a Business Mentor page situated on the Member Only Section of the NTCA association website. For now, to learn more about the NTCA Mentorship Program, contact Jim Olson at
[email protected] 

Schluter®-Systems Expands Live Online Training

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In response to the ongoing demand for distance learning, Schluter Systems has expanded the series of live, online training programs they launched in the spring.  These programs carry many of the most important features that have made Schluter’s traditional hands-on workshops successful over the past 20 years.

Industry professionals can now choose from a total of eight different courses, grouped into three series:  Schluter Fundamentals, Schluter Design I and Schluter Design II.  Anyone who attends all of the classes in any of the three series will receive a Certificate of Attendance for that series.

The core of each 2-hour session continues to be a live, hands-on demonstration.  The courses are delivered by a presenter, an installer, and a moderator who answers questions and provides additional information via a live chat during the session.  Attendees connect to the session via computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere.  

There is no cost to attend; attendees must simply register online for the course of their choosing.  Registration can be done at any time prior to the start of the course.

In addition to the original four topics, the following new classes are being offered:

  • Design I
    • Going Curbless
    • Linear Drains
  • Design II
    • Custom Builds with KERDI-BOARD
    • Finishing Bathrooms with Design Elements

Interested professionals can learn more and register here:  Registration.

The original four classes in the Schluter Fundamentals series are:

  • Flooring Warming with DITRA-HEAT
  • Moisture Management & Schluter Shower System
  • Uncoupling Principles & DITRA
  • Tile Edge Protection & Finishing with Profiles


MANSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS –The Belknap White Group, one of America’s leading full-service flooring distributors, has announced the availability of free weekly educational ZOOM webinars for its customers.

“Right now is an ideal time for customers to benefit from these webinars,” stated Jillian Stworzydlak, BWG’s Marketing & Digital Media Director, “In particular, now is a great time to offer opportunities for them to develop and refine their individual skills. Our webinars range from new product introductions to hands-on installation demonstrations from our trusted vendor partners.”

“The Belknap White Group is dedicated to serving its customers with the tools and educational resources they need to help their business as they navigate today’s unprecedented business conditions”, continued Stworzydlak. “Our multi-faceted webinars are particularly useful to our audience; we want to show them we care enough to provide them this value for free.”

A comprehensive library of past webinars can be found HERE.

A day in the life of an NTCA trainer

What is it like to be a trainer for NTCA? I’m asked that question often. This article will shed some light on my experiences. 

I am very proud to represent the NTCA as a trainer. I’m still a bit confused how they decided I would be a good choice with all the other qualified candidates who expressed their interest in the position, but I’m very thankful they did. I’m happy to be part of the terrific team at NTCA that collaborates to come up with creative ideas on current and relevant topics to bring to our workshop gatherings.

Being a trainer requires a lot of travel, so the home situation needs to be conducive to it. For instance, this amount of travel would be very difficult for a married person with children at home. 

I would describe this position four ways: it’s one part professor because of the teaching and training; it’s one part over-the-road truck driver, due to all the hours spent on the road. It’s one part campaigning politician because of all the personalities with whom you work and interact. Finally, it’s one part traveling evangelist since you spread the gospel of good tile setting with the hope of bringing new members into the NTCA fold.

Early on, my biggest surprise was the amount of effort that goes into preparing a workshop or regional training program. Having attended workshops as a contractor, it appeared to simply involve standing up and talking about tile for an hour or two. I rapidly discovered there is much more to it than that. A typical three-hour program workshop requires many days invested in building a PowerPoint presentation, rehearsing the program, building the hands-on demos, calling managers, board members, and ambassadors, acquiring and packing the tools, long drives, hotel
check-ins, setup and breakdowns of all the equipment and more. Definitely much more work than meets the eye.

The schedule is a challenge in itself. My typical day starts with breakfast, phone calls, emails, getting dressed for the day’s event and checking out of the hotel. I arrive at the location around 1 pm to meet the host, review the plan and set up the area, checking that all the necessary components are ready to do the event. Workshops generally start at 5 pm, when most people get off from work. After the workshop, I break down the equipment and load everything back in the van. I then drive a couple of hours to get closer to the next day’s event, and find a hotel. Many times it is after midnight before I am able to get to sleep. Then I repeat the schedule again the next day. A typical day on the road is generally between 11 to 14 hours, depending on the distance between venues and the amount of help I receive during break down.

Traveling is the name of the game. Since taking this position my work week and some weekends are filled with either traveling and giving educational programs or preparing to travel. I live in Springfield, Mo., and have the normal responsibilities of an employee and homeowner. I need to mow, take care of my property, cook, clean, wash my clothes (often two weeks’ worth of dirty clothes from my time on the road) and then pack to go again. I also need to restock, reload and organize the van along with its typical maintenance and cleaning.

That all sounds like a lot of logistical juggling, travel and prep work – and it is. But it is truly worth it to work with tile contractors, salespeople and A&D professionals all over the country, helping them understand important aspects about tile setting. And when a contractor decides to become an NTCA member at a workshop, it’s icing on the cake!

Be a trainer; see the country!

The greatest benefit of the job is all the terrific places I travel to and all the wonderful people I meet. I’ve made lasting friendships with members, state ambassadors, and board members. Their participation in our training really increases the program’s effectiveness. 

I normally have workshops scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I generally travel on Monday and Friday, so on the weekends I have the opportunity to discover some of the great places far from my home. I’ve visited National Parks, memorials and many different landmarks. I have been to beaches on the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf Coast. I have fished in California, Florida and some of the best lakes this country has to offer – all because my work took me there. I would never have seen these places or met so many people without being a trainer for the NTCA.

The impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has made my life as a trainer very different. Travel restrictions suddenly emptied my schedule. A plan was quickly made for conducting virtual workshops – something we had never done before. These required meetings, videos, and rehearsals. I was also asked to shoot NTCA TileTV videos, review NTCA University curriculum and write articles for the TileLetter. I continued to receive and answer technical questions, plus the usual organization of materials and tools. 

It is good to have work during a time when so many don’t. I’m thankful, but like many others, I’m ready to get back to my normal schedule. What will the job look like after coronavirus? It’s hard to say. The goal of each NTCA event is to have as much participation as possible with many people in attendance. Will the virus affect the numbers of people wanting and able to attend? In the short term, yes. Eventually I hope we can return to a new normal.

This is an overview of what it is like to be a trainer. I would like to thank all the members of the NTCA who allow me to represent you in this capacity. My desire is to always make you proud and do the best job possible.


A new initiative to promote qualified and quality labor

The industry – and the world as we know it – has been going through some changes. But in the midst of the upheaval, some new initiatives and energy are emerging to move the industry forward in a positive way. 

Even though the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) tests have been put on hold in light of COVID-19, in the latter part of April, some discussion began percolating about crafting a message that summarized the mission of the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) and the broader mission of elevating the tile trade as a whole. This phrase would need to be easily and readily accessible by those on social media. 

CTEF board member Joseph Mattice, of On the Level Tile in Greenville, S.C., together with NTCA Assistant Executive Director Jim Olson, NTCA Training Director Mark Heinlein, and CTEF’s Scott Carothers and Cathey McAlister, explored several slogans and tag lines. One of the contenders was “Transform the Trade,” which originally emerged from discussions with Mattice, and other newly-named CTEF board members, Erin Albrecht of J&R Tile, San Antonio, Texas; Trask Bergerson of Bergerson Tile & Stone, Astoria, Oregon; and former CTEF Industry Liaison and Promotions Director Heidi Cronin.

Mattice brought this catch-phrase, as well as several others, to a Zoom meeting of CTIs the last weekend of April for feedback. “We polled everyone about messages – not just about the [CTI] test, but how it correlates with CTEF mission statement,” Mattice said. “Transform the Trade”
(#transformthetrade) was the overwhelming favorite of the group.

The alliterative phrase was also chosen because of the different ways it can succinctly highlight other core messages of the CTEF mission, such as:

  • Transform the Trade – Take the Test
  • Transform the Trade – Prove yourself
  • Transform the Trade – Become a CTI
  • Transform the Trade – Join CTEF

“We determined to begin using #transformthetrade as a hashtag on our posts and emails and YouTube, etc.,” Heinlein added. 

From there, Mattice connected with CTIs Jim Tsigos of Tsigos Construction, Delran, N.J., Ken Ballin of Skyro Flooring in West Creek, N.J., and Brandt Garrison of Garrison Tile & Renovation in Heyburn, Idaho, to create a Facebook group. The Facebook group is intended as both a place for CTIs to exchange information, but also where those who are interested in taking the test can come to get information from existing CTIs. Once live tests start up again, an announcement will be posted at the top of the page with locations and dates, Mattice said. Mattice also runs weekly Zoom meetings to address various aspects of the effort, such as addressing social media and programs for CTEF to support CTIs.

“Transform the trade” gives a context to discuss elevating standards and qualified labor in general: “It’s where we all want to go,” Mattice said. “It’s not just about taking the test – it’s also about getting industry partners involved. For instance, distributors have to eat a lot of terrible installs, so it benefits them to focus more on quality and qualified labor. And qualified contractors tend to buy better product, so that benefits the manufacturer. This is about the overall trade – the test is just one element of it.” 

Mattice is proud to be part of this effort. “An exciting thing is the energy the CTIs have poured into this in 1.5 weeks!” he said. “It just blew up! It’s a positive focus and a call to action. This is a step you can take that will actually transform things.”

Now when you see #transformthetrade starting to crop up on social media and industry communications, you’ll know what it all means. Check out the Facebook group to join in!

University of Ceramic Tile and Stone offers Certified Tile Specialist and Certified Stone Specialist Programs

San Diego, CA, May 12, 2020 – The University of Ceramic Tile and Stone (UofCTS) offers a certification accreditation program for experienced tile and stone professionals who have a minimum of two years full-time, on-the-job experience within their respective tile or stone industry.

The UofCTS Certified Tile Specialist (CTS) program covers ceramic tile, glass tile, specialty tile, and related installation products. The UofCTS Certified Stone Specialist (CSS) program covers natural stone, engineered stone, manufactured stone and related installation products.

The UofCTS Certified Specialist Program is an effective way to teach and update experienced industry professionals with:

  • Product knowledge, industry standards,
  • Learning how to draft MasterFormat Architectural Specifications,
  • Learning proper selection and installation methods for tile and stone applications,
  • Learning how to properly, clearly and effectively communicate with clients. 

The Certified Specialist courses have been developed with an emphasis on preparing students for their dealings with clients in a consultative manner.  The training program builds confidence, enhances credibility with clients, and improves professionalism, which ultimately leads to more sales.  In addition, companies that have certified professionals on their staff are more likely to avoid costly job failures.

In order to be eligible to display the acronym designating an individual as a UofCTS Certified Tile Specialist (CTS) or UofCTS Certified Stone Specialist (CSS) professional you must:

  • Provide proof of at least two years of full-time experience within the respective industry, including letters from employers.
  • Achieve a passing grade on either the UofCTS’ courses, Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile or Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone.
  • Achieve a passing grade on the UofCTS Tile Installer Thin-set Standards (ITS) Verification course and remain current.
  • Achieve a passing grade on the UofCTS The Complete Guide on Developing Tile & Stone Specifications with Architects course.
  • Pass the respective UofCTS Tile and Stone Certified Specialist Final Exam that includes 78 true/false and multiple-choice questions and five essay questions. The prerequisite for taking the exam is to first complete and pass the three respective courses and provide the verification of employment.   
  • Approval from UofCTS Certification Board after reviewing and scrutinizing the student’s final exam results and their course results to verify that they did complete each section of each lesson in each course.  

You can order the UofCTS Certified Specialist Final Exam by clicking on the respective acronym: CTS Exam or CSS Exam

Candidates who purchase the respective final exam will get the following:

  • 30 days access to each of the three respective courses that are associated with the CTS or CSS designation. This will allow the candidate to prepare for the test by reviewing or retaking each of those respective courses.
  • Once the candidate is prepared, within those 30 days of access they can take the test.
  • The test will be proctored via a cell phone app like FaceTime or WhatsApp or an online web conferencing app like Zoom or Skype.
  • Final exam that includes completing 78 true false and multiple choice questions and five essay questions to be completed within three hours.
  • UofCTS Certification Board will grade essay questions, will review student’s course results, and student’s qualifications to determine if they will be issued the respective certification.
  • Upon approval from the UofCTS Certification Board, student will be mailed a certificate of accomplishment and the respective Certified Specialist pocket ID card.
  • The designated Specialist will be required to renew their certification every two years by retaking the online Certified Specialist Exam for which they previously earned the Certified Specialist status. It is very important that industry professionals review this material every two years in order to stay current with industry products, methods and standards that are continually changing and improving.

The UofCTS will issue a diploma and an ID card with the industry professional’s name and date in which he/she completed the UofCTS Certification program along with an expiration date. These cards can be presented to potential customers in addition to other credentials. Having a UofCTS Certified Specialist designation will provide added credibility for tile and stone professionals and will give companies a competitive advantage over their competition.

The UofCTS CTS and CSS certifications are not a guarantee that the certified industry professional will perform satisfactory work, nor will it be an indication of their level of competency.  It is verification by UofCTS that a given industry professional has received a passing grade on the respective UofCTS online courses covering industry products, standards and methods, and has demonstrated that they understand this information.

For more information visit the UofCTS website at www.UofCTS.org.

Virtual Learning Flyer from ARDEX – Making it Easy to Access Video Content!

Aliquippa, PA, May 7, 2020 – ARDEX Americas has created an easy access virtual learning flyer to help customers connect with an extensive video library. This video library features learning options such as; project showcases, product demonstrations, the “Ask the Expert” series and many more. 

ARDEX Americas has created an easy access virtual learning flyer to help customers connect with an extensive video library.

The videos are available in English, Spanish and French by making one simple “click” on the flyer, providing flexibility and convenience. In addition, the flyer can be easily shared and downloaded for ease of use. 

Annika Oeing, ARDEX Americas Marketing Manager notes, “We see a high demand for educational content and want to share our creative video options in an easy access format. Something that is straightforward and concise, helping customers with direct access to virtual learning.”

To access this new virtual learning resource, please click here to download. For more information, and to register for an upcoming webinar, visit www.ardexamericas.com.

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