Fiandre announces new Italian marble looks and stone effects collections

(Chicago, IL – November 2020) – Fiandre, part of the Iris Ceramica Group, introduces new colors and finishes in the Maximum Marmi premium Italian porcelain collection: Alpi Chiaro Venato, Verde Fantastico, Irish Green, Invisible, and Apuano Purissimo.  Ariostea’s NEXT collection and Porcelain Gres’ LOFT collection are new color ranges in the Stone Effects categories. Debuting for the first time in the U.S., these new high tech architectural surfaces include the latest in Fiandre’s advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities and years of continuous research. 

white marble look floor with prominent black veining
Fiandre’s Invisible

Invisible’s surface is dominated by a pure white background traversed by a web of gray veins, from thick to fine, mottled with golden accents. The polished and honed finishes enhance the beauty of Invisible’s surface even more, with its attention to detail and extraordinary realism. 

marble look floor with delicate veining
Fiandre’s Apuano Purissimo

Apuano Purissimo’s characteristic white background intersperses with very light gray veins that fade into shaded areas. Apuano Purissimo is a surface of unparalleled elegance, appreciated for its particular brightness and exclusivity that make it ideal for the most luxurious environments. 

Verde Fantastico’s new exotic texture is reminiscent of classic Iranian refinement. Verde Fantastico features a dark green background, covered with white, brown and ocher details that create a snake skin motif reminiscent of the rainforest.

dark green marble look tile panels
Fiandre’s Verde Fantastico
bright green marble look floors
Fiandre’s Irish Green

The colors of the Irish landscapes are imprinted in all their enigmatic beauty in Irish Green. The bright green grass, brown earth, golden sand and gray Irish castles seem to come to life in this fascinating surface, proposing a marble defined as “savage beauty” by Oscar Wilde. The bright, almost acid green background features shades of cream, sepia, brown and gray interrupted by veins reminiscent of crystalline calcite. The diverse background features various shades of green from light to dark, enhanced by the polished finish. Irish Green is inspired by a rare and ancient marble with countless shades of green.

dark green marble look tile with white veining
Fiandre’s Alpi Chiaro Venato

Alpi Chiaro Venato is characterized by an intense green background with light and dark areas illuminated by white veins. The bright finish adds depth to the color and enhances its texture. Alpi Chiaro Venato is a timeless surface of unquestionable elegance that can be used both as cladding or flooring. 

Ariostea’s NEXT cement-look tile collection offers minimalistic style, versatility and ultra easy maintenance. The simple material appearance of concrete along with its contemporary architectural element par excellence, reflects the soul of NEXT. The stylish simplicity of the subtle shading makes it a discreet, versatile option for bringing character to settings and offering designers maximum freedom.

cement look large format tiles and panels
Ariostea’s NEXT cement-look tile

The variety of sizes, thickness and moisture resistant properties make NEXT suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, embracing all kinds of project requirements and offering a wide range of uses:  floors and walls, surfaces to be walked or driven on, and sophisticated furnishings and design accessories. Colors available in the NEXT collection include Grey, Crete, Dark, Chalk, Greige, and Brick.

Porcelaingres’ Nordic-inspired LOFT collection is the perfect union of stone and cement. The solid heft of cement and the natural elegance of stone combine in a simple and modern, yet rich product speckled with iridescent, glittering particles that give character to the material.

large format tiles that combine the look of stone and cement
LOFT by Porcelainges

Made for both residential and public settings, LOFT is a versatile collection suitable for both interiors and exteriors. The collection is available in 100×100, 120×60, 60×60, 60×30 in two thicknesses, 6 mm, 8mm and 20 mm, and in four natural colors that perfectly complement the latest architectural trends- Loft Snow, Loft Sand, Loft Smoke, and Loft Dark.

Maximum Marmi’s large format 300×150 cm tiles allow large areas to be covered with a uniform cladding that further enhances the beauty of rooms, while the sub-formats offer the designer flexibility of application. The thickness of just 6 mm allows bespoke architectural elements and refined furnishing accessories to be designed, including stairs, doors, consoles, seats, tables and lamps that embellish interiors, creating total look environments.

The large 300×150 cm tile format and sub-formats also allow the cladding of facades, walls and floors of buildings, guaranteeing levels of performance that only porcelain stoneware can provide, including durability, resistance to mechanical stress and chemical attack, high absorption resistance and easy cleaning.

The new collections are now available for the U.S. market through the Fiandre Group’s own distributor, Transceramica as well as through its nationwide network of distributors. The sleek styles and surface solutions are engineered for both commercial and contemporary residential projects. The porcelain products will also soon be on display in Fiandre’s Chicago and NY showrooms.  For more information, visit or

Produced in Italy, the Maximum Marmi 120×60 large format sophisticated slabs are inspired by the fine veins, color variations, and elegant details. Fiandre’s Maximum Marmi collection of large format porcelain wall and floor solutions encourages the most ambitious architectural ideas and enhances the most exclusive furnishing installations for hospitality, commercial and residential settings. Produced in Italy, the Maximum Marmi 120×60 large format sophisticated slabs are inspired by the fine veins, color variations, and elegant details found in very rare marble quarries. The collection is available in the following dimensions, in polished or semi-polished finishes: 120”x60”, 120”x40”, 60”x60”, 60”x40”, 40”x40”, 60”x30”, 30”x30”, and 30”x15”. 

Sustainability is a key principle of Fiandre’s philosophy

Fiandre’s commitment to environmental issues and its sustainability positioning distinguishes the brand in the global porcelain and ceramic marketplace. The pureness of the raw materials along with the most advanced technology and continuous study of aesthetic design trends ensures long-lasting products. Recognized globally for its environmental commitment and certifications: ISO 1400, EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) and over 250 Fiandre materials are LEED certified.

For more information about the group’s collections, visit 

For sample requests, email [email protected] 

AlysEdwards Tile & Stone: Falling For Fall

Designers at AlysEdwards are falling for fall and gathering all the colors to make home design warm and cozy. 

fall tones mood board by AlysEdwards
AlysEdwards Fall Mood Board with a warm and cozy color scheme.

Inspire. Create. Design Something Fabulous. Warm tones are back, and what better time to celebrate a cozy color scheme than the Fall season. Pairing lighter warm tones that compliment each other like Cut Me Some Flax from Tongue in Chic and Coalino from Abitare La Terra creates a more open space, but still with a welcoming vibe. 

Falling for Beige? The Fleece color from the new Blendables collection is the perfect warm neutral. Orange, yellow, and brown are all classic warms tones. Using Golden Slumber from Haute Glass allows your design to incorporate the colors of fall. The process of mixing colors through a poured glass creates soft muted striations through the mosaic in earthy warm hues. A pattern like the Porto-guese Flor tile in Moorish Red offers a pleasant pop of color that is cheerful and bright. Including metals like the Sassy Brassy Liner as an accent adds simmering warmth. Round out your space with natural textures such as woods or fall foliage to make your design toasty and snug. What will you fall for?

Like what you see? Request free samples from this board here.

Belknap White Group showcases Marazzi’s latest tiles

Mansfield, Massachusetts. The Belknap White Group (BWG), one of America’s leading full-service flooring distributors is pleased to announce Marazzi’s newest product collections are now available at the company’s nine East Coast locations. Offering innovative, on-trend looks, these five new collections will be available via BWG throughout all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and parts of upstate New York.

“Marazzi’s latest collections not only offer the strength and durability characteristic of this manufacturer,” stated Dave Godlewski, Belknap White’s Vice President/Ceramic Division. “They also offer capabilities which create on-trend, bold, innovative and captivating designs today’s customers demand.”

terra cotta look hex
Moroccan Concrete, in Terra Cotta.

Moroccan Concrete™ – This series offers a variety of shapes, patterns, colors and sizes including popular mosaic and hexagon tiles. Combining the rugged look of concrete with Moroccan design, these tiles are available in eight colors and are suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Artezen™ – Inspired by handmade ceramics, finished with a translucent glaze, this collection of mosaics is most spectacular when used for backsplashes and pool linings. The range offers three neutral colors, two shades of blue and a shimmery bronze metallic round out, ideal for flowing, jaw-dropping installations.

hex wall tile with translucent glaze
Marazzi Artezen

Zellige™ – With a hand-crafted look, these tiles are produced in 12 shades with glossy finish and highly visible tone variations.  With its North African vibe, mixed with industrial ceramic colors, a unique blended effect is created.

blue wall tile with handmade look
Marazzi Zellige

Geometal™ – Making a bold statement with its three-dimensional mosaics, Geometal™ offers a special blend of materials resulting in a geometric metallic look complete with floret and ornament patterns.  Available in four metallic colors, Geometal is highly durable and can be installed in wet areas.

metal look hex tiles on kitchen backsplash
Marazzi Geometal

Coastal Effects™ – This award-winning collection offers molten glass mosaics in four, vibrant color combinations. Geometric shapes, small and large picket and a trellis accent with antique mirror offer innovative options for stunning walls.

blue glass mosaics on lobby reception desk feature wall
Marazzi Coastal Effects

Marazzi’s latest product collections can be found on Belknap White Group’s E-Catalog HERE.  For samples and pricing, please contact The Belknap White Group.

American Olean launches new Mythique Marble

Dallas, TX – November 30, 2020American Olean is pleased to announce the launch of the new Mythique Marble collection.  Mythique Marble is a complete porcelain floor, ceramic wall, and mosaic tile collection offering four on-trend marble designs, each equally elegant, yet with its own unique personality.  All Mythique Marble products feature Microban® technology that provides powerful antimicrobial product protection.  

“The inclusion of Microban technology equips this product line to easily stand up to the demands of daily life, while delivering an abundance of style,” said Amber Leigh Martinson, senior director of marketing, Dal-Tile Corporation.  “Microban technology is built into the product and will not wash off or wear away.”

“Marble looks are extremely popular right now and Mythique Marble perfectly offers the beauty of marble with the performance of porcelain tile,” said Shelly Halbert, director of product design, Dal-Tile Corporation.  “In designing Mythique Marble, we focused on creating a very complete marble design package under the American Olean umbrella.”

“Although interior design is warming, we designed Mythique Marble to offer gorgeous marble designs in both warm and cool tones to fit into any overall room design.  Each of the designs brings something very different to a space.  Mythique Marble’s designs uniquely blend traditional marble visuals with contemporary flair.”


Mythique Marble’s Altissimo is a more traditional marble look with refined movement in the veining.  Based on the classic Carerra Marble from Carerra, Italy, Altissimo includes grey and blue undertones.  The visual brings a clean, elegant look to a space.  

Calacatta Venecia

marble look tile in kitchen
Mythique Marble Calacatta Venecia from AO

Mythique Marble’s Calacatta Venecia is a majestically bold take on the classic look of Italian Calacatta marble.  Calacatta Venecia retains the freshness of white marble with grey undertones, yet features gold veining that brings warm tones into the space.


Botticino is a glamorous linear marble design that nods to the boldness of the types of marbles that were popular in the 1980s and ‘90s, with linear veining adding depth to the space.  Again, in keeping with today’s warming trend across interior design, Botticino brings the warmth of a modern beige color to marble visuals.  

marble look tile in hexagon and plank format in spa setting
AO’s Mythique Marble Botticino


Mythique Marble’s Majestic is a bold, intriguing marble design with beautiful veining throughout each piece and includes touches of grey, beige, and brown to ensure this new product looks great with today’s hottest room designs.  

marble look tile in bathroom
Majestic from AO’s Mythique Marble collection

Accompanying the collection’s various sizes of floor and wall tiles are beautiful arabesque mosaic tiles, a multi-wave crest tile, and an intriguing hexagon tile.   Coordinating trim is available for a finished look.  American Olean’s Mythique Marble collection is appropriate for use on floors, walls, countertops, and shower floors.  Made in the USA.

Antolini unearths its Geo Fancylight Petrified Wood

Antolini‘s Geo Fancylight Petrified Wood is the newest in the company’s Antolini Precioustone Collection.

Antolini Geo Fancylight Petrified Wood

This is the master bathroom of a luxurious Florentine villa that the owners, a young couple of visionary architects, wanted to transform into a sophisticated and exclusive environment. What makes the environment particularly unique, is the top-quality material chosen for the rear wall cladding. In this case, it’s the Geo Fancylight Petrified Wood, created by Antolini, the world’s leading natural stone company with over 60 years of experience.

Antolini’s Precioustone Collection features original material that is creatively interpreted to give life to infinite forms that convey splendor and magnificence. Over 100 varieties of select and precious gems enrich the Antolini Precioustone Collection. Amethyst, quartz, jasper, and agate are transformed into coverings of sheer class. These stones, particularly the translucent varieties that can be lit-up from behind, create unique color effects, and add original touches to a room.

IMG_0302.jpg Geo Fancylight Petrified Wood detail
Antolini’s Precioustone Collection features original material that is creatively interpreted to give life to infinite forms that convey splendor and magnificence.

Antolini’s carefully selected natural stone designs each stand for unconstrained stylistic freedom. With worldwide exclusivity over the most astonishing materials and sole access to the quarries, Antolini is able to offer the most desired and recognizable natural masterpieces in multiple finishes through a network of distributors and partners. Driven by unbound curiosity and passion, Antolini brings Mother Nature’s finest creations to light.  

Crossville launches In-Side Porcelain Tile Panel Collection

Crossville In-Side Nero living room

New line offers designers sophisticated visuals with a uniquely textured surface.

Crossville, Tennessee – Crossville, Inc. has announced the launch of its new In-Side porcelain tile panel collection. The unique appearance of this line mimics the look of Pietra del Cardoso, a deep-blue gray sandstone mined only in the Apuan Alps. The panels are crafted with a mixture of raw materials in variable grain sizes, resulting in a textural, blended tile surface that is much like that of natural stone.

flamed panel wall and floor
Crossville, Inc. has announced the launch of its new In-Side porcelain tile panel collection
panel detail
Crossville’s In-Side Pietra-Di_Cardoso Grigio

“With complimentary hues and authentic texture, In-Side gives designers a contemporary solution for skinning walls and flooring,” explains Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville VP of marketing. The collection comes in two color variations, each available in both matte and flamed finishes: Pietra-Di-Cardoso Grigio, a luxe gray tone, as well as Pietra-Di-Cardoso Nero, a nuanced black. The flamed finish, a feature new to this line, offers the variable texture of the bush hammered finish with a smooth sheen. The panels come in 1m x 3m sheets with the Laminam 5.6mm thickness. They are suitable for interior wall and floor applications in both commercial and residential settings. The generously proportioned outer dimensions yet extremely lean profile of the porcelain tile panels can be installed with minimal grout lines and may be applied directly over previously installed tile or stone. For more information on this collection, visit

LATICRETE Improves Safety and Workability for Installers with the Launch of MVIS™ Lite Wall Float

Lightweight and easy-to-use mortar increases production and decreases fatigue on the job

November 17, 2020, Bethany, Conn. – LATICRETE, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has launched MVIS™ (Masonry Veneer Installation System) Lite Wall Float, a super lightweight mortar developed with the installer in mind. Half the weight of traditional type S mortars, MVIS Lite Wall Float is safer and easier to handle. Designed specifically for masonry veneers, this product’s lightweight feature and superior performance increases production while reducing exhaustion on the job. Additionally, the formula contains no respirable crystalline silica levels that exceed the OSHA action level.*
“The excellent adhesion, ease-of-use and safety components that MVIS Lite Wall Float offers makes it an ideal choice for workability and efficiency,” said Elvis Torres, LATICRETE Product Manager. “As a pre-blended formula, it doesn’t require any jobsite batching and is half the weight of traditional bags of mortar, allowing workers to get more done with less strain. MVIS Lite Wall Float showcases the dedication LATICRETE has in contributing to healthier work environments and providing solutions that are easier on the installer.”

MVIS Lite Wall Float is available in a 30-pound (13.6 kg) bag that offers the same coverage as a 60-pound (27.2 kg) bag of traditional mortar and only requires water to mix. Suitable for a variety of application types, MVIS Lite Wall Float is freeze/thaw compliant, making it suitable for both interior and exterior use. With good PSI strength and low shrinkage, it can be applied up to ¾-inch (19 mm) in one lift on a vertical installation. This product is perfect for floating walls or doing renders and provides a great foundation for stone setting applications, allowing installers to place veneer on top of the surface in as little as 16 hours. MVIS Lite Wall Float can be used in conjunction with MVIS Air and Water Barrier after 24 hours, which is a single-component, load-bearing, fluid-applied air barrier membrane that provides waterproofing and crack isolation.
For more information, visit

*OSHA action level set forth in OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) standard for construction, 29 CFR 1926.1153, as certified by an independent laboratory to be below the OSHA action level for respirable crystalline silica –

Daltile Launches Two New Quartz Slab Designs

Daltile is pleased to launch two new designs into its ONE Quartz National Marble Series. These two new colors are Made In The USA with imported materials in Dal-Tile Corporation’s quartz plant in Dickson, Tennessee and are also the largest quartz slab products in the world.  The newly-launched products are available nationwide.  

“These two new exquisite marble designs, Statuary Unity and Statuary Glory, offer beautiful wide veining against modern white backgrounds, with Glory’s background just a hint warmer than Unity’s,” said Roy Viana, director of natural stone and slab for Dal-Tile Corporation.  “The veining in these two designs features smooth, flowing movements with clean edges, lending a sophisticated elegance to the overall visuals.”

“Statuary Unity and Statuary Glory exemplify how quartz combines the beauty of marble with product performance,” said Viana.  “With quartz, you can add gorgeous marble looks to your home’s design in a material that stands up to real life activity, perfect for kitchens.  These quartz slabs are non-porous, scratch resistant, and stain resistant, and can be used on walls and countertops.” 

“Statuary Unity and Statuary Glory are extra-large 136”x79” quartz slabs, available in both 2cm and 3cm,” added Viana.  “With interior designers and consumers wanting countertops and walls to be as free of seams as possible and with the increasing popularity of larger kitchen islands, these extra-large quartz slabs are a perfect format size to meet today’s design needs.”

The quartz produced in Dal-Tile’s Dickson facility is made using proprietary design technologies, the most advanced decorative capabilities, the highest levels of gloss and clarity, and exclusive colors and designs.

Daltile Launches New Quetread & Paver Collection

gray tread

Dallas, TX – November 9, 2020Daltile is proud to announce the launch of its new Quetread & Paver quarry tile collection. 

Text Box: Photo:  Daltile’s linear textured Quetread Blaze on floor.
New Quetread & Paver quarry tile collection

“Quarry is the standard for very high-demand areas, so Daltile’s new Quetread & Paver collection is durable enough for interior and exterior use and the perfect solution for commercial applications,” said Amber Leigh Martinson, senior director of marketing for Dal-Tile Corporation.  “Created for interior and exterior floors, this new collection delivers the needed performance with the added benefit of enhanced design.  These new quarry tiles are offered in a rich portfolio of four on-trend, neutral colors that are available in either a smooth paver surface or a linear textured tread surface.  The smooth and textured 6×6 tiles are available in beige, gray, a light charcoal, and a very on-trend, muted red.  Coordinating trim is available for finishing touches.”

Text Box: Photo:  Daltile’s linear textured Quetread Arid on floor.
The raised linear tread pattern adds both visual appeal to a space as well as prevents grease and water from building up underfoot.

The raised linear tread pattern adds both visual appeal to a space as well as prevents grease and water from building up underfoot in commercial and industrial settings.  The textured surface also provides excellent slip-resistance.  The product’s dense body and low moisture absorption make it durable enough for interior or exterior use and perfect for commercial applications.  Daltile’s Quetread & Paver collection also withstands extreme amounts of weight such as kitchen equipment and auto displays.

Strong, yet attractive, Daltile’s new Quetread & Paver collection is waterproof, stainproof, dentproof, scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, fire-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.  This product will not damage from commercial cleaning services.   

Made in the USA.

Daltile launches new Famed collection

Daltile has just launched its latest new tile collection, Famed.  Famed is a porcelain tile assortment for floor and wall that offers the durability of porcelain with the beauty of marble designs.  Accompanying the collection’s tile products are chevron mosaics and penny round mosaics.  All Famed products feature proprietary Microban® technology that provides powerful antimicrobial product protection.  Microban technology is built-into the product and will not wash off or wear away.  

“Our new Famed porcelain tile collection provides the look of five gorgeous marble designs, in on-trend colors, including a modern beige, warm whites, and warm and cool greys,” said Laura Grilli, lead product designer for Daltile.  “Rich with the visuals of majestic marble veining, these products bring fresh, sophisticated design to any space.  The inclusion of proprietary Microban technology equips this product line to easily stand up to the demands of daily life, while delivering an abundance of style.”

Daltile Famed Glamour

Daltile’s new Famed collection offers luxurious marble visuals.  Diamond is a Calacatta Macchia Vecchia with warm and rusty tones.  Luxe offers the elegance of Agate striations.  Iconic is a warm Tuscan marble with Onyx elements blended in it.  Fortune is a softer, more monocromatic take on Frappuccino marble, to which brown and warm grey were added.  Glamour lends sophistication by softening and refining the typically bold movements of Orobica marble, and highlights the visual with cool grey and hints of gold rust.  

“Energized by several new Fall 2020 tile collections, such as Famed, Daltile continues to offer a breadth and depth of product that is unmatched in the industry and includes all of the latest ‘fashion-based, on-trend products’ for which today’s designers and consumers are looking,” said Amber Leigh Martinson, senior director of marketing for Dal-Tile Corporation.  “Daltile offers endless possibilities to innovate, showcase creativity, and express personal style in any project.”

Famed tiles are available in 12×24 or 24×24, matte and full polished.  Appropriate for use on floor, wall, countertop, and shower floor surfaces, Famed is Made in the USA.

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