New Dates Announced for Coverings 2021: July 7-9

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November 18, 2020 – ARLINGTON, Va. – Coverings (, the largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference in North America, today announced Coverings 2021 will now take place July 7-9, 2021, in the North Hall of the Orange County Convention Center, in
Orlando, Fla.

Coverings made the decision to reschedule the event, which was originally planned for April 13- 16, 2021, after feedback from the Coverings community included overwhelming, positive sentiment that rescheduling the event would yield the best possible platform for everyone
involved and minimize risk to event participants.

Orange County Convention Center
Coverings has been rescheduled to July 7-9, 2021 in the North Hall of the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Fla.

“We are excited with the new date for Coverings 2021 as rescheduling reaffirms Coverings’ commitment to produce a safe, in-person event to unite the tile and stone industry,” said Jennifer Hoff, president of Taffy Event Strategies LLC, the event management firm for Coverings. “The show management team and Coverings’ owners are working diligently to have
a safe and successful Coverings 2021 event, and we are available to answer questions.”

Coverings, its vendor partners, and the Orange County Convention Center are closely monitoring policy updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local government, state, and federal mandates. For more information on Coverings’ safety measures, please visit Coverings’ COVID-19 webpage.

Registration to attend Coverings 2021 and reservations for official Coverings hotels will be open and available at in mid-January 2021. A comprehensive, onsite education program is being planned to further the business goals of Coverings 2021 attendees. Selected educational content and access to exhibitors will be
available online for those who prefer to attend virtually.

For additional information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit Specific questions about Coverings 2021 should be directed to Taffy Event Strategies by emailing [email protected] or calling 571-313-5801 (U.S.).


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Twitter: @Coverings, #Coverings2021
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Call for Entries: 2021 CID Awards and Coverings Rock Stars

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Now accepting submissions! Coverings – the premier tile & stone trade event in North America – is pleased to announce that it’s now accepting submissions for two incredible programs. By Friday, December 18 enter your top projects to the 2021 Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards or nominate a young emerging leader to the 2021 Coverings Rock Star program. Even in uncertain times, one thing is for certain…you work hard, and you deserve to be recognized for it.

2021 CID logo

The 2021 CID Awards recognize and award projects featuring tile & stone that feature beautiful design and impeccable installation. As always, multiple entries are accepted and there is no cost to enter.

Winners in each category will receive industry recognition and accolades, features in various media outlets, and a complimentary one-night stay to attend Coverings 2021.

Enter by December 18.

Coverings Rock Stars logo

If you know of a young industry talent that has a bright future in the tile & stone industry, nominate them to be a Coverings Rock Star. They must be 35 years or younger and currently working in the industry.

Selected Rock Stars will receive industry accolades, a complimentary one-night stay to attend Coverings 2021, and unique professional development opportunities.

Nominate by December 18.

Coverings makes history with Coverings Connected virtual trade show

This is the story that would traditionally bring you highlights from the Coverings trade show, which would have been held this year in New Orleans, La., in April. 

But as everyone is well aware, that physical show did not happen, and instead the event moved to a virtual format, known as Coverings Connected, which took place April 20-23, the same time frame as the planned physical show. The online digital experience was the first of its kind and provided nearly 4,000 industry professionals with four days of valuable educational webinars and online networking opportunities. 

TCNA announced during its Coverings Connected press conference that it is adding viral testing to the antifungal and antibacterial testing it’s offered for many years.

What’s a challenge – and a benefit – about reporting on a virtual event, is that the information that we reporters would glean at the event was – and still is – available for you to visit online at This includes the Coverings Connected content and handouts, recorded sessions and webinars, a trend review by Alena Capra, and the CID Award winners and 2020 Coverings Rock Stars. In addition, there are Exhibitor Galleries and the New Product Showcase to browse through. 

The show itself makes news

That said, maybe the biggest news about the show was the show itself, and this new virtual format that we find ourselves immersed in these days. With the uncertainty posed by COVID-19, this may have been the first industry virtual trade show, but it likely won’t be the last, even though, as one contractor pointed out, “Coverings is really about meeting the people face to face.”

So what worked and what didn’t? Here’s some feedback from those who “attended” the event – and links to announcements made in April. 

First off, from the perspective of an editor at the show, I thought it was an amazing effort pulled together in a short period of time with a huge amount of products and some good educational sessions. 

Ryan Fasan explored influences on tile trends and emerging looks in his presentation during the Tile of Spain press conference.

I couldn’t get to all the ones I wanted to view due to three hours of press conferences from Ceramics of Italy, Tiles of Spain, Ceramic Tile Distributors Association, Tile Council of North America and National Tile Contractors Association on the opening day, but I can go back and view the ones I missed. I LOVED the efficiency of 30-minute press conferences and would like to see that continued when we are live and in person again. (Visit and search “Coverings Connected” for announcements released and posted during the show.)

I noticed that amidst the Product Galleries and Exhibitor Profiles, some companies went the extra mile. Lamosa comes to mind. The Mexican company developed a virtual booth tour, where you could actually navigate through four rooms of product and get detailed info on the tile “installed” on the walls, floors, and surfaces. This was a stellar effort to use technology to create an in-person-like environment.

Mexican tile maker Lamosa created a virtual booth for Coverings Connected. 

Martin Brookes, NTCA Five-Star Contractor Heritage Marble & Tile in Mill Valley, Calif., both presented a seminar on Application and Specification of Tile for Outdoor Use, with DW Sander’s Woody Sanders, and attended the event. He remarked, “What a fantastic job the Coverings event team did in creating content with little time on hand.”

Joseph Mattice of On The Level, Simpsonville, S.C., viewed some of the sessions and “was super impressed with what the show was able to accomplish in such a short time. The sessions were well thought out and presented as always, and the networking was great as well.”

Jane Callewaert, who runs Dragonfly Tile & Stone Works in Grafton, Wis., with her artisan tilesetter husband Lee, said, “I thought it was very well executed and an excellent opportunity to be virtually connected and learn given the ‘loss’ of the actual Coverings event.” 

The Callewaerts found the virtual sessions provided more than instruction – it opened up the opportunity for group viewing and subsequent discussion. “Lee and our staff attended Mark Heinlein’s session on water control, and I attended the Digital Marketing/Branding session, as well as the Acting on NTCA Culture,” Jane said. Lee wanted the staff “to see it and remind them that he is learning something new all the time. He really enjoyed that he could ‘attend’ with our staff, as it prompts discussion among the group. I think this is an important use of these sessions.”

Jane would like to see future iterations of a virtual show offer a chance for discussion after the presentation for those who viewed it. Though Dragonfly staff got to explore the material themselves after viewing sessions as a group, she mused, “Wouldn’t it be cool if after the sessions there was an option to join live group discussion with others who attended? Obviously attendees would need to be broken into small groups for this.” (Edit—Zoom does offer the option of small breakout groups.

Steve Sprung of RTC Products concurred. “In a world full of instant gratification, I think some sort of live chat feature would have been much better than the typical email contact form,” he said. “This way you could have had more of the ‘personal interaction’ like you would with the live show, and would be able to chat with someone instantly about the product you are looking at.”

Sara Hurtado of iQ Power Tools viewed a number of sessions, and especially enjoyed the speaker for the Young Professionals Program: Leadership – The Right and Wrong of It. “That class also offered a bonus happy hour networking event which created a much more personal aspect than your typical webinar,” she said. “With the real show being cancelled, we all lost the networking opportunities many of us look forward to. Virtual education, new products and demo videos were expected, but to be able to bring in the networking aspect was a great surprise.” 

Pros and cons

Not everyone had a great experience at the virtual show. “I tried twice to access anything that seemed to be like a company booth or new product info or live event and got frustrated with the website both times and ultimately gave up,” said Dan Marvin of Ironrock. “I did attend Eric Astrachan’s press conference (since an email with a direct link made it pretty easy), which went well.”

“I would definitely like to see a more robust exhibitor profile,” Sprung suggested. 

iQ’s Sarah Hurtado said the Product Gallery had pros and cons, with an overwhelming format. “As a vendor, I felt like only the products on the first page were viewed, and those of us whose products were further down the alphabetic order, were missed. 

“I think the biggest challenge Coverings had was its advertising,” she added. “The event as a whole was advertised, but each piece was not. For example – the Live Demo stage. I did not see any direct advertisements for that piece of the show. As a vendor, we paid extra to be featured on that stage. In person, we can see the attendance and rate the demo. However, being digital, we did not have the same visibility. It would be nice to have the demo stage, specific webinars and even the new products get more specific attention and promotion. In addition, it would be great to see the analytics and data from the promotions and digital assets.”

Going forward

Even with some challenges with this first-try virtual conference, attendees and participants would like to see it continue in some form. 

“While I don’t think it will replace physical shows, the format of the booths and having remote sessions would be a great supplement to the traditional show in the future,” On The Level’s Mattice said.

RTC’s Sprung said, “With the expense of Coverings, I feel that this virtual booth should be included in the cost. I would also like to see a re-evaluation of the amount of products an exhibitor gets per level.”

Dragonfly’s Jane Callewaert said, “I think there is value for multiple obvious reasons: some people can’t attend, some ‘virus’ stops us all in our tracks, ability to reach more people.” But she still favors an in-person event. “There are many offerings that can’t be experienced with a remote platform. Even products are best experienced when you can touch and feel and when a ‘monitor’ isn’t interpreting color and texture. And that sharing that organically happens when people experience things together can’t be replicated.”

Hurtado said, “The webinars and videos of the contractor stage were great. I think these could be turned into great advertising pieces used to encourage people to come to the real show. A digital event could encourage a virtual community who maybe cannot afford to attend the show in person. Mini webinars and virtual networking events would be a great way for people to connect pre-show and really get engaged within the tile community.”

Hurtado had some suggestions for future shows, virtual or physical. “The overall promotion of Coverings could improve,” she said. “There is a big space for Coverings/NTCA to fill on social media and other channels. There could have been more stories, live feeds, and posts prior to the event as well as during. It would have been super interesting to see more of the behind-the-scenes of some of the webinars or training seminars. More promotional posts of the tools, products and people behind the tile – versus just all the pretty kinds of tile – would have been great to see.” 

In addition to the resources you can find at, we want to focus on a few special highlights. Navigate to and enter “CID Awards 2020” or “2020 Rock Stars” to get full details. 

CID Awards

The Coverings Installation & Design Awards recognized 18 amazing projects this year. The Design Category included Commercial Tile Design, Commercial Stone Design, Residential Tile Design, Residential Stone Design (with subcategories), and Residential Tile & Stone Design. 

The Installation Category included: 

Commercial Stone Installation: Christ Cathedral Carnevale & Lohr, Inc. Garden Grove, Calif.
Commercial Tile Installation: Hotel Bennett David Allen Company Charleston, S.C.
Residential Stone Installation: Portland White House Columbia River Tile & Stone Inc. Portland, Ore.
Residential Tile Installation: Corte Madera Pool Grotto Heritage Marble & Tile Inc. Corte Madera, Calif.

Rock Stars

Fourteen of the best and brightest young talent were named as Coverings Rock Stars.

Among the Rock Stars who were honored for 2020, all five installers were from NTCA member companies. These included: 

In addition, Ryan Marino, Standards Development and Research Manager, TCNA, Anderson, S.C., took the trade association honor, and Kristin Coleman, Vice President of Novita Communication, NYC – the public relations firm for Ceramics of Italy – won as best and brightest talent in the Other (PR Firm) category. 

ARTO unveils concrete, ceramic collections

The Echo Collection is a new design by Italian tile designer Giovanni Barbieri manufactured by ARTO in Los Angeles. The concrete line offers infinite motifs, decorative borders, and inlaid panels. The products in the Echo Collection can be combined with any of ARTO’s Roman tiles or pavers to make a custom aesthetic result. Echo Tiles are 1″ thick and can be mortar set in interior and exterior applications, including walls, floors, and vehicular applications. Echo Pavers are 2″ thick and can also be sand set for patios, walkways, pool decks, and driveways.

The Echo Collection is a new design by Italian tile designer Giovanni Barbieri manufactured by ARTO in Los Angeles

The Echo Collection includes relief pattern tiles and pavers as well as an assortment of individual tiles. The nine art deco inspired 3/4″ thick tile designs can be puzzled together to create a captivating hardscape or wall. The tile sizes are based around a 4″ x 4″ square. Choose from 22 colors or custom hues.

The Scirocco Collection features 32 ancient quad designs inspired by the Arabian desert and Southern Italy. The tiles are hand silk-screened in a way that looks time-worn and antique and are finished with hand-rubbed, rustic edges so each tile has its own personality and no two tiles are ever the same.

Scrirocco ceramic tiles by ARTO are only 3/8″ thick, freeze-thaw resistant and suitable for floors or walls.

At only 3/8″ thick, the thin nature of the ceramic Scirocco tiles allows them to be used adjacent to wood or porcelain. And because of the process in which the tiles are made, they are durable enough to be submerged in water or installed around heat.

The high-fire bodies are freeze thaw resistant and are ideal for floor and wall applications. This collection works with ARTO’s Studio Field trim and tile. Custom designs or custom color combinations can be made as well. These tiles can be used in wet areas, but if exposed to pool chemicals an overglaze must be added to the tiles. Various sizes are available, including 8×8″, 6×6″, and 4×4″.

Natucer offers trio of extruded porcelain collections

Evoke is Natucer‘s modern wall tile collection, combining a hand-crafted look through the irregular surface, with a modern twist due to its extended, trendy satin color range and to the straight edges. This 2×10″ wall tile line comes in eight different colors: Clear, Linen, Skin, Clay, Kale, Lake, Cement and Dark. The range is complemented with the demi-bullnose and the pencil pieces, in order to finish any installation.

Evoke from Natucer

This Tile of Spain manufacturer also offers the D’Autore Collection, an extruded porcelain masterpiece in five different designs with 3D effects, and options for metallic finish, reactive glazings, crackle effects or solid colors, to provide limitless options for customizing your project.

The D’Autore Collection from Natucer

Memory offers an In & Out concept in Cotto look, that gives the possibility to combine the interior and exterior ambiance, with a healthy finish produced by the antibacterial glaze in the surface. A porcelain five color range with modular extruded sizes 7×7″, 7×14″ and 14×14″ anti-slip with fine surface; and 24×48″ rectified option. Complemented with coping pieces and steps 24″ long.

Memory, an indoor/outdoor cotto look collection from Natucer

Emilceramica gives stone a whole new look

Emilceramica Tele di Marmo Revolution

Tele di Marmo Revolution is the new Emilceramica collection, with a contemporary interpretation of marble, expressed with a fresh, contemporary approach, in a collection that uses unconventional tile sizes and new colors.

The large slabs are inspired by the colors of nature, in a journey from the pure white of the Cyclades to the infinite blues of the great marble cathedrals of South America: light, modulated through natural finishes such as semi-polishing, is always central.

  • The Greek island of Thassos provides Calcite white, which adorns porcelain stoneware with the pristine pallor of the Classical age.
  • The green of nature and the transparency of emerald inspire the Verde Saint Denis
  • The sophisticated elegance of black is expressed to the full in Calacatta Black, with luminous streams of greys, yellows and browns flowing across its surface.
  • Blue, the inspiration for the Patagonia variant, is an anthem to the thousand hues of the General Carrara marble caves, between Argentina and Chile, from glacial bright blue to ethereal cobalt.

The collection is completed by a new decor, Acanto, created by reworking unusual colours and motifs with the aid of precise, meticulously judged geometric forms: a contemporary mosaic, redrawn with the aid of fine pixelations, with infinite perspective potentials. A classical theme with multiple meanings, the acanthus leaf is the powerful protagonist of this new variant, characterized by a subtle balance of shades and exquisitely perfect details. This highly expressive and symbolic decor makes Tele di Marmo Revolution a complete, versatile offering, in which vein patterns, reflections and details acquire a personality that will make its mark in any project, unique and original as a work of art. 

Lamosa releases new collections

Lamosa Caramel

Setting the grounds for innovation, Lamosa reinvented the art of handcrafting. With new technology, it delicately enhanced the uniqueness of every single vein of its marble Caramel, with a beautiful carving effect. Caramel is a crosscut rapolano marble design, with a wide variation and movement. A range of different colors expands the series’ versatility by supporting classic style with its warm tones and more contemporary scenario in the cool ones. 

Lamosa Monastic

Monastic, is the all time classic, crema marble, empowered with the latest technology. The incredible carving effect in sync with the marble veining turns this product in a powerful but subtle elegant touch, along with its warm tones that are easy to mix.

Lamosa Canvas

Canvas is has a modern industrial, concrete look, boosted with sophistication by its polished finish. The product holds a wide variation from face to face, increasing the value of the product, enhanced by soft neutral tones.

Lamosa Allure

Allure is inspired by the Classic Gold Calacatta, with a pure white background and light gold veining, making it a fantastic option for both contemporary and classic interior styling. This amazing blend of stones, with a glimpse of sandstones, and limestones bring a lot of movement and unique details within a constant shade with very compact grain. 

Lamosa Fjord

Fjord proposes an original rustic look, modern, and smooth but a focus of attention and easy to match. 

Lamosa Horizon

Highly variegated slate graphic, Horizon is an earth multi-tone stone, with unique texture and brushed finish, making the product a great option for outdoor facades, floor, and indoor accent. 

Lamosa Marchesa

Marchesa is the classic whitewood marble, subtle, elegant. Its variety in colors available makes this a very complete series to combine colors and finishes within the same space. 

Coverings Announces Post-Show Attendance, Resources from Coverings Connected

April 30, 2020 – ARLINGTON, Va. – Coverings (, the largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference in North America, today released post-show attendance numbers and digital resources from Coverings Connected, which took place April 20-23. The online digital experience was the first of its kind and provided nearly 4,000 industry professionals with four days of valuable educational webinars and online networking opportunities. 

Attendees of Coverings Connected consisted of architects, designers, builders, remodelers, contractors, installers, distributors, fabricators, retailers, and others spanning the global tile and stone industry. 

Coverings Connected was created to provide opportunities for insight regarding significant tile and stone products, technical information, trends, exhibitor announcements, and other learning opportunities in a streamlined digital experience for those who had planned to attend the canceled Coverings 2020 show. 

“The success of the first Coverings Connected is a true testament to the many dedicated professionals within the tile and stone industry,” said Jennifer Hoff, president of Taffy Event Strategies, LLC, the event management company for Coverings. “The online experience furthered Coverings’ ongoing mission to grow the vibrant tile and stone industry and provide top-of-the-line learning opportunities.” 

Coverings show organizers prepared a wide range of Coverings Connected live learning opportunities and on-demand education for all segments of the tile and stone industry. Those who tuned in to the entirely digital experience listened to and learned from nearly a dozen highly engaging webinars instructed by notable thought-leaders and leading industry organizations. CEUs were available for specific sessions. Live chats and podcast interviews with industry leaders were well received by attendees. In addition, the popular demonstration stage experience was recreated online as well as trends tours provided through videos and webinars.

Most of the Coverings Connected content and handouts will be made available on-demand and can be accessed through the Coverings website. 

Attendees of Coverings Connected, and those who were not able to attend, can engage with 900+ exhibitors through organized online Exhibitor Galleries and the New Product Showcase

For more information about Coverings Connected, visit


Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition Commercial Winner

(New York, NY – April 2020) Confindustria Ceramica (the Italian Association of Ceramics) and the Italian Trade Agency are proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition. After reviewing a record number of outstanding projects from all across North America, the international jury of design experts selected four winners and three honorable mentions. The chosen projects demonstrate creative use of Italian ceramic tile, representing all three built project categories – commercial, residential and institutional – and one student category. For the first time this year, the competition also featured a People’s Choice Award. Following a two-week period of public online voting, the honor was given to a multi-family housing project that garnered an overwhelming total of 396 public votes.

This year’s project submissions revealed an elevated degree of innovation and design, with inventive tile applications like countertops, custom furnishings, exterior façades, and bespoke feature walls. Joining the ranks of esteemed past winners like Gensler, Snøhetta, Renzo Piano Building Workshop and more, the 2020 Tile Competition winners were revealed during a virtual press conference hosted by Coverings on April 20, 2020 The winners will also be honored during an awards ceremony in Bologna, Italy at Cersaie – the world’s premier exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings – taking place in the fall. In addition to this 5-day, CEU-accredited trip, built project winners will also receive a check for $2,000. The contractor and distributor teams involved with each winning project will be awarded an additional $1,000.


Commercial Winner Garden City Shopping Center, Manitoba, Canada

Firm: Ruscio Studio
Project: Garden City Shopping Centre
Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Tile Manufacturers: Alfalux; Casalgrande Padana
Distributor: Italbec
Contractor: Fabris & Watts

The Garden City Shopping Centre in Manitoba, Canada had not been renovated since 1989, so in 2017 Ruscio Studio was tasked with developing a sleek, contemporary new design that would stand the test of time. Through the use of floral upholstery, Canadian oak wood, and colorful lounge areas, the designers created a modern space that plays into the “garden” theme. Stone-look floor tiles byAlfalux Ceramiche were installed in various colorways and configurations throughout the mall, serving as a way to visually separate and connect different spaces. A uniform installation in the main aisles creates the appearance of wider corridors, while a patterned installation in the center court represents the convergence of shoppers as they flow from one aisle to the other. Finally, black Casalgrande Padana tiles were selected for the bathroom floors. Ruscio Studio was very careful to choose timeless, durable floor tiles that could withstand the next 20 years of heavy pedestrian traffic.


Firm: Design Continuum, Inc.
Project: Hotel Bennett
Location: Charleston, SC, United States
Tile Manufacturers: Ceramiche Caesar; Ceramiche Coem; Emilceramica; Florim; Marca Corona; Ceramiche Refin
Distributor: Ceramic Technics
Contractor: NTCA Five-Star Contractor, David Allen Company

Commercial Honorable Mention, Hotel Bennett, Charleston, S.C., installed by NTCA Five-Star Contractor David Allen Company

Adapted from the old Charleston County Library, Hotel Bennett is now a 175,000 square foot luxury hotel with 179 guest rooms and suites. The architects at Design Continuum, Inc. were challenged with designing a European-style space, imbuing it with historic charm inspired by several different time periods. To that effect, era-appropriate Italian tile is featured extensively throughout the building and amenities, each installation demonstrating superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Ceramiche Caesar tiles cover the rooftop pool deck and terraces, and floral Ceramiche Coem tiles decorate the floors of a French patisserie. Wood-effect tiles from Emilceramica andRefin Ceramicheadd warmth in the rooftop bar area, while stone-look Florimtiles are used throughout the public areas. Finally, a herringbone installation with marble-effect tiles from Marca Corona brings European glamor to the guest bathrooms and spa retail floor.


Firm: Bolivar Arquitectos
Project: M+B Residence Club de Golf la Herradura
Location: Monterrey, NL, Mexico
Tile Manufacturers: Florim; Provenza

Residential Winner, M+B Residence Club de Golf la Herraduraemodies, Monterrey, Mexico

Nestled in a picturesque valley in Monterrey, Mexico,M+B Residence Club de Golf la Herraduraembodies luxury to the max. The design by Bolivar Arquitectos is sleek and minimal, but clever contours and unexpected material choices make this single-family home extraordinary. The façade, which is clad in almost 13,000 square feet of quartzite-effect porcelain tiles from Provenza, has a jagged silhouette that mimics the topography of the surrounding mountains. Matching tiles are also carried through to the backyard terrace and pool area, and a mosaic version adorns the walls of an ellipse-shaped guest bathroom. In keeping with the muted, monochromatic color palette, the architect used gray marble and stone-effect tiles by Florim to cover the floors and walls throughout the interior spaces.


Project: 426 Tompkins Ave
Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States
Tile Manufacturers: Fioranese; Ceramiche Refin
Distributor: Highstyle Stone and Tile
Contractor: ABF Tile Installation

Residential Honorable Mention, 426 Tompkins Ave., Brooklyn NY

STUDIOSC designed this multi-family residential building for a transforming neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. 426 Tompkins Ave is elegant and modern, distinguished by a vaulted entrance, double-height ceilings, and a bold choice of tile. The terrazzo-effect floor tiles by Fioranese serve as a visual focal point in the lobby and provide a sense of human scale to counteract the vertical space, which spans three stories. Paired with coordinated gray tiles from the same collection, the Fioranese tiles continue throughout the floors and walls of the lounge area, hallways, and recreation spaces for a stylish and cohesive design. In the apartment bathrooms, a fossil-inspired collection from Ceramiche Refin decorates the walls, floors, and shower ceilings.


Firm: Perkins and Will
Project: NYC Healthcare Clinic
Location: New York, NY, United States
Tile Manufacturers: Laminam; Saime Ceramiche
Distributor: Nemo Tile; Stone Source
Contractor: Wilkstone

Institutional Winner, NYC Healthcare Clinic

This NYC Healthcare Clinic is an active outpatient facility located in a 25-story commercial building in Midtown Manhattan. Natural daylight permeates the public spaces, and views to the outside provide simple and efficient wayfinding in this bustling medical center. Through the use of Italian tile and smart architectural details, Perkins and Will designed a space that was unique to the neighborhood yet visually consistent with the client’s vast network of care centers. Gray, stone-effect tiles from Saime Ceramiche were specified for the lobby flooring, providing a hygienic, high-performance solution that is guaranteed to last a lifetime of heavy use. A striking feature wall installation, inspired by the local urban landscape, showcases large-format Laminam tiles in the recessed light niches.


Firm: uoai architects
Project: Nathan Phillips Square Bicycle Station | Archive 513
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Tile Manufacturer: Lea Ceramiche
Distributor: Ciot
Contractor: Thin Tile Canada

Institutional Honorable Mention, Nathan Phillips Square Bicycle Station, Toronto, Canada

Situated one level beneath Toronto City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square Bicycle Station | Archive 513 is a key component in the revitalization of Canada’s largest city square. This subterranean facility provides 200 secure bicycle parking spaces, which are separated from the adjoining car parking garage by a panel of metal mesh. Challenged with creating a unique way to display archival materials from the 1958 New City Hall International Design Competition, uoai architects worked with Lea Ceramiche to produce 22 custom-printed, large-format ceramic slabs. These yellow, 3.5mm-thick tiles cover the walls inside the station’s two-story central vestibule, featuring excerpts from the 1958 competition brief and high-definition images of the original design proposals submitted by 513 international entrants. Using over 60 linear feet of digitally-printed ceramic, this project explores the intersections between contemporary urban infrastructure and a pivotal moment in Toronto’s modernist architectural history.


Entrants: Carolina Cardona, Gabriela Mesquita, Rachael Cowan, Mariapia Sierra
University: Florida International University (FIU)
Declared Major: Interior Architecture
Project: …sensuum spa
Tiles Used: Valentino by Ceramiche Piemme; Abitare la Ceramica; Rondine; Ceramiche Coem; Italgraniti

Student Winner…sensuum spa, Virgin Voyages cruise line

Conceived as an exclusive amenity on the Virgin Voyages cruise line, …sensuum spa is a holistic approach to wellness through an experience of the senses. It offers a pause in the midst of constant frenzy, represented through the use of curvilinear forms, natural materials and a serene color palette. FIU students Carolina Cardona, Gabriela Mesquita, Rachael Cowan and Mariapia Sierra imagined a thoughtful placement of Italian tile throughout the rooms, creating a restorative atmosphere for the guests. A rich onyx-look tile from Valentino by Ceramiche Piemme adorns the walls in the hammam and couples treatment rooms, complemented by a beige stone-effect tile by Ceramiche Coem. Rondine tiles line the pool, while 3D wall tiles from Italgraniti add textural interest. A stone-look tile by Abitare la Ceramica provides general flooring.


Firm: Vida Design
Project: The Rodney
Location: Portland, OR, United States
Tile Manufacturer: Appiani
Distributor: Statements Tile
Contractor: Floor Solutions

People’s Choice Winner, The Rodney, Portland, Oregon

Upon entering The Rodney, a high-end multi-family high-rise in Portland’s Pearl District, residents are greeted by a custom Appiani mosaic on the lobby floor. Working closely with their Statements Tile representative, the team at Vida Design was able to create their own mosaic that reflects Portland’s rich heritage and future growth. The one-of-a-kind installation is durable and slip resistant, creating a powerful visual impact that brings edge to a classy interior space.

Coverings Connected – Day 3 Schedule

Visit our webinar page to access recordings of sessions that took place earlier in the week.

Today we are featuring the following opportunities:

Live Webinars

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EDT

Application and Specification of Tile for Outdoor Use

Martin Brookes, President, Heritage Marble & Tile and Woody Sanders, President, DW Sanders Tile & Stone Contracting

12:30 – 1:30 p.m. EDT

Acting on the NTCA Culture Survey – Leadership in the Face of COVID-19

Wally Adamchik, President, Firestarter Speaking and Consulting

2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EDT

Don’t Let Water Be the Boss: Wet Area Tile Installation

Mark Heinlein, Technical Director, National Tile Contractors Association

On-Demand Content

Coverings Connected on-demand content provides resources specific to the tile & stone industry as well as general business and marketing information.

You can choose sessions most pertinent to your current challenges including: Global Tile Trends, Large Format Tile and Stone Installations, Tips and Apps for Productivity, How to Use the TCNA Handbook, Installation Trends Tour, Influencing the Influencers and so much more. Don’t miss out on all of the complimentary content to help you build your business.

Engage Interviews

Join Irene Williams as she chats with leaders from across the tile industry.

Digital Demo Stage

One of the most popular features at Coverings, we’ve converted the Live Installation Demonstration Stage into a Digital Demonstration Stage with how-to videos and product demonstrations.

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