Schluter-Systems All New Thin-Set Mortars

Schluter-Systems has developed three new thin-set mortars for ceramic and stone tile installation. Schluter SET™ unmodified thin-set mortar, Schluter ALL-SET™ modified thin-set mortar, and Schluter FAST-SET™ rapid-setting modified thin-set mortar are all specifically formulated for Schluter® membranes and boards to provide a single source for their tile installation systems, with guaranteed product compatibility. The Schluter ALL-SET modified thin-set is engineered for use both under and over all DITRA® and KERDI® products. The Schluter FAST-SET rapid-setting modified thin-set is ready to grout in four hours for fast-track projects. All three products, including the Schluter SET, are approved to set porcelain tile over Schluter boards and membranes. The modified mortars have been specifically formulated to set and gain strength in a timeframe that fits typical installation practice, even when sandwiched between Schluter membranes or boards and porcelain tile; extended dry-times not required.  Performance has been validated through both laboratory and practical testing.  When Schluter-Systems’ new thin-set mortars are used within certain Schluter applications, an extended lifetime limited warranty is available.  Schluter-Systems will continue to warrant its systems when other manufacturers’ unmodified thin-set mortars meeting ANSI A118.1 are used to install tile.