Bostik Introduces Panel Tack™, the ultimate chemical method cladding system to North America during TSP pre-conference session

Wauwatosa, October 22, 2020 – Bostik, Inc., a world leader in specialty adhesives and installation systems for building construction, has introduced its state-of-the-art ventilated façade cladding system, Panel Tack™, to North America. Successfully used for nearly 30 years throughout Europe –and also for a decade in Latin America — its “chemical method” installation system offers top architects and contractors myriad reasons why it should be specified over traditional and outdated “mechanical” processes.

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The Bostik Panel Tack Family

During a Total Solutions Plus pre-conference session this morning, Daniel Sanchez, Bostik’s National Sales Manager for Latin American, explained that, “Whether it’s for new building or retrofit projects, Panel Tack offers an amazingly clean, modern look with a blind attachment method. Post-installation, one does not see any of the attachment pieces such as unsightly screws and support clips, which can lead to dirty stripes and streaks appearing on the façade. Additionally, with this system, no electrical plug-in source is required on the jobsite. Translated, this results in no harmful silica dust, and no harsh noise caused by drilling and screwing. Importantly, there is no weakening of the panel. For example, thinner wall panels, such as large format gauged porcelain tiles, can easily be used in conjunction with Panel Tack.”

Sanchez went on to state that Panel Tack’s chemical method is more resistant to vibrations and tremors than any mechanical method; that there are no cold bridges and more favorable stress distribution with this system. “It’s easy and fast to install, clean, silent and lightweight.,” Sanchez continued. “Panel Tack improves both acoustic and thermal efficiency of the building, while increasing its lifespan. People inside experience noise reduction, stable temperature change, cost reductions on HVAC, and more.”
Panel Tack™ has been already specified for some major hospitality projects in the United States, which include nearly 200 La Quinta Inns and other name brand hotel chains throughout the country. “This is just the beginning,” confidently stated Sanchez. 

Adam Abell, Bostik’s Market Manager for Tile, Stone, summed up this new introduction by stating, “The Panel Tack system is roughly 30% faster to install than any mechanical system offered on today’s market. With today’s ‘need for speed’ being a top priority within the national construction sector, imagine all the benefits that offers!”

slide from presentation showing installation using new Panel Tack system
The quick, easy installation process involves applying a primer, double-sided adhesive tape and a strip of adhesive from a caulking gun with a specialized tip. The panel is then pressed into the adhesive and the tape for a secure bond.

The installation system consists of a primer or cleaner for the aluminum substructure and panel back, double-sided adhesive tape and an adhesive applied in a strip with a special caulking gun equipped with a triangular-shaped tip that creates a bead that it higher than the tape. After cleaning and priming substructure and panel, and applying tape and adhesive, the panel is simply pushed into the tape and adhesive to bond. The adhesive creates allows some fine tuning time for positioning; the tape creates an immediate bond that holds the panel as the adhesive bead cures. Abell noted that the Panel Tack installation system is four times faster than mechanical systems and can also be used to adhere panels offsite as well.

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Opening Keynote: Blaze Your Brain: Transform Negative Thoughts into Positive Results, Jessica Rector

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Jessica Rector

In an economy where self-doubt, worry, and stress are at an all-time high, you have that voice inside your head that never quits. It’s constantly chatting saying things like, “What if it doesn’t work,” “What if I fail,” or “What will they think.” When you ask successful people what led to their success, they say 98% of it comes from your inner game. What inner game keeps you from getting more done and better results? Your self-talk leads to a poor attitude, more mistakes, and increased stress while dictating your actions, keeping you from leading your team, engaging with others, and growing your organization. Transform your mindset to move to the next level and get bigger returns. Get ready to stay motivated, focused, and energized, while you develop your team, decrease errors, and grow no matter the changing environment or conditions. Blaze your brain to change your thoughts, change your outcome, and ignite your power within.

Closing Keynote: At the Edge of Disorder, Peter Zeihan

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Peter Zeihan

The concept of countries being able to buy and sell their wares openly on the international marketplace is inviolable. The freedom to sail one’s products around the world is a given. Everything from the transfer of money to the accessibility of energy is sacrosanct. Yet all this and more is artificial: an unintended — if happy — side effect of the American-led global order. With that Order in its final days, all countries and all industries must learn to operate in a world as unstructured as it is dangerous. Join us as Peter Zeihan lays out how we got to where we are, and what the future holds for sectors as diverse as energy, agriculture, finance, manufacturing, and transport.

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CTDA, NTCA, TCAA and TCNA have teamed up again this year to deliver an even bigger joint VIRTUAL Conference in 2020. Total Solutions Plus will provide several educational sessions, networking opportunities and feature a Virtual Exhibit Hall!

The Virtual Conference takes place Monday, October 26th through Friday, October 30th. Click here to view the schedule. Register Today

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