New Floor Prep Solution from USG Offers Low-Prep Moisture Control

Latest performance material from USG provides a low-prep moisture barrier for problematic concrete substrates

CHICAGO – Jun. 4, 2020 – With over a century of innovation in building product manufacturing, USG Corporation recently announced its latest addition to the Durock™ Brand line of floor prep products.

USG Durock™ Brand CoverPrep Moisture Vapor Reducer is a universal, low-prep moisture vapor barrier designed for use over concrete substrates. 

As a low-prep moisture vapor barrier, CoverPrep can address productivity concerns by not requiring mechanical preparation for most applications. This water-based epoxy is versatile, as it can cover adhesive residues, chemically abated slabs, asphalt-based products, vinyl tiles, terrazzo, and other well-bonded solid surfaces. 

This latest offering from USG Performance Flooring manages moisture levels up to 99% RH, pH levels up to 14, and moisture vapor emission rates up to 14 lbs. per ASTM F1869 with one coat, and up to 25 lbs. with a two-coat application.

For wet, problematic concrete substrates, USG Durock™ Brand CoverPrep ensures that your moisture problem is covered—learn more here.

ARTO unveils concrete, ceramic collections

The Echo Collection is a new design by Italian tile designer Giovanni Barbieri manufactured by ARTO in Los Angeles. The concrete line offers infinite motifs, decorative borders, and inlaid panels. The products in the Echo Collection can be combined with any of ARTO’s Roman tiles or pavers to make a custom aesthetic result. Echo Tiles are 1″ thick and can be mortar set in interior and exterior applications, including walls, floors, and vehicular applications. Echo Pavers are 2″ thick and can also be sand set for patios, walkways, pool decks, and driveways.

The Echo Collection is a new design by Italian tile designer Giovanni Barbieri manufactured by ARTO in Los Angeles

The Echo Collection includes relief pattern tiles and pavers as well as an assortment of individual tiles. The nine art deco inspired 3/4″ thick tile designs can be puzzled together to create a captivating hardscape or wall. The tile sizes are based around a 4″ x 4″ square. Choose from 22 colors or custom hues.

The Scirocco Collection features 32 ancient quad designs inspired by the Arabian desert and Southern Italy. The tiles are hand silk-screened in a way that looks time-worn and antique and are finished with hand-rubbed, rustic edges so each tile has its own personality and no two tiles are ever the same.

Scrirocco ceramic tiles by ARTO are only 3/8″ thick, freeze-thaw resistant and suitable for floors or walls.

At only 3/8″ thick, the thin nature of the ceramic Scirocco tiles allows them to be used adjacent to wood or porcelain. And because of the process in which the tiles are made, they are durable enough to be submerged in water or installed around heat.

The high-fire bodies are freeze thaw resistant and are ideal for floor and wall applications. This collection works with ARTO’s Studio Field trim and tile. Custom designs or custom color combinations can be made as well. These tiles can be used in wet areas, but if exposed to pool chemicals an overglaze must be added to the tiles. Various sizes are available, including 8×8″, 6×6″, and 4×4″.

Natucer offers trio of extruded porcelain collections

Evoke is Natucer‘s modern wall tile collection, combining a hand-crafted look through the irregular surface, with a modern twist due to its extended, trendy satin color range and to the straight edges. This 2×10″ wall tile line comes in eight different colors: Clear, Linen, Skin, Clay, Kale, Lake, Cement and Dark. The range is complemented with the demi-bullnose and the pencil pieces, in order to finish any installation.

Evoke from Natucer

This Tile of Spain manufacturer also offers the D’Autore Collection, an extruded porcelain masterpiece in five different designs with 3D effects, and options for metallic finish, reactive glazings, crackle effects or solid colors, to provide limitless options for customizing your project.

The D’Autore Collection from Natucer

Memory offers an In & Out concept in Cotto look, that gives the possibility to combine the interior and exterior ambiance, with a healthy finish produced by the antibacterial glaze in the surface. A porcelain five color range with modular extruded sizes 7×7″, 7×14″ and 14×14″ anti-slip with fine surface; and 24×48″ rectified option. Complemented with coping pieces and steps 24″ long.

Memory, an indoor/outdoor cotto look collection from Natucer

Emilceramica gives stone a whole new look

Emilceramica Tele di Marmo Revolution

Tele di Marmo Revolution is the new Emilceramica collection, with a contemporary interpretation of marble, expressed with a fresh, contemporary approach, in a collection that uses unconventional tile sizes and new colors.

The large slabs are inspired by the colors of nature, in a journey from the pure white of the Cyclades to the infinite blues of the great marble cathedrals of South America: light, modulated through natural finishes such as semi-polishing, is always central.

  • The Greek island of Thassos provides Calcite white, which adorns porcelain stoneware with the pristine pallor of the Classical age.
  • The green of nature and the transparency of emerald inspire the Verde Saint Denis
  • The sophisticated elegance of black is expressed to the full in Calacatta Black, with luminous streams of greys, yellows and browns flowing across its surface.
  • Blue, the inspiration for the Patagonia variant, is an anthem to the thousand hues of the General Carrara marble caves, between Argentina and Chile, from glacial bright blue to ethereal cobalt.

The collection is completed by a new decor, Acanto, created by reworking unusual colours and motifs with the aid of precise, meticulously judged geometric forms: a contemporary mosaic, redrawn with the aid of fine pixelations, with infinite perspective potentials. A classical theme with multiple meanings, the acanthus leaf is the powerful protagonist of this new variant, characterized by a subtle balance of shades and exquisitely perfect details. This highly expressive and symbolic decor makes Tele di Marmo Revolution a complete, versatile offering, in which vein patterns, reflections and details acquire a personality that will make its mark in any project, unique and original as a work of art. 

Lamosa releases new collections

Lamosa Caramel

Setting the grounds for innovation, Lamosa reinvented the art of handcrafting. With new technology, it delicately enhanced the uniqueness of every single vein of its marble Caramel, with a beautiful carving effect. Caramel is a crosscut rapolano marble design, with a wide variation and movement. A range of different colors expands the series’ versatility by supporting classic style with its warm tones and more contemporary scenario in the cool ones. 

Lamosa Monastic

Monastic, is the all time classic, crema marble, empowered with the latest technology. The incredible carving effect in sync with the marble veining turns this product in a powerful but subtle elegant touch, along with its warm tones that are easy to mix.

Lamosa Canvas

Canvas is has a modern industrial, concrete look, boosted with sophistication by its polished finish. The product holds a wide variation from face to face, increasing the value of the product, enhanced by soft neutral tones.

Lamosa Allure

Allure is inspired by the Classic Gold Calacatta, with a pure white background and light gold veining, making it a fantastic option for both contemporary and classic interior styling. This amazing blend of stones, with a glimpse of sandstones, and limestones bring a lot of movement and unique details within a constant shade with very compact grain. 

Lamosa Fjord

Fjord proposes an original rustic look, modern, and smooth but a focus of attention and easy to match. 

Lamosa Horizon

Highly variegated slate graphic, Horizon is an earth multi-tone stone, with unique texture and brushed finish, making the product a great option for outdoor facades, floor, and indoor accent. 

Lamosa Marchesa

Marchesa is the classic whitewood marble, subtle, elegant. Its variety in colors available makes this a very complete series to combine colors and finishes within the same space. 

Merkrete Offers a New Dustless Setting Material Solution for Large and Heavy Tile and Stone Installation

Anaheim, CA — March 18, 2020 – Merkrete, a Parex USA, Inc. brand, announced the launch of 725 DUSTLESS Premium LHT Mortar, featuring new, innovative and patented DUSTLESS Technology (DLT™) from Parex USA.  It is a premium grade LHT mortar for installing large and heavy porcelain, ceramic tile and natural stone to walls or floors in either commercial or residential applications.  Its innovative DUSTLESS Technology produces approximately 80% less dust than ordinary thinsets and is designed to promote cleaner working conditions.

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725 DUSTLESS Premium LHT Mortar is designed to meet the demands of flooring professionals with the contractor and end-user in mind. Key features and benefits include:

  • For use with large and heavy tile and natural stone
  • Non-slumping formula eliminates tile lippage
  • May be applied up to 3/4″ thick on horizontal applications
  • Non-sag formula for vertical installations
  • Exceeds ANSI A118.4 and A118.11

“Recently, we have observed the increasing popularity of large and heavy tiles, presenting new requirements and challenges to the tile and flooring industry,” said Merkrete Vice-President of Sales, Dan Voss.  “These larger materials demand a setting mortar like 725 DUSTLESS Premium LHT Mortar that offers non-slip characteristics for walls and excellent adhesion for added support and reduced lippage for floors.” 

Also, 725 DUSTLESS Premium LHT Mortar features new, innovative and patented DLT™ – DUSTLESS Technology by Parex USA.  This new product is easier to use, produces less dust, and works in a complete system with Merkrete’s product portfolio.

Designed with the contractor in mind, DLT features and benefits include:

  • 80% Less Dust – Less dust versus ordinary thinsets
  • Uses Less Water – Hydrates consistently and dries quicker
  • Easier to Mix – Only the addition of water is required
  • Easy Application – Creamier and easier to spread
  • Longer Working Time – More versatile on the jobsite
  • Less Mess to Cleanup – Saves time, labor and money

“Merkrete’s research and development engineers have created a product feature that provides distributors, contractors and end-users with a number of key performance benefits,” said Tom Carroll, Sr. Product Manager for Merkrete. “Our new DLT products reduce dust by approximately 80%, so now you have less dust from the factory, to the distributor warehouse, on the shelves, in your truck, and on the jobsite.”

The addition of 725 DUSTLESS Premium LHT Mortar rounds out Merkrete’s full line of setting materials, surface preparation products, waterproofing liquids and grouts. For more information, visit www.parexusa.com

Eldorado Stone introduces new, lighter color palette

 Eldorado Stone, a Boral brand, introduces a new color palette to accentuate the classically-inspired aesthetics of one of its most popular profiles. As more nuanced, up-to-date design options remain in high demand from project specifiers, the innovative multilayered color notes in Loire Valley™ RoughCut® artfully blend contemporary hues with classic, nature-inspired textures to enhance residential and commercial spaces.

Eldorado Stone adds a new lighter palette with its innovative multilayered color notes in Loire Valley RoughCut.

“There has been an increased interest in classic looks with a contemporary twist, so we created this new color palette to refresh one of our most time-honored profiles,” said Sarah Lograsso, Director of Marketing. “With the introduction of Loire Valley RoughCut, specifiers can now incorporate a fresh new color into their projects while still embracing more traditional stone surfaces.”

Inspired by the French countryside after which it derives its name, Loire Valley RoughCut presents a sophisticated gradient of ivories and muted creams with touches of sand and rust. The bold, hand-formed shapes of RoughCut incorporate embedded, fossilized artifacts on a roughly cleaved, pronounced face to mimic the character of limestone.

According to Remodeling Magazine, manufactured stone provides one of the highest return values of any material. Incorporating stone veneer into interior and exterior projects is a more cost-effective and higher quality finish than many other materials. An exterior façade made with manufactured stone veneer can enhance curb appeal and potentially increase home value, while using stone indoors can create a distinctive space that blends natural world elements with modern design.

To learn more about Eldorado Stone and its products, visit EldoradoStone.com.

Create your own custom designs at Imagine Tile

Creating your own custom tile is as easy as 1,2,3! The process starts
with your vision and ends with a beautiful, durable, commercially
rated ceramic or porcelain tile. In a few easy steps Imagine Tile will
help you imbue any space with your design vision.

1. Design: Provide imagine tile with a concept or ready-to-go artwork, including color references. If artwork is not available, we’ll work with you to develop the final artwork.

2. Sample: Once artwork is finalized, we will proceed with making a physical tile for review and approval before production. The sample process takes approximately 3-4 weeks. If any revisions are needed, we’ll create a new sample.

3. Product: After review and approval of the sample, your order is ready for production. Allow approximately a 4-6 week lead time to produce
your custom tile.

From unique colors, patterns and textures, to the replication of encaustic design and even photographic images, Imagine Tile offers the perfect solution for any surface; commercial or residential, and the ability to totally transform any space through design.

Imagine Tile’s custom tiles are perfectly suited for applications such as
hospitality, retail, corporate, healthcare, transportation + more.
process. Contact http://imaginetile.com for more information.

Daltile launches new Remedy, Sublimity Collections

Daltile Remedy Collection

Two of Daltile’s new spring offerings are the Remedy tile collection and Sublimity natural stone collection.

The Remedy Collection is a cross between subway tile and brick look with a linear feel. Remedy delivers luxurious tile with a heavy glaze that produces an iridescent, metallic finish. This collection captures the artisanal and crafted look of handmade majolica tile, with a contemporary edge.  Blues, in all different shades, are extremely popular right now and have been the best-selling tile color for several years. Daltile’s new Remedy collection offers a color very similar to the shade of blue that Pantone recently spotlighted as the Color Of The Year. 

Daltile Sublimity natural stone collection

Daltile’s new Sublimity natural stone collection is a gorgeous assortment of marble, limestone, and travertine mosaics offered in eight stunning shapes:  cubist, elongated hex, parquet, trapezoid, herringbone, random linear, hypnotic, and balance.  The collection also includes eight unique natural stone encaustic 3” x 3” mosaic tiles in a soothing neutral color sequence ranging from grey and white to beige, taupe, blue, and black.

Antolini debuts Crema Cielo marble

Mother Nature has always provided the strongest and most artistic designs imaginable. Antolini has over 60 years of experience harnessing this natural power allowing us to revel in our world’s innate elegance. New to Antolini’s lineup is the Exclusive Stone: Crema Cielo.

Antolini’s Crema Cielo

Allow yourself to be enamoured by Crema Cielo’s captivating presence in this interior design. This marble is revolutionary to the divine setting, capturing the fine details of this stone. As the room transcends into a delicate and contemporary union, Antolini has perfected Haute Nature in any design.

Captivating movement is evident in Crema Cielo

The cascading delicate and soft hues descend sinuously and create an admirable kinship throughout the surface of this fine marble. The fluent Crema Cielo enhances the spaces and gives a sense of lightness and spontaneity thanks to the wavy streams that allow a constantly evolving smooth shape.

For more information, visit http://www.antolini.com.