Should you soak encaustic tile?


I am a member and need a few questions answered about an encaustic cement tile installation. I only have about 35 sq. ft. installed, but the homeowner on a job insists I should have soaked the tiles prior to installation to create a proper bond. I am trying to check with the manufacturer for their recommendations but they are in the UK and I’ve had a delay due to time zone differences. The setting material manufacturer said that since the back of the tile was wet, they are confident it would be well adhered. Are there any standards for installing encaustic cement tiles? 


I don’t believe these tiles need to be soaked before installation. The best way to check bond to the substrate is to remove one to see how well it was adhered. Since the dealer does not have a comprehensive installation recommendation and this tile does not meet the ANSI A137.1 Standard Specification for Ceramic Tile, the decision on whether or not to soak the tiles prior to installation should be reviewed with the tile and setting material manufacturers. Request written installation instructions from each manufacturer along with their warranty on this project.