Bostik Pro Rewards Contractor Loyalty Program Turns Everyday Purchases into Prizes

Bostik, Inc., a world leader in specialty adhesives and installation systems for building construction, has announced new opportunities for contractors to earn triple points when purchasing specific products. Bostik Pro RewardsTM Program, specifically tailored for installation professionals, offers the opportunity to earn reward points which ultimately may be redeemed for thousands of brand name items, travel rewards and much more… all while these contractors are growing their respective businesses. 

According to Chris Eichman, Bostik’s Marketing Communications Manager, “Beginning April 1, 2020, all approved Bostik Pro Rewards™ contractor participants can earn triple the points on a select number of products through May 31, 2020.  These select, eligible products are from our tile, stone, hardwood, and resilient flooring lines as well as from Bostik’s sealant and surface preparation product lines. We encourage contractors to visit our website for a full listing of eligible products.”

“Not only can they earn 3x the points,” continued Eichman, “We are offering 50% off on ALL Sports & Outdoor Equipment Reward Products… just in time for the warmer weather.”

To join Bostik Pro RewardsTM, all one has to do is visit: www.awardlink.com/bostik. Online prompts will take visitors through this simple registration process. Ultimately, once registered, all subsequent purchase invoices can be credited into the member’s individual account for points, from which awards may be redeemed just as easily. Qualifying products must be purchased by May 31, 2020 to receive triple points and invoices must be submitted through the Bostik Pro Rewards™ Contractor Loyalty Program site by June 30, 2020.

Sports and outdoor prizes must be redeemed by June 30, 2020, to qualify for the 50% discounted rate.

For more information on Bostik’s Sports & Outdoor Equipment Promotion and qualifying products, visit www.bostik.com/us/bostik-pro-rewards/

Fast-track tile installation helps drive customers into BMW dealerships

In this day and age, tile installation professionals are well aware that having the luxury of time to complete their projects is a thing of the past. We live in a faster-paced world today; it seems as if everyone wants something yesterday. That certainly was the challenge that faced Tim Naumann, owner of All Set Tile & Marble of Lancaster, Pa., relative to the project he was awarded at Sun Motor Cars BMW of Mechanicsburg, Pa.

“We were called upon for this specific application,” stated Naumann, “which was a 5,000 sq. ft. expanse including a 12”x24” exterior carport. It needed to be turned around as fast as humanly possible. As a matter of fact, its timetable mandated having same-day foot traffic and following-day car traffic, allowing for vehicles that were carrying heavy loads.  

All Set Tile & Marble contractors installing 1,400 sq. ft. of tile with a next-day deadline.

“So, we went to our distributor, H.H. Bealler & Co. of West Reading, Pa., looking for a new, fast-track installation product, clearly because the schedule for this project was so intense,” he added. “We had 1,400 sq. ft. of 12”x24” porcelain tile to install, and the showroom was opening the next day! To add to the pressure,” Naumann continued, “the only way to drive cars into the showroom would be through this carport!”

Naumann’s team found out about Bostik’s new rapid-setting mortar, BAM™,which had not yet even been officially introduced to the marketplace. “What happened after that was amazing,” Naumann declared.

All Set’s people installed and grouted all on the first day, and by the second, not only were cars driving over the newly tiled flooring, they were doing so along with all the construction lifts, as well.

“There is a definite need for a product like this out there,” Naumann said. “Construction schedules are forever changing, becoming more stringent on time constraints than ever before. Once a floor is down, all the other trades come in. If the product is still not 100% cured, tiles will chip and crack. We don’t even want to think about that! BAM had the PSI and bond-strength we were looking for. Other companies’ products simply do not have that turnover rate.

“BAM is a product that I am comfortable with,” Naumann added. “It absolutely proved itself in this installation. We will use it again. In the past, companies such as ours would have to wait two to three days for mortars to set before beginning the grouting process. Now, with BAM we’re done in 1-2 days with the entire installation!” beamed Naumann.

“I’ve been in business 28 years,” he said. “Everyone is always claiming to be coming out with something faster, better,  but BAM – this one really is! 

The only way to drive cars into the showroom was through this newly tiled carport, within 24 hours of setting with Bostik BAM rapid-setting mortar.

“Now it must be mentioned that the weather for this installation was ideal,” declared Naumann. “If [BAM] works well in all weather situations, and we believe it will, it’ll be one of the greatest new products to ever hit the marketplace!”

Bostik’s BAM is a high-performance, fiber-reinforced, extended-open-time mortar, ideal for installation of extra large and heavy tile material. Incorporating Bostik’s RapidCure™ Technology. BAM is specifically formulated for optimal performance in both commercial and residential applications of large-and-heavy tile, glass tile, mosaics, quarry, porcelain, ceramic, most natural stone tiles, and today’s gauged porcelain tile/panels. The RapidCure™ Technology that is included in BAM, results in a consistent cure that, in most applications, will be grout-ready in just four hours. Additionally, BAM offers “open and adjustability times” of up to 30 minutes at exceptional bond strength that exceeds ANSI 118.15 requirements. 

Ideal for use over uncoupling membranes and various sheet membranes, BAM is ideal for use over properly prepared concrete, cement backer boards, masonry, concrete block, mortar beds, cement terrazzo, structurally sound exterior-grade plywood (interior/dry use only), well-bonded vinyl composite tile (VCT), existing tiles, cutback adhesive residue (dry only), and much more.

“Bostik’s focus is to continually come up with high-tech chemical formulations that offer needed solutions, said Adam Abell, Bostik’s Market Manager, Tile & Stone Installation Systems. “We like to call this ‘the intersection of method improvement via chemical advancement’.” 

12” x 24” exterior carport installed with Bostik’s BAM rapid-setting mortar, ready for same-day foot traffic and following-day, heavy-load car traffic.

“Bostik has not only made the commitment to provide the marketplace with high-technology solutions for every stage of surfacing installation (surface preparation, applying mortar, grouting and sealing),” Abell added. “Our flooring installation products also must cure as fast or faster than ever before. This, of course, expedites the process, allowing our flooring contractors the luxury of confidently leaving early. It also makes it possible for the next trade in line to begin their magic ahead of the initial schedule.” 

All Set’s Tim Naumann summed up his first experience with Bostik’s new fast-track product. “We like to be a ‘one-stop-shop,’” he said. “Because of that, we favor bringing in full pallets of a full system from one manufacturer to ensure successful installation, and frankly, warranties usually require that, as well. It looks like BAM is not only a great installation product, it also may help me run our business in a way that we prefer!”

Gauging Savings: USI Porcelain Panel Project Saves Time & Money

More than three decades ago, global tile manufacturers introduced through-body porcelain tile, and it quickly and seemingly became the industry’s cure-all. Being more molecularly compact than typical glazed ceramic tile, it offered the same durability and resistance to moisture, as did solid granite… and, at a lesser price-point. 

Over the years, porcelain formats morphed into gargantuan tile sizes as large as 36” x 48.” And these tiles were no longer just “through-body” versions. Advanced inkjet printing processes were developed that actually gave the tiles both “looks” and textures resulting in it being almost impossible to discern whether or not they were true natural materials. And, this printing procedure was no flimsy topcoat. Airports around the globe, for example, which have tens of thousands of people racing across their terminal floors pulling wheeled luggage on a daily basis, have been successful with their specification of HD printed, porcelain flooring. 

So what was next in the world of porcellanato? In the last few years, a new phenomenon has appeared, now termed “gauged porcelain panels.” These are extremely large tile slabs, produced with fine porcelain clay, manufactured to minimal tile thickness without compromising the performance levels inherent to porcelain tile. Visionary architects are specifying this material for a myriad of applications, including to be installed directly over existing tile (which means the arduous, messy, time-consuming and disruptive process of removing ceramic tile can be eliminated), as monolithic-appearing wall applications… and, even to perform as exterior cladding. Relative to vertical installations, one of the few disadvantages of “regular” porcelain tile is weight. Gauged porcelain panels have become the ideal alternative, because when installed correctly, due to having much lighter weight, various structural components can be reduced… saving a great deal of installation time and out-of-pocket money. A good example of this took place recently at the University of Southern Indiana’s Health & Professions Building. 

Crossville’s Laminam gauged porcelain panels were specified for this interior project, which consisted of 2,500 square feet of wall space for a commercial kitchen classroom. “Originally, we bid the job to be tiled using a traditional mortar system. Adam Abell, our Bostik representative, came in and asked if we would consider an alternative installation system that offered a host of benefits,” stated Danny Fulton, Vice President of Evansville, IN-based Fulton Tile & Stone. “We were ready to begin the project, but because of our strong rapport with Adam, we granted him some presentation time that included having our Crossville representative, Tony Davis attending along with our team. I had no idea of what Bosti-Set™ was… or, what it could do. But in retrospect, granting Adam time to showcase his new product proved be one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time!” 

Abell demonstrated how projects calling for gauged porcelain panels could be installed in roughly half the time, even with a smaller crew. He showed how Bosti-Set™ immediately grabbed porcelain tile panels in a single coat, did not allow any sag, yet made it possible for these panels to be “reposition-able” for at least 30 minutes. “As a business owner, I’m always looking for efficiencies that are timesaving and ultimately, cost saving,” added Fulton. “So ultimately, we decided to work with this newer product. 

“We had a lot to learn,” Fulton continued, “as the panels basically had to be ‘picked up’ using suction cups with aluminum spines, not unlike the way glass panels are installed. A single layer of adhesive is troweled only onto the back of the panel, cutting the square footage necessary to trowel in half. This also cuts down on weight… and, deadline stress on our installers.”

Fulton went on to state that he was so captivated by this project… he actually put on his accountant’s hat and followed every single step to measure the overall savings. “There is no mixing needed with this system,” he mentioned. “It’s just ‘open and go.’ Other systems require a 50 lb. bag of thin-set per panel. This project had 70 panels to install, and I estimated that without mixing, we could roughly save 30 minutes per panel on the installation alone, not to mention the mixing time and chasing water that was completely eliminated. Ultimately, for this 2,500 square foot project, even though Bosti-Set™ is a bit more costly than other products, we may have saved close to $5,000 just by using it. “And, that number is very conservative!” Fulton beamed.

He added that the project worked out so well, “Fulton Tile & Stone has begun to use Bosti-Set™ on a regular basis for other projects we have in the queue, including ‘phase two’ at the USI facility.”

Gauged porcelain panels have certainly become the rage. According to Martin Howard, Executive Vice President of David Allen Company and current President of the National Tile Contractors Association, “This newer product offering has been accepted in the marketplace because, in particular, architects and designers see the advantages offered by a large panel format that is much lighter in weight than other high-performance surfacing options. And due to their expansive size, there are less grout joints visible. That means a wall application, for example, can give the appearance of stone veneer at a lower price point, because single slab appearance is now possible.” 

“You can’t learn how to use the system overnight,” declared Fulton. “So, we decided to have all of our installers take as much time to learn this system as they needed. Both Bostik and Crossville helped us with educating our team at optimal levels. Generally in our business, some of the more seasoned installers want to stick with methods they’ve used in the past. I thoroughly understand that. But when we were able to prove to all our installers that not only was Bosti-Set™ easier to use… it allowed them to finish projects earlier and the move on to the next one…  I think they were all very much sold!”

Fulton Tile & Stone depends upon its major distributor, Louisville Tile for the great percentage of tile and sundry materials used in the many installations for which the firm is engaged. Don Kincaid, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Louisville Tile, believes gauged porcelain tile panels have a very, very bright future. “In particular for the commercial sector, these materials are gaining more and more acceptance. Designs calling for gauged porcelain, at this early stage of its existence, most likely are coming from savvy architectural designers who understand it doesn’t just add a monolithic look due to having minimal grout lines. It offers many more solutions, one being because it is so much lighter in weight than natural stone… it can be directly installed on vertical surfaces as a viable alternative. And, because of the realism generated by today’s amazing high-definition inkjet printing processes, very few people will not know the product isn’t an actual stone slab. 

“We also believe,” continued Kincaid, “that gauged panels will soon be specified on a regular basis for residential applications, one example being shower walls. Forward-minded installation professionals such as those at Fulton Tile & Stone, understand how glass panels are adhered to walls, and will continue to embrace the best ways in which to install these products.  Now that there is a product such as Bosti-Set™, which offers so many installation performance benefits, we at Louisville Tile are even more positive about this product category.”

Kincaid was also extremely positive about the University of Southern Indiana gauged porcelain panel project. “And why not?” he declared. “That’s my alma mater!”




Bostik Promotes Adam Abell

Bostik, Inc., a world leader in adhesives and installation systems for building construction, recently announced that Adam Abell has been promoted to the position of Market Manager, Tile & Stone Installation Systems.

Since joining the Bostik team in 2012, Abell has been a Territory Sales Manager, offering the firm’s comprehensive ranges of tile installation and surface preparation products to customers throughout the Ohio Valley.

Abell, a graduate of the University of Kentucky, learned the tile business from ground up, working at Mees Tile & Marble in Lexington, Kentucky. There, he started off in the warehouse, then moved on to contractor sales, A&D sales … ultimately becoming branch manager. He will be relocating from Indianapolis to the Milwaukee area, soon to be working out of Bostik Americas Technology & Business Center headquarters.

“I’m excited about my new position within the organization,” exclaimed Abell. “Put simply, my job will be to ensure that we’re driving the ‘innovation’ factor of all Bostik products. We’ve brought so many ‘firsts’ to the industry, including Bostik’s BEST®, TruColor ® RapidCure™ Grout and most recently, Bosti-Set™… and we plan on bringing even more. We are on a quest to build our marketshare and we have the product pipeline and team to do it.”