USG Corporation Unveils Advanced Water-Durable Cement Board

New proprietary edge performance reduces screw spinout and crumbling during installation, saves construction time and costs

USG Corporation (NYSE:USG), an industry-leading manufacturer of building products and innovative solutions, is unveiling the newest innovation of its trusted USG Durock® Brand Cement Board with the redesigned USG Durock® Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard™.

USG Durock® Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard™ features wrapped edges which are formed smooth with a proprietary poly-propylene fabric and are square cut. The cement backerboard’s reinforced proprietary edge reduces screw spinout and crumbling during installation, and offers architects, builders and tile contractors an improved, water-durable tile base for use in tub and shower area construction.

“The reinforced edge on our new cement board helps reduce blowouts during fastening; protects from edge damage; and creates less dust during installation, making wet-area jobs easier and safer,” said Amy Klawitter, product manager, USG.

USG Durock® Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard™ exceeds ANSI A118.9 standards for cementitious backer units (CBU) and specifications for CBU and ANSI A109.11 for interior installation, making it an ideal choice for tile and flooring in baths, kitchens and laundry rooms or as an underlayment for tile on floors and countertops in new construction and remodeling.

USG Durock® Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard™ also exceeds ASTM C1325 standards for fiber-mat reinforced cementitious backer units and is also preferred by many applicators as a base for directly applied finishes, tile, stone and thin brick used in building exteriors.

Additionally, the five-eighths inch (15.9 mm) panels are Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Classified for fire resistance, and can be used in any UL Design where Type DCB panels are listed.

Benefits of USG Durock® Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard™ include:

  • Enhanced proprietary edge performance reduces screw spinout and crumbling
  • Easy to cut and fasten
  • Water-durable and mold-resistant
  • Warranted for interior and exterior applications
  • Exceptional tile bond
  • Noncombustible

USG Durock® Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard™ is available nationwide. For additional information about the product, please visit

Crossville’s Retro Active 2.0 Earns Living Product Challenge Petal Certifications

Product Meets Criteria for Unique Program of the International Living Future Institute

Crossville Inc. has announced its newest tile collection, Retro Active 2.0, is a recipient of the prestigious Living Product Challenge Petal Certifications in three categories: place, water, and beauty. The Living Product Challenge is a recognition program of the International Living Future Institute. Crossville is the first tile company to be certified by the Living Product Challenge.

The Living Product Challenge is organized in seven performance areas, known as Petals, with each area consisting of detailed requirements. Retro Active 2.0 was recognized in the following:
* Place Petal – 2/2 for meeting requirements that included responsible place and habitat impacts
* Water Petal – 1/1 for meeting requirements that included net positive for water
* Beauty Petal – 3/3 for meeting requirements that included beauty and spirit, inspiration and education, and positive hand printing.

About Living Product Challenge Petal Certification
Using the Living Product Challenge framework, consumers can choose produces that are healthy and free of toxins, know that manufacturers are socially responsible and respects the rights of workers, and are net positive that benefit both people and the environment. Manufacturers are choosing to certify their products a part of a commitment to healthy world by following the highest standards of non-toxic responsible material selection and processing that produces net positive benefits for human’s and the environment.

About the International Living Future Institute
The International Living Future Institute is a hub for visionary programs. ILFI offers global strategies for lasting sustainability, partnering with local communities to create grounded and relevant solutions, including green building and infrastructure solutions on scales ranging from single room renovations to neighborhoods or whole cities. ILFI administers the Living Building Challenge, the environment’s most rigorous and ambitious performance standard, as well as the Living Product Challenge and Living Community Challenge.

The Tile Shop and Laura Ashley Partner to Launch Unique Splashback and Tile Collection

New Collection Is Exclusively Available at The Tile Shop in U.S.

The Tile Shop (NASDAQ:TTS), a specialty retailer of natural stone and man-made tiles, today announced it has partnered with Laura Ashley, the British lifestyle company and one of the world’s leading brands, to become the exclusive retailer for the Laura Ashley tile and splashback collection in the U.S. market.

Bringing modern English design to the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, and more, the Laura Ashley line at The Tile Shop is the newest addition to the ever-expanding Laura Ashley fashion and home furnishings collections.

The oversized, tempered glass splashbacks, a very British term, are expertly designed to fit the space between stovetops and cabinetry in the kitchen as well as behind the sink. The splashbacks feature statement prints taken directly from the Laura Ashley archives in a variety of colors, which can be styled as a design centerpiece or made to blend with existing décor. Complementary ceramic floor and wall tiles in graphic Laura Ashley heritage prints offer a multitude of designs that bring the entire look together with ease.

Imported from Great Britain and manufactured by UK tile specialist British Ceramic Tile, the Laura Ashley tiles and splashbacks are now available for order at any of The Tile Shop’s 140 stores and online at

“We are thrilled to partner with Laura Ashley to offer this exclusive new collection, which introduces familiar floral patterns and muted tones synonymous with the Laura Ashley brand to customers who are seeking simplicity and elegance,” said Kevin McDaniel, vice president of merchandising, The Tile Shop.

McDaniel added, “The Tile Shop continuously looks to source new and innovative products and designs that meet our customers’ changing tastes and preferences. These are the only large-format glass accents of their kind available on the market today.”

“The Tile Shop shares our passion for quality, vision for success and has a trusted history of introducing designer lines to the U.S. market,” said Penne Cairoli, Laura Ashley USA president. “With our 65-year history, Laura Ashley has amazing design archives that are brought to life in a fresh and modern way with the new tile and splashback collection.”

The Laura Ashley line offered by The Tile Shop includes:

  • Splashbacks: Made of tempered glass to capture and reflect light and withstand high cooking temperatures, the splashbacks visually open up the space, are easy to install and can be wiped clean with a cloth. The splashbacks are available in a variety of colorways and prints including:
  • Statement Prints – the collection of timeless patterns takes inspiration from the Laura Ashley Archive and Home Collection, ideal for creating an elegant look that commands attention. Available in: Lisette, Mr Jones, Oriental Garden and Wicker.
  • Floor and Wall Tiles: From natural textures to striking prints, the Laura Ashley tile line offers a multitude of designs that bring the whole room together. The floor tile selection has been chosen to complement the splashback collection. Available styles include Wicker and Mr Jones.

For more information, please visit

Elegant, Fine Profile Specifically for Glass Mosaic

The continued growth in popularity of glass mosaic tiles has created a need for new tile profiles made to complement the design elements of these installations.  Schluter®-FINEC is a finishing and edge protection profile for the external edges of delicate tile coverings and glass mosaics. The finishing leg of the profile protects the covering edges from mechanical damage, and features a very slim, elegant reveal. FINEC is ideal for protecting mitered edges, while creating a discreet trim for a minimalist design.

Its anchoring leg with a forward fold of 45 degrees effectively protects the edge of the covering from mechanical impacts.  The result is an elegant, slim corner formation.  High-quality material combines with minimalist design in stainless steel, anodized aluminum and textured matte color-coated aluminum.  A total of 12 different textured matte colors are available so there is a profile to suit every design and décor.

FINEC is available in six different heights from 3/32” (2.5 mm) to ½” (12.5 mm).



Federica Minozzi CEO of Stonepeak Ceramics, a subsidiary of the Italian holding group Iris Ceramica, is proud to announce the launch of the first production line in the United States dedicated to 120″x60″ large format panels, also known as ‘gauged’ panels.

The production plant, located in the hills of Tennessee, is the first and only American tile manufacturer to produce large format porcelain panels that are from 6 mm to 2 cm thick, in the United States.
The strategic choice to build a production line for large panels in the US results from the desire to mature as a global supplier and promptly meet the needs of this new, rapidly growing market segment. By offering large format porcelain panels made in the USA, Stonepeak is guaranteeing shorter delivery times, overall increased logistic efficiency and much greater product sustainability.

Click the image below and witness the moment the first slab exits Stonepeak’s new Crossville line

These beauties are the latest Tennessee born marvels

Statuarietto and Calacatta Oro, together with 6 more, amazing new colors, will be shown for the first time at


HTC expands DURATIQ™ line with entirely new grinder

Power and versatility in a compact format

Introducing the DURATIQ™ 5

HTC – innovator in floor grinding – is now adding an entirely new DURATIQ 5 to its award-winning DURATIQ line of grinders. The DURATIQ 5 has a grinding width of 20 in (515 mm) and is available in two models – one with a motor rated at 3 hp (2.2 kW) and the other at 5 hp (4.0 kW). Both models have an entirely new design with the focus on ease of handling and power, which are key factors in this popular machine segment. At the same time, the DURATIQ 5 boasts features that are unique for its size.

The DURATIQ 5 models will replace the ever-reliable HTC 420 and HTC 500.

Below are just some of the 75 new features on the DURATIQ 5:

Digital control panel provides full control of the DURATIQ 5’s capacity and functions, unmatched by any other grinder of this size
New grinding head, hermetically sealed and dustproof for maximum reliability
Effective and energy-efficient motors for higher grinding performance
Modular chassis and grinding head with quick couplers for easy transport and optimal handling
Mist Cooler System increases productivity 78%  
Easytohandle weights enable three different grinding pressures
20 different handle settings for optimal ergonomics

With its compact dimensions, the machine is suitable for both small and medium-sized surfaces. HTC’s assortment includes more than 120 compatible tools, making the DURATIQ 5 a very versatile machine. It can handle everything from grinding concrete and other rough surfaces to polishing natural stone and sanding wooden floors. The DURATIQ 5 has been developed from the ground up by HTC’s own R&D department based on the same technology as its big brothers, the DURATIQ 6 and 8. Because of the precise yet extremely robust design of every component, the service interval is an impressive 1,000 hours.

Joe Taylor, HTC’s USA Director of Marketing summarizes his thoughts on the launch:

“We’re proud to continue the progression of development from the popular HTC 420 and 500, and to again offer our customers a more powerful yet ergonomic machine. The Duratiq 5’s digital control panel provides operators with an overview of the machine’s performance and functions in an entirely new way. We’re confident that the insights provided by the new controls will benefitoperators with improved efficiency and confidence. We’re tremendously proud of how our R&D department has succeeded in applying the technology developed for our larger models and adapting it to this new compact format.”

Discover the advantages of DURATIQ grinders at



Heavy-duty cutting, impressively durable design, easy starts and comfortable handling – all in one easy-to-handle package, guaranteeing efficiency and increased performance. With the new K 770 power cutter, Husqvarna takes yet another step towards the perfect cut.

How can you improve on perfection? How can you make a product, appreciated all around the world even more iconic?

The answer is fairly simple. You just make it even better – more powerful, easier to handle and even more convenient to maintain. In this case, the task at hand was based on a half a century’s worth of experience, provden technology and technical expertise. It was, after all, Evald Carlsson who in 1958 invented the very fi rst power cutter by modifying his chainsaw when he replaced the chain with a cutting disc and a drive belt.


The rest, as they say, is history. And a fairly auspicious one at that. The evolution of the Husqvarna power cutter range has been met with approval from professionals all around the world. Professionals who appreciate equipment that delivers power and performance and a truly user-centric approach to designing heavy-duty machines.


And now, true to our heritage and tradition, the time has come to present yet another landmark in power cutting – the K 770. Progress and heritage – hand in hand – in one hard-to-beat package of operational perfection. Fit the blade. Fill the tank. Prime, choke and pull the cord. That’s all it takes. And then it’s all about enjoying the power of the 74cc engine, the massive torque, the 5 in (125 mm) cutting depth and the efficiency of your choice of blade.


When it comes to productivity, Husqvarna K 770 plays in its own league thanks to the high power-to-weight ratio. The exclusive design increases the exactness and the force of the cut, while the low weight and the vibration-damped chassis ensure comfortable handling during long, productive work shifts. The spring-loaded, semi-automatic SmartTension™ technology makes it easy to ensure that the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension, ensuring optimal power transmission as well as maximum life of the belt. And thanks to the new heavy-duty cutting arm with three-bolt joint, longevity and durability is guaranteed in all conditions.


Safety and ergonomics have been at the core of our design philosophy ever since the beginning. So, in order to provide Husqvarna users with the best and most efficient cutting experience, we’ve designed the comprehensive Power Cutter User Guide, a digital hub containing instructional videos, know-how and educational material that will help both experienced as well as first time users.


Husqvarna is thoroughly committed to our customers, and to the demands of their tasks. In everything we do, we focus on simplifying their projects, making it easier, faster and safer to get the job done. With this ambition firmly in focus, we’re now proud to present our latest addition to cutting perfection – the K 770.


Displacement, cu in (cc) 4.48 (74)

Engine power, hp (kW) 5 (3.7)

Blade diameter, in (mm) 12/14 (300/350)

Max cutting depth, in (mm) 4/5 (100/125)

Weight, excl. fuel & blade, lbs (kg) 22 (10) 


Be sure to check out our video featuring a day in the life of a K 770 –


Additional online resources:

Features/Benefits –

Product Page –


For more information, please contact:

Cate Stratemeier, Project Manager – Marketing & Media

[email protected]


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Museum launches new wood products, website, participation at Coverings, and a new showroom


Sharing a series of announcements from Museum, a brand of Peronda.

SHERWOOD OAK 4D collection:  All the excellence of the MUSEUM range has been brought for the first time to a wood-effect collection. Thanks to the use of its exclusive Museum 4D technology, Sherwood 4D’s satin finish, varying shades of color and high resolution mark a new high point in top-range deluxe tiles. Its new 19,5×150 cm format brings an added sense of spaciousness to living spaces, infusing them with unique warmth and elegance. The collection’s oak design, which is easily combined with other materials, brings all the subtle beauty of fine wood to surfaces.
The brand has also launched a website: This
new single brand website offers a unique experience.  All the brand’s products, collections and details are now available for consultation by all users.
Museum at Coverings 2018: From 8th to 11th May Museum will be attending Coverings, the international show held in Atlanta, USA, where it will be launching its new collections for the 2018 season, including the new 100 x 180 cm format. Hall B4, Stand 3351.
Museum opens its new showroom: Museum has opened its new showroom, located in the Group’s head offices. The new design, which features the revamped corporate image, has created an exclusive space in which to discover the firm’s full range of collections at first hand.

Mid America Tile launches three new lines

These classic designs are paired elegantly with modern formats providing the perfect option for today’s easy eclectic spaces.
Ainslee Park
Marble looks feature bold graphics, allowing each color to be a standout. Glossy ceramic wall and matte porcelain floor tile, paired with mosaics, coordinate beautifully to allow for a continuous design theme throughout any space.


Ainslee Park

The Genesis Collection

The Genesis Collection
The Genesis Collection is inspired by the origins of cement–designed to replicate the look of form-poured concrete with rustic striations. This versatile collection creates rhythm and structure with a raw, open-construction feel.
This series is inspired by the elegant Varana stone found in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Sequence brings versatile color and size options in a color body glazed porcelain tile that realizes an ideal palette for designers.
See these products at the CFA Product Showcase, on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, Belvedere  Banquets & Events, 1170 W. Devon, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Exhibit hours: 1-7 pm


PROFILITEC, Italian producer of state-of-the-art floor profiles and related installation solutions, will feature ​SHOWERTEC™, an innovative system encompass​ing all​ ​necessary elements to build or renovate an entirely waterproof, maintenance-free shower ​at Coverings 2018.

Showertec™ offers advantages that surpass current standards. These include vapor permeance levels that conform to industry requirements for steam showers​; high-density, pre-waterproofed foam elements ​saving significant installation time and contain recycled content to reinforce Profilitec’s commitment to always incorporate environment- friendly materials when possible.

The Showertec™ system is comprised of:

  • Shower Tray – pre-sloped incorporating the Foiltec™ Waterproof and Vapour Tight Membrane, which is pre-attached, assuring simple and quick installation while surpassing the requirements for steam showers
  • Shower Curb – made of high density EPS foam and pre-wrapped in Foiltec™ Waterproof Membrane on all sides. An opening along the curb allows for ​height adjustment if needed.
  • Foiltec™ Membrane – Waterproof and Vapor Tight with a 0​.033 perm rating (ASTM E96-E) rating.
  • Foiltec™ Sealing Strip
  • Square Drain Kit – composed of a bonding ​flange with vertical drain and integrated anchoring membrane, a Foiltec™ Circular Waterproof Membrane Ring, Foiltec™ Internal and External Corners and Square Drain which is composed of​ ​a ring for the vertical alignment of the drain, grid support, construction plug​, plus a grid and fasteners

“According to statistics, there are approximately 5 million showers installed every year in the US,​” stated Greg Gelston, president of Profilitec. “Sealed systems such as Showertec have made the process to build a shower less both labor intensive and skill dependent resulting in more reliable performance.”

Attendees of COVERINGS 2018 will be able to see all of Profilitec’s Showertec™ and many other innovative products, May 8-11, 2018 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, in Booth #7910.

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