Lunada Bay Tile Introduces Contourz Concrete Tiles

A contemporary concrete tile collection that combines breakthrough engineering and art

(Coverings‘18, Atlanta, GA, May 8-11, 2018) You’ve seen concrete tiles on the floor, used as exterior cladding, and on the occasional feature wall. Now, Lunada Bay Tile is breaking design boundaries with Contourz, a tactile collection of concrete tiles that elevates the beauty of vertical and horizontal planes.

Modern shapes and colors, together with unparalleled artistry and engineering, construct dynamic surfaces for a variety of spaces. Contourz three-dimensional tiles transform walls into sculpture, while flat field tiles create an atmosphere that ranges from quiet elegance to industrial.

“Concrete is a beautiful, sustainable medium,” says Feras Irikat, Director of Design and Marketing at Lunada Bay Tile. “The Contourz collection’s architectural nature, soft color palette and satin matte tactile surface allows it to play well with many other materials.”

Irikat worked on the collection’s design in collaboration with Lunada Bay Tile President and CEO Carl Steadly and Mike Taylor, an engineer with 11 years of experience in the concrete tile industry. Together, they designed and engineered the collection to the highest specifications for residential and commercial installations. The tiles measure just 8 millimeters thick—a similar thickness to standard ceramic and glass tiles—extending design opportunities with the ability to combine easily with other tile collections within the Lunada Bay Tile portfolio.

“Imagine that you can now use concrete on a kitchen backsplash or a shower wall without taking up any more thickness or design real estate than standard tile choices,” Irikat proposes. “It makes it easy to incorporate these tiles into residential or commercial applications, indoors or outdoors, and blend them with other elements to create the look you desire. The collection creates the ultimate toolbox of creativity for designers and architects.”

Designed and manufactured in Lunada Bay Tile’s new facility in Southern California, the collection consists of nine shapes:

  • 3 x 9-inch — rectangular flat field tile
  • 6 x 9-inch — rectangular flat field tile
  • 4-inch Hex — hexagonal flat field tile
  • Fanfare Hex — three-dimensional 4-inch hexagonal tile with raised linear peaks
  • Trifecta — three-dimensional triangular tile with intertwining patterns of slopes and curved lines
  • Zen Break A and Zen Break B — three-dimensional 3 x 9-inch rectangular tiles with angled inclines that can be coordinated to create striped, diamond and chevron patterns
  • Retro Curve — liner featuring soft bullnose edges
  • In & Out — liner featuring a bullnose edge on one side and a cove edge on the other

Contourz is available in 18 modern hues, including warm and cool grays and shades of taupe and brown. The collection can be specified for interior and exterior walls, including wet/dry walls, light traffic floors, and has similar characteristics and care requirements as natural stone..

LEC Products’ Jobsite Lockboxes Deter Construction Tool Theft

Vault-like jobsite lockboxes, such as those by LEC Products, a fabrication company, protect construction tools from theft not only during the week, but also on weekends when unattended sites are at the greatest risk of burglary. These lockboxes use heavy-gauge sheet steel and reinforcements for box floors and sides, and 14- and 16-guage sheet metal for walls, doors, lids, and shelving.

Hot-rolled steel is more malleable than cold-rolled and allows for more complex bends without weakening the steel when making box components.

LEC top-loading jobsite lockbox

A better design includes a key slot in the back.  After looping the chain around the pole, both ends of the chain are passed through the slot and secured from the inside. This eliminates an exposed padlock, often the weakest link.  Several boxes can be ganged together as well.

Removing the center trunnion in cabinet-style boxes also allows easy removal and replacement of longer items, so workers will not leave them lying around.  For greater security, on a three-point latching mechanism such as the one LEC Products uses, a hook secures doors together, while vertical rods pass through the top and bottom rails.

The system also utilizes a thick steel plate cover to protect the padlock from torches or bolt cutters while still permitting easy use of the key.

For greater safety during transport, instead of casters bolted onto the box, LEC Products’ casters are bolted onto steel plates, which are then slid into receivers built into the feet of the job box.  This allows the boxes to be transported to the site safely, directly contacting the trailer bed surface. Once on site, the casters are quickly slid into place.

Buying direct from the manufacturer can significantly reduce the cost of such construction site lockboxes. For more information, contact LEC Products at (314) 451-1500; [email protected]; or 59 Branch Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63147.

Emser Tile’s Terazio Collection Nods to Prized 18th-Century Material

High-quality Italian porcelain tile combines state-of-the-art design

and high-definition technology


LOS ANGELES – Emser Tile, notably in its 50th year of business, introduces Terazio: an old-world meets new-world glazed porcelain series with a shimmering aesthetic reminiscent of illustrious terrazzo from ancient Tuscany.

‘Pavimento alla veneziana,’ meaning Venetian pavement, stems from the 18th-century era in which ancient Italian craftsman placed pieces of stone and glass into beds of mortar to create a scintillating flooring material. Terrazzo spread in popularity, eventually to America in the 1920s, and continues to have a strong presence in design today with expanded wall and surface applications.

Bringing to light the elegance of the material created by artisans long ago, Emser Tile’s Terazio captures speckled variations with a subtle shimmer in distinct matte and gloss finishes. The captivating collection comes in four primary patterns—Blanco, Gesso, Nero and Palladio—ranging from subtle small-scale stones to a bolder cut with random edges.

In addition, Terazio is available in special order accent colors and patterns to encourage designer customization, all while providing a durable design solution for today’s residential and commercial interiors. Designers are invited to play with scale through alternating patterns from floor to wall, indoor to outdoor, or from kitchen to bath.

To explore the collection, visit

Vitromex USA Introduces Conde inspired by Calacatta marble

San Antonio, TX – Vitromex USA proudly introduces Conde, a beautifully contrasting yet familiar renowned marble collection presented in the form of a Calacatta stone inspired series on a porcelain body. As the Spanish translation for “Count”, it is fitting that Conde recreates an air of nobility through its rich and elegant finishes at economic means. Conde emulates a timeless marble look without uninvited hassle as the porcelain is more dense and stain resistant, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

On the surface is a beautifully smooth structure in a simply classic color Blanco, complete with rectified edges, and available in two finishes: Matte and Polished. The Conde collection has multiple formats that include 12″x24″, 24″x24″, and 3″x12″ Surface bullnose trim in matte and polished finishes. To complete the luxury package, is a 12″x47″ oversized plank and fashionable waterjet cut Hexagon mosaic, included in a matte finish.

Conde glazed porcelain floor and wall tile is appropriate for all residential and commercial wall, countertop, and backsplash applications as well as all residential and most (polished finish excluded) commercial floor applications. This entire series is manufactured in a Green Squared-certified facility, which utilizes pre-consumer recycled content. Vitromex USA continues to be a participating member of the TCNA (Tile Council of North America).


Quick-dry Liquid Waterproofing Membrane: USG Durock™ Brand waterproofing membrane keeps unwanted moisture out, saves construction time and costs

USG Durock™ Brand Liquid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane is ideal for waterproofing wet areas from showers (including continuous-use residential and commercial steam showers) to flooring assemblies to countertops. This liquid membrane provides a sealed waterproof barrier in a single-step application when administered over vertical smooth surfaces or in a two-ply application when used on rough surfaces and all horizontal surfaces. Its fast-drying time allows for quick turnaround on the jobsite.

  • Can be rolled, brushed, troweled and sprayed
  • Low Permeance Rating (0.38 perms at 20 mil dry thickness) per ASTM E96 Procedure E
  • Anti-fracture protection up to 1/8 in. (3 mm) over shrinkage and other non-structural cracks
  • Bonds directly to stainless steel, PVC and ABS drains
  • One coat on vertical surfaces for smooth substrates such as USG Fiberock® Tile Backerboard
  • Two coats on rough substrates such as USG Durock® Brand Cement Board, and for all horizontal applications
  • Suitable for waterproofing floors, walls and countertops

USG Durock™ Brand Liquid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane is available nationwide through tile and flooring distributor channels. For additional more information, please visit

MSI introduces Q Premium Quartz Alternative Finishes

Exclusive Matte and Concrete Finishes for Understated Elegance
Classic Q in fresh finishes! Now, along with polished finish, five of MSI’s most beloved Premium Natural Quartz colors are offered in matte or concrete finish to give countertops, islands, backsplashes, and floors an exciting new look.

Q Premium Natural Quartz Matte Finish

Fossil Gray Matte Finish

Fossil Gray Matte Finish
Calacatta Vicenza Matte Finish

Calacatta Vicenza Matte Finish

Fossil Gray Matte Finish

Casual elegance, found. In stunning cool gray with a modern matte finish, this welcomingly neutral Q is a designer’s dream.

Calacatta Vicenza Matte Finish

Featuring a gorgeous white background with soft gray flecks, Calacatta Vicenza Matte Finish marble-look Q offers an updated practicality that complements any design scheme.

Q Premium Natural Quartz Concrete Finish

MSI has peeled back the polish to achieve a realistic, low-sheen concrete effect, complete with all the durability, easy-care convenience, and superior stain and germ resistance you’ve come to expect from Q Premium Natural Quartz.

Babylon Gray Concrete Finish

Babylon Gray Concrete Finish
Gray Lagoon Concrete Finish

Gray Lagoon Concrete Finish
Midnight Majesty Concrete Finish

Midnight Majesty Concrete Finish

Babylon Gray Concrete Finish

If you’re searching for a dark gray quartz countertop with a decidedly modern look, you’re bound to fall in love with this handsome Q.

Gray Lagoon Concrete Finish

Inspired by Brazilian Macaubas quartzite, waves of delicate dove gray veins dance across an ocean of soft whites for a look that’s elegant in its simplicity.

Midnight Majesty Concrete Finish

A striking black background is touched with dark and occasional white flecks to add interest and sophisticated ambiance to any design.

In a range of on-trend looks with exquisite through-body veining, MSI’s Matte Finish and Concrete Finish Q Premium Natural Quartz instantly update your kitchen, bath, or other residential or commercial space.

Find Your Must-Have Q

*All Q Premium Natural Quartz products are GREENGUARD, LEED, NSF, and KOSHER certified.

Antolini introduces Rainbow Opale, shimmering with light and color


In the wake of the Shellstone Collection, Antolini illuminates life’s surroundings by encompassing the pearls of the ocean within the Rainbow Opale design.











Through sequential rectangular shapes, fragmented colors capture bright, blissful moments of the coastal landscape. The surface colors of this slab transform with striking additions of light and depth to create a visual mirage of colors representing the vast creativity within Mother Nature. Every inch of this slab represents a snapshot of a single moment broken down into an array of colors and patterns.

Antolini, again, effortlessly transcends Mother Nature with the Shellstone Collection. For more information, visit

Motawi introduces New 6″x 6″ Liberty Ladybug in its Charley Harper by Motawi Collection

“All the world loves a ladybug. They’re insect friend Number 1.” – Charley Harper

Motawi Tileworks would like to introduce you to the newest tile in its Charley Harper by Motawi collection, Liberty Ladybug. Based on Harper’s original print from the ’60’s, this festive beetle channels classic Americana style with a mid-century modern flair.

The 6″x 6″ Liberty Ladybug is available in three colorways in Motawi’s gallery shop in Ann Arbor and on its website.

6653 LibertyLadybug

6″x 6 “Liberty Ladybug

6653 LibertyLadybug OPO

6″ x 6″ Liberty Ladybug in 6×6 Oak Park Frame

6653 LibertyLadybug OPE

6″x 6″ Liberty Ladybug in 6×6 Oak Park Frame Ebony

On the Motawi Calendar

July 14 | Glaze-a-Tile Workshop – Spaces still available!
July 19-22 | Motawi at the Ann Arbor Art Fair
August 11 | Glaze-a-Tile Workshop – Spaces still available!
September 8 | Glaze-a-Tile Workshop – Spaces still available!

Lunada Bay Tile’s Custom Blends Provide Personalized Touch for Any Space


As consumers increasingly seek to express their individuality in their homes, Lunada Bay Tile is answering the call with custom glass mosaic blends that allow for endless combinations of the company’s glass mosaic tiles. Designers and homeowners can mix and match tiles from 11 patterns, 69 colors, and multiple finishes. Every custom blend is created by hand in Lunada Bay Tile’s California workshop and can contain as much as 70% recycled glass.

To create a custom blend, customers work with a Lunada Bay Tile showroom professional to choose tile sizes, patterns, colors and finishes from a single series or combination of series and specify quantity and arrangement of each component. Once these decisions are made, the showroom orders a custom swatch card or grouted sample board, so the homeowner can be sure their blend choice fits their project.

“Today’s consumers, whether millennials, Gen-Xers, or baby boomers, have eclectic tastes—and they don’t want to be put in a box. As such, homeowners want to customize their spaces to reflect their personal tastes and style as well as to stand out from their friends and neighbors,” says Feras Irikat, Director of Design and Marketing for Lunada Bay Tile. “Lunada Bay Tile’s Custom Blends program allows customers to combine our striking tile profiles and eye-catching colors into something truly one-of-a-kind.”

The Custom Blends program draws from five tile collections: Agate, which evokes the semi-precious stone found in volcanic formations; Mizumi, a lush-colored, nature-inspired collection incorporating waves, bubbles, and creases; Shibui, which takes inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic of beauty that celebrates subtlety and simplicity; Tozen, which channels watercolors by using transparency, pigment, and light to tell a story; and Tozen Glow, which features silver or gold leaf for an extra dimension of metallic shimmer behind the translucent glass.

About Lunada Bay Tile
Lunada Bay Tile creates handcrafted glass, ceramic, pewter, and wood tile with an emphasis on artistic simplicity, texture, and color. Inspired by the aura of Southern California coastal living, Lunada Bay Tile takes a distinct approach to designing products with a philosophy that blends traditional craftsmanship and modern influences. Our artisans use specialized techniques to create unique effects that capture the imagination and reflect the way people want to live. To learn more about Lunada Bay Tile and view the entire product line visit or call 310-257-1300.


Stonepeak’s Plane 2.0 porcelain slabs, all made in the USA, are a versatile and domestic solution for strikingly beautiful floors and walls. See below how the new colors perfectly complement the so-on-trend midcentury-modern palette.

In this lobby, Avalanche 60″x60″ was used for the floor while the 30″x60″ size was preferred for the walls. The counter base is made with a full slab of Saint Laurent Dark whose deep dark tones and pure white veins create a visual contrast in the otherwise warm color scheme.

This living room with modern décor chooses the earthy tones of Saint Laurent Light in 60″x60″ for the floor and a full slab as fireplace surround, for an harmonious chromatic effect.

The close-up of the counter shows the rich veining and unique variegation of Stonepeak’s Saint Laurent Dark slab.

Please contact Stonepeak for further information.

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