See the iQTS244 dry-cut power saw at TISE West booth # 3547

See the iQTS244 dry-cut tile saw at TISE West booth # 3547

iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, introduces the first “Dry-Cut Tile Saw” designed to cut ceramic, porcelain, marble and stone.


The iQTS244® is a 10” dry-cut tile saw specifically created for professional tile setters and contractors. With the world’s first fully-integrated dust control technology, this innovative tool allows for tile to be cut inside or outside with no water and no dust discharge. Additionally, it is lightweight, compact and built on wheels for easy transport to and from jobsites.

100% compliant with the new OSHA standard on respirable silica dust, the iQTS244 was initially produced for professional contractors to eliminate problems caused by cutting with water. The iQTS244 utilizes a three-stage filtration system which captures up to 99.5% of the dust.  All the dust from the cutting point passes through this filtration system and is captured in the dust tray for easy clean up.

The specially designed 10” Q-Drive Cool Cut Blade is air-cooled by the vacuum. The vacuum also removes the cutting debris so the blade is not regrinding the same material, a process that reduces friction and heat.

See the iQTS244 dry-cut tile saw at TISE West booth #3547.


See the PRODESO HEAT GRIP SYSTEM at TISE West booth #4907.

See the PRODESO HEAT GRIP SYSTEM at TISE West booth #4907.

Progress Profiles’ PRODESO® HEAT GRIP SYSTEM improves the already superior performance of the PRODESO® HEAT SYSTEM.  PRODESO® HEAT GRIP SYSTEM features specially-engineered designed cavities that drastically improve the mechanical bond between the thin-set layer and the membrane itself. This additional bond strength is extremely desirable in today’s installations of large-format tile, slabs and mosaics in both natural stone and ceramic tile. The new and improved PRODESO HEAT GRIP SYSTEM design also includes wicking channels that increase the vapor management efficiency of the assembly. PRODESO HEAT GRIP can be used with both modified or unmodified thinsets.

See Progress Profiles and the PRODESO HEAT GRIP SYSTEM at TISE West booth # 4907.

QEP offers LASH Tile Leveling System

QEP's Original LASH Tile Leveling System; see it at TISE West booth #3314

QEP’s Original LASH Tile Leveling System; see it at TISE West booth #3314

QEP’s patented LASH® System is designed to level the tile surface and hold firm while the mortar dries, reducing call backs and insuring that the finished floor surface is lippage-free. The two part system Levels, Aligns, Spaces and Holds tiles for an even installation on tiles 3/16” to 7/16” thick. The patented curved bottom can swivel and adjust to varying tile thicknesses to ensure the surface stays level. It is the perfect system to use with large-format porcelain, marble, and stone where narrow grout joints are required or with tiles of varying thickness. The system is used by professionals to save time while providing consistently leveled and spaced results. The QEP Tile Leveling Clips (96-Pack) are part A of the two-part installation system engineered to level, align, space, and hold large-body porcelain tile, marble and stone during installation by automatically aligning and spacing tiles. The wedge part B of the system (sold separately) works by maintaining tiles at an even height until the mortar sets, thereby ensuring the resulting surface is level and free of lippage.

See the LASH Tile Leveling System at QEP TISE West booth # 3314.


DIADEC offers a new angle for Schluter Profile

See Schluter DIADEC at TISE West booth #4921

See Schluter DIADEC at TISE West booth #4921

Schluter®-DIADEC is an anodized aluminum finishing and edge-protection profile to prevent the outside corners of tiled surfaces from chipping. The reveal of the profile forms a 45° beveled edge to add another design option to Schluter’s array of wall profiles.  DIADEC is available in three finishes of anodized aluminum – satin, polished and brushed.  An integrated joint spacer establishes a defined uniform joint cavity between the tile and the profile.

See DIADEC at Schluter, TISE West booth #4921.


Custom® Building Products is helping tile installers save time on showers and other projects with the introduction of SpeedSlope™ Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar. A rapid- setting, rapid-hardening, polymer-modified, pre-blended, cement-based mortar bed and sloping mortar for leveling and ramping up to 3” on horizontal substrates and 5” in confined areas like trenches, SpeedSlope is ideal for shower installations. SpeedSlope, which sets in one to two hours, is also a perfect surface preparation choice for additional applications including patches, ramps, floors and walls.

See CUSTOM's SpeedSlope at TISE West booth #5625.

See CUSTOM’s SpeedSlope at TISE West booth #5625.

Used for dry pack installations on shower floors and mortar beds meetings ANSI 108.1, SpeedSlope delivers an exceptionally smooth and hard finish exceeding 4,000 PSI compressive strength – perfect for the application of thin set mortars. SpeedSlope is designed for faster and easier shower installations regardless of size and shape making it an attractive alternative to prefabricated shower bases. As a high-performance, fast-track, modified sloping mortar, SpeedSlope makes any tile installation job more time and cost-efficient. For more information on SpeedSlope and other surface preparations products, visit

See Custom Building Products at TISE West  booth #5625.

Dependable’s KeedeRoll™ MT offers uncoupling and sound mat properties

Dependable, LLC offers KeedeRoll™ MT  — a fast, durable and cost-effective solution to protect tile and reduce unwanted noise — all in one roll. KeedeRoll MT combines patented Muffling Technology with uncoupling KEEDE technology to create a quiet yet durable subfloor. Specifically designed for ceramic tile, KeedeRoll MT contains all the benefits of both an uncoupling mat and a sound mat.

See KeedeRoll MT at Dependable LLC, TISE West booth # 548

See KeedeRoll MT at Dependable LLC, TISE West booth # 548

See Dependable LLC and KeedeRoll MT at TISE West/Surfaces, booth # 548

Pearl shows P4™ Turbo Mesh tile blade at TISE West

The Pearl’s P4™ Turbo Mesh tile blade has been engineered with thin turbo-mesh rim and core for fast cutting and minimal chipping.  It’s ideal for cutting extra-hard ceramics, porcelain and other hard / dense materials.  The Turbo Mesh rim virtually eliminates heat caused by friction for extra long life.  Available in 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 10″

See The Pearl's P4 Turbo Mesh tile blade at TISE West booth #3741

See The Pearl’s P4 Turbo Mesh tile blade at TISE West booth #3721

and 14” blade diameters.  Contact Pearl for more information: 800-969-5561 •

See Pearl at TISE West/Surfaces booth #3721.

SunTouch®, offers WarmWire® HeatMatrix® uncoupling/radiant heating systems at TISE West


See SunTouch at TISE West booth #6437

See SunTouch at TISE West booth #6437

SunTouch®, a Watts Water Technologies company, provides electric floor heating and snowmelting products used in residential, commercial, and institutional projects to create comfortable, warm, inviting spaces.


WarmWire® HeatMatrix™ uncoupling membranes provide the ultimate protection of tiles and underfloor radiant heating systems from damage caused by moisture or water vapor and floor movement. Manufactured from a flexible material, HeatMatrix is an easy-to-install underlayment providing uncoupling properties for tile, waterproofing for the subfloor, and a simple installation of heating wires. HeatMatrix offers less rollback memory to allow for faster, flatter setting during installations, multiple wire-spacing options for various heat outputs and flexibility, and compatibility with modified thinset.

HeatMatrix also comes with a Vapor Management system designed with built-in tunnels to alleviate water and prevent mildew and mold formations. Water-resistant and highly durable, HeatMatrix is designed to work most effectively with WarmWire floor heating cables, and can be used with other SunTouch products to provide a complete electric floor heating solution. 

See SunTouch at TISE West/Surfaces Booth #6437

Bellota shows POP and PRO manual cutters at TISE West

Bellota is offering the opportunity to see and demo the Bellota POP and PRO manual tile cutters at TISE West, booth #4360. Cut mosaic glass tile with ease and larger-format ceramic and porcelain tiles with superior precision. During the event, enjoy 20% off + FREE US SHIPPING, or visit Bellota online at Just add the items you want to purchase to your cart, and add the TISE2017 discount code prior to check out. Offer valid through 1/31/17. It’s a great way to save big on these heavy-duty and versatile tile cutters from Bellota. See Bellota at TISE West/Surfaces Booth #4360.

See the Bellota POP manual cutter at TISE West booth #4360

See the Bellota POP manual cutter at TISE West booth #4360

Bostik re-introduces Hydroment® Vivid™ rapid curing, cement-based grout

Bostik, Inc. (, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, introduces Hydroment® Vivid™, a rapid curing, premium grade, cement-based grout for the most demanding kitchen and bath projects.

Hydroment Vivid offers consistent color technology with enhanced stain and superior efflorescence protection. It is fiber-reinforced for increased crack resistance and non-sag properties.  Hydroment Vivid’s rapid curing trait makes it ready for foot traffic in just four hours. Additionally, Hydroment Vivid exceeds requirements of ANSI A118.7, and contains Bostik’s patented Blockade™ Antimicrobial Protection. vividad_sunglasses_placementSee Bostik at TISE West/Surfaces Booth #4506.

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