Metallismo mosaics gleam in steel and brass from Sicis

Under the cold surface, metal hides a seductive power, more than any other material. No longer considered only for its industrial and functional use, over the years it has become a must for trendy coverings.

bathtub with square metal metallic wall
The Metallismo collection by Sicis features steel and brass molded into an eclcetic mix of shapes.

SICIS, primarily known for innovative glass and marble mosaics, has long ago created and patented the steel and other metal mosaic and an entire collection dedicated to this: Metallismo collection. Steel and brass molded in an eclectic mix of shapes, sizes and finishes, with their own personality.

Metallismo presents a variety of stylish motifs, monochromatic and essential  combinations particularly suited to the canons of modern architecture. It was created precisely to meet the needs of architectural projects where the coating plays a decisive role to realize futuristic atmospheres, technologically innovative. For this reason, it has already been chosen by many architects with the need to interpret high-impact ambiances.

woman in high heels walking on metal mosaic floor with elongated hex metal wall mosaics
Metallismo is also corrosion resistant, and can be sanitized easily.

Also important is the hygiene guarantee of this material, a result of its high resistance to corrosion, the surface compactness that makes it free of porosity, and, last but not least, the ease of sanitizing the tile from bacterial contamination. These are certainly decisive arguments in the choice of covering materials, especially now.

The tesserae of Metallismo are available with different finishes in steel and brass, and in different shapes, which include square, rectangular, oval, rhomboidal and octagonal tesserae. The can be arranged in many combinations: basketweave, herringbone, etc. Metallismo comes in various sizes until square and rectangular slabs, and in several finishes: glossy, satin and three embossed solutions.

The mosaics are pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

Antolini unveils Quartzite Nera

Characterized by a vibrant black color from which shades of white emerge, both delicate and powerful at the same time, Quartzite Nera fits perfectly into the most daring and visionary designs as well as the most classic and essential ones. This splendid natural stone has the expressive power of a unique nuance, capable of enhancing any environment and giving the design a sense of all-embracing harmony.

dark black stone with subtle veining
Quartzite Nera from Antolini

Highly versatile, Quartzite Nera from Antolini expresses charm and personality whether standing alone with a central role in the design or in combination with other materials, to which it brings elegance and prestige. Physical, stylish, and inspiring – in the luxury design field – Quartzite Nera never fails to catch the attention of others and suggest to them the most striking emotions.

Florida Tile introduces Emotive wall tile

Introducing Emotive ceramic wall tile from Florida Tile!
This collection of ceramic wall tile beautifully links art, aesthetics, and the built environment. It challenges you to be brave and make magic. It invites you to build a space to create…or decompress. Offering a full range of both neutral and dramatic colors, shapes, and textures; it prepares you to incite an emotional response from all who enter. Emotive allows the moment to be seized…or escaped completely.

colorful wall tile; red haired woman with sunglasses and dark blue leather jacket
Emotive wall tile from Florida Tile has a color for every mood.

Available in 10 colors: Astonished White, Bashful Beige, Coy Grey, Triumphant Taupe, Gratitude Dark Grey, Envy Green, Pride Blue, Mischievous Red, Stoic Brown, and Bravado Black, all come in glossy or silk finishes. Pressed 3×6, 3×12, and a 4×9 trapezoid field tile, along with 3×6 and 3×12 bullnose options are available in all colors and finishes. Exquisite 3-dimensional, glossy listellos in all colors softly resonate to round out the line.
Emotive ceramic wall tile is appropriate for all interior, residential and commercial, wall and backsplash applications and is GREENGUARD® certified.
See the complete Emotive collection here.   View a short (1 min) video featuring this beautiful new product line!

LATICRETE’s expands Anti-Fracture Portfolio with 170.5 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat, for commercial settings

New eco-friendly, pre-applied adhesive helps to protect a wide range of commercial tile installations from unsightly crack disfiguration

August 31, 2020, Bethany, Conn.LATICRETE, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has launched 170.5 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat, a high-performance acoustical underlayment system that muffles impact noises through ceramic tiles, stone and other hard surfacing materials. The 170.5 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat is a GREENGUARD-certified, 5-millimeter thick rubberized membrane comprised of 88.5% post-consumer recycled materials that helps prevent the transmission of substrate cracks of up to 1/8 inch (3 millimeters) from transferring to the finished floor. It is also equipped with anti-microbial technology for added peace of mind both during and after the installation process.

speckled black and blue acoustical crack isolation mat
LATICRETE 170.5 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat

“Implementing an additional thickness option to our Sound Control and Anti-fracture portfolio with the new 170.5 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat has enabled us to advance even further in the flooring industry by entering a completely new sector: sound dampening for commercial applications,” said Dustin Prevete, LATICRETE Senior Product Manager. “This product not only has superior load-bearing and sound reduction qualities, but it offers ease and speed of use which is vital for improving workability and efficiency.”

The product applies quickly and easily with a suitable LATICRETE® thin-set mortar, is eco-friendly and is GREENGUARD-certified, contributing to LEED credits. Additionally, with its load-bearing and crack-resistant properties, IIC and STC ratings that exceed international building requirements and durable underlayment, the 170.5 Sound & Crack Mat is ideal for a broad range of commercial and light institutional applications.

The 170.5 Sound & Crack Mat is a 5-millimeter thick rubberized membrane and is packaged in a 4-foot by 30-foot, or 120 square feet, (1.2-meter by 9.1-meter, 11.1 square meters ) roll, containing 18 rolls per pallet. Applicable for interior use only, it’s suitable substrates include concrete, mortar beds, exterior glue plywood, cement backer board, cement terrazzo, cement tile and stone.

For more information, visit laticrete.com.

Blanke creates transition solution

BLANKE COVE is a new aluminum cove profile

The new aluminum cove profile BLANKE COVE is designed to solve transition problems between inside wall-to-floor tiled corners. Blanke’s cove-shaped profile makes cleaning simple, repels water, and provides an attractive and smooth finish between 90° tiled surfaces. Perfect for commercial and residential installations, the BLANKE COVE is constructed with high-grade anodized aluminum and is currently available in our three most popular finishes – Satin Silver, Brushed Nickel, and Titanium Bronze.

AlysEdwards brings beige back big time!

Trendy colors and shapes come and go but neutrals are a classic that lasts a lifetime. Inspire. Create. Design Something Fabulous.

This versatile set of neutral hues fit a wide range of interior styles. Shades like Caolino add a sense of calm to any space while Peak My Interest creates a neat and serene atmosphere. Looking to spice things up? Mix and match complementary shades like Whole Latte Sass and Bazaar Encounters in Marrakech, or Bo-Kaap Blocks and Liggrys to create a layer of elegance. From bold and striking to warm and inviting, the possibilities are endless with AlysEdwards building blocks. 

herringbone pattern tiles
Abitare La Terra

Abitare La Terra

Abitare is a collection of harmonic tones in both ceramics and complimentary porcelains. Translated to inhabit the earth, these rich tones of nature are available in twelve colors of wall tile and eight colors of porcelain. The soothing details in each of the three sizes are unlike any other. If you are looking for something quiet but invigorating, Abitare La Terra is the perfect collection. When you are inspired by nature, the possibilities are endless.

wood look tile set in a herringbone pattern
Basic B

Basic B

Enjoying simplicity doesn’t make you lame, it means you have good taste, DUH! These porcelain planks are totes adorbs and the maintenance of real wood is so last year, #NoShade. This wood-look may not be extra but it sure is versatile and petite in size. So whether you’re cray cray for gray like Britney or soy vanilla-like Bailey, AlysEdwards has something for you.

ethnic design tile in shades of beiges and black
Cape Town

Cape Town

Inspired by traditional textiles from around the world, the Cape Town Collection brings to you ethnic flair in soft muted colors, which enable it to be incorporated into many design styles. Cape Town is hand made using ancient stone artistry, which gives every piece a one of a kind look. Cape Town comes in 8 fabulous patterns and 6 subtle colorways. Use Cape Town in your next design project and take it to the next level.

brown tone wall of small glass metallic mosaics
Man About You

Man About You

A peaceful coexistence of fifteen seductive colors, four different sizes, and two finishes; Man About You is ashamed of nothing, with its embracing metallic foundation.

Rock Glamorous

classic pattern of beige-tones small stone tiles
Rock Glamorous

When basic stone just won’t do Rock Glamorous is the place to turn. All of your favorite classic patterns have been stretched to get them into supermodel shape. Transforming the expected into the unique. Elongated octagons, skinny staggered bricks, zippy zigs, and zags all in six muted tones put the focus on mosaics with stunning shape.

cement wall tile
Tongue in Chic

Tongue in Chic

Cement to Happen! AlysEdwards’ first ceramic line has been taken from a dream to reality with Tongue in Chic. Available in one size and a subdued palette with a classic gloss finish that enhances the brush strokes in each of the 12 colors, this collection can be a versatile element in any setting. We’ve listed all of the Pros and Bronze and we are Totally in Zinc with the new additions of three metallic colors!

small rectangular glass tile


Inspired by regions from around the world, Wanderlust is glass as unique as the destinations from which it gets its names. Explore this subtle color palette with watermarked surfaces to travel through Alyse’s top getaways. Whether you desire to be taupe-less in St. Tropez or island hopping to Sand-torini, Wanderlust has the selections to start your journey. This collection is available in five blends and ten solid mosaics. Be spontaneous. Experience Wanderlust, after all, not all who wander are lost. View more at http://AlysEdwards.com.

MSI introduces the Eden Collection

rectangular wall tile

Luxury and durability come together in the Eden Collection from MSI Surfaces. Available in matte and polished finishes and in the most sought-after large-format sizes — 24×24, 32×32, and 24×48 — the Eden porcelain tile collection gives floors, walls, and countertops a classic yet modern aesthetic that’s welcomed in any home or commercial space. Indoors or out, no matter where this stylish collection goes the compliments are sure to follow.

MSI, Eden Collection, Statuary
MSI’s Eden Collection, Bardiglio

Elegant tile combines old-world aesthetics with modern lines for an ethereal experience

Grey glass wall tile
Patina Glass Collection from Island Stone

Radiating old-world beauty, the Patina Glass Tile Collection from Island Stone expresses the strength of antiquity in a modern subway tile format. Architects and designers can create a variety of patterns with the individual 3½” by 12” pieces.

Setting this collection apart is a dreamy color collection, made with randomized patterns of abstract speckles and cloud-like wisps. The collection includes Akoya Pearl, a creamy neutral white with a subtle ethereal glow; Silver Lining, a soft blend of gray, blue, and white with a hint of iridescence; Champagne, a bubbly beige with traces of yellow and orange; Bright Side, a blue and white pattern inspired by the sky; and Evening Onyx, a smoky reflective patinated mirror reminiscent of antique glass. With each unique tile, the interplay of color and light helps to create a dimension of beauty that can only be fully appreciated by seeing it in person.

“Each color in the Patina Glass collection is unique in its style, allowing designers to combine tiles to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind patterns,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO of Island Stone. “The shine and reflection of Patina Glass is well suited for a variety of statement-making architectural uses, such as a grand backsplash in a restaurant or a chic hotel lobby, as well as for elevating the sophistication in a residential setting.”

Patina Glass uses a proprietary blend of metallic oxides and reactive chemicals to give each piece a unique look and color, along with a protective coating that ensures a durable, long-lasting installation even in moisture conditions such as tub and shower enclosures.

Innovative New Product Promises to Improve Comfort Level of Mask Wearers

An ingenious new product created by HeartFormSF promises to radically improve the comfort level of mask-wearers globally in the era of COVID-19.

Mask with inner form
The heart-shaped HeartForm mask shield

Construction is an extremely labor-intensive job and with mask mandates in some states, the job has become more physically exhaustive. HeartForm’s lightweight, heart-shaped shields – called HeartForm” — holds the mask fabric just a few millimeters away from the nose and mouth. This simple action makes breathing easier, blocks the face mask from entering the mouth, and makes it easier to talk. With the heat persisting, wearing a mask has not made things easier but HeartForm keeps the face cool and its users comfortable. Consumers may order the product online at www.heartformsf.com.  

Mask form
The lightweight shield itself

“I run, bike, or walk every day with a mask now, due to the pandemic. I tried several different mask types and think the softer fabric-based ones work best while exercising. But they often collapse against your mouth and nose. I think the HeartForm is a game-changer,” says Dominic Peralta, founder and industrial designer of Stellar Designer in San Mateo, CA.

The couple worked with designers and material experts to develop HeartForm, which works equally well with paper and fabric masks. Made of smooth, FDA approved medical-grade polypropylene, these shields are reusable and recyclable. You can easily wash or sanitize the product between uses. They’re also surprisingly light — each one weighs just 1/8th of an ounce.

“With my active lifestyle, HeartForm has helped me adjust to the new and unique challenges we are all facing. HeartForm truly does help me breathe easier – I can’t live without it,” says Claire Sonne, a student-athlete from UC Berkeley.

HeartFormSF is donating a portion of each order of affordably-priced mask forms to the not-for-profit World Central Kitchen’s COVID-19 relief program to feed victims of the pandemic across the US.  

In addition to fulfilling individual orders, the company also supplies the product in bulk to businesses and organizations.  Bulk orders can include the choice of a variety of colors and branding with company names and slogans.


Florence, AL – August 19, 2020 – Schönox introduces HS Sturdy, a repair and smoothing compound incorporating the company’s patented Hybrid Active-Dry Technology. From featheredge to 2-inch depths, HS Sturdy repairs, patches, and smooths combining tasks for use on a wide variety of substrates including concrete and gypsum as well as diverse ones such as wood, vinyl, and ceramic. Hybrid Active-Dry Technology allows Schönox HS Sturdy to dry independently of the job site’s environmental conditions with minimal shrinkage or expansion.

bag of Schonox HS Sturdy
Schonox HS Sturdy repair and smoothing compound

Schönox HS Sturdy is a strategic move forward by Schönox. It provides installers a fully integrated series of hybrid products that combine the versatility, strength, and durability of synthetic gypsum with the speed of fast-curing cement. “Hybrid Active-Dry Technology is a game-changer for the subfloor industry putting break-through innovation into the hands of flooring professionals,” explained Thomas Trissl, Principal, Schönox HPS North America. “Schönox hybrid product solutions address the most diverse subfloor conditions calling for quite varied product depths using rapid-drying solutions with greater speed, performance, and product safety like never before.”

The Schönox products with Hybrid Active-Dry Technology now include HS Sturdy as well as self-leveling compounds, Schönox AP Rapid and Schönox AP Rapid Plus, which handle pours from 1/16 inch to 3-inch depths. Hybrid Active-Dry Technology is the culmination of Schönox’s extensive research and development goals in this area to develop products with fast strength and drying characteristics with minimal shrinkage or expansion. “No repair mortar containing synthetic gypsum, other than Schönox HS Sturdy, can be applied from featheredge to 2-inch depths,” commented Shane Jenkins, Senior Technical Coordinator, Schönox HPS North America. “The patented Hybrid Active-Dry Technology leverages the best characteristics of synthetic gypsum and cement in concert with specially-formulated binders creating product solutions the industry never thought possible.”

Environmental and safety standards remain top-of-mind in Schönox’s research and development efforts. Schönox HS Sturdy has low pH, very low emissions, and special dust-reduced properties delivering on the industry-leading safety goals the company has in place. “Schönox HS Sturdy is the latest Schönox solution. It delivers on speed with its rapid-drying time. It delivers on performance with its 4400 psi compressive strength. It covers various substrates, is installer-friendly, and is environmentally non-toxic with outstanding low-dust, attributes,” explained Doug Young, Executive Vice President, Schönox HPS North America. “We couldn’t be more excited to introduce products with this level of innovation when everyone in the flooring industry is most in need of high-performance products like Schönox HS Sturdy.”

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