Island Stone Tile Collections Bring Outdoor Living Spaces to Life

Dimensional split-face stone, trendy pebble tiles, and sleek glass mosaics among the options to elevate the look of walls, walkways, patios, and pools

(Watsonville, CA, December 18, 2019) As demand for outdoor living spaces continues to grow among both homeowners and homebuyers, designers are challenged to ensure those spaces are just as style-forward as the inside of the home while offering durability and livability amid the elements. Island Stone’s innovative tile collections offer the perfect opportunity to create eye-catching exterior walls, walkways, pool decks, pools, showers, and water features, with looks ranging from classic, natural split-face stone to dimensional or sleek glass mosaics that shimmer in the sun.

It’s no coincidence that Island Stone’s collections are well-suited to outdoor living—the company and its artisans draw inspiration from cool exterior living spaces around the world, from top designers in the US to world-famous Balinese tropical pools and gardens.

“Wanting to spend time outdoors ourselves, we appreciate the different styles and ambience created by different materials and designs,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO of Island Stone. “We have something for every outdoor living aesthetic, from great natural stone options for outdoor walkways and pool surrounds to beautiful contemporary looks for pool spas and unique water features that really stand out from the everyday. Our comprehensive selection of colors ensures a look to suit every mood.”

Among the stone claddings and mosaics ideal for eye-catching natural exteriors:

Spindrift Marble: Mosaic pebble-shaped tiles with honed, organic forms, creating a very clean, high-end pebble look.

Spindrift Marble contemporary bathroom interior with tile wall surround in grey tones.

Level Pebble: The on-trend aesthetic of natural pebble tile with a more even surface.

Paragon Hex: Perfect for unique walls, these tiles blend precision cutting and surface sculpting to create rhomboids with a tapering angled relief.

Dunes: Composed of elegantly drawn out subway tiles sculpted with an offset angled surface, these tiles create a modern, tapered trapezoid relief across the wall surface.

Rustic II: Narrow tiles with a honed surface can be combined in various horizontal and vertical stacking arrangements for unique, stunning patterns.

Among the glass mosaics and tile that dazzle outdoors:

Spindrift: The look of classic pebble tile, but with the brightness and additional color options provided by glass.

Waveline: Subtle angles create a wave pattern that evokes the rhythm of ocean swells.

Palms: This bold, large-format chevron glass tile combines fluid wedge shapes to evoke the look of a tropical palm frond.

Ripple: Combining effortless beauty and precise uniformity, these tapered, curved strips emulate an approaching ocean swell.

Glass Essentials: Go-to, every-day use shapes in stunning colors that blend effortlessly with designer offerings for timeless-yet-modern mosaics.

Glass Essentials, Midnight Gloss

“Not only are the designs fresh and new, and leading the way in dimensional looks, the quality is also superior,” said Eaton. “We have fine-tuned production processes through to installation techniques to provide a product that is reliable and efficient to use while offering a wide range of designs.”

Antolini Introduces Dedalus

Introducing Antolini’s marble, Dedalus, from their Exclusive Collection. Antolini has been a leader in stone processing, capturing the divine and captivating designs from Mother Nature for over 6 decades.

Dedalus conveys depth and imagery in immeasurable ways that challenge the human focal point. Through the turbulent ivory shades and unpredictable dark veining that only Antolini can perfect, we can find a certain serenity. The interlaced tones that melt together throughout the surface is poetically tumultuous. Be enthralled and study the meticulous fury brought on by this stone.

The impact of this marble is the presence of riotous elegance with harmonious tones. Allow the inclusive warm and sultry hues wash over any setting and sink into the undoubtable charm of Dedalus. The duality can suit a variety of unique platforms to ensure tranquility and peace of mind. The uncontrollable nature of design is melodious as it is chaotic. Reimagine and construct a new kinetic living space with Antolini.

Ege Seramik introduces Hexagon Tile lines


hex tile room scene












Ege Seramik’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology has brought classic hexagon-shaped tiles back with the introduction of the FORCE and APINI Collections.

Newton Mix Hexagon deco in FORCE line by Ege




Both ranges feature 9×11 pressed hexagon tiles in a matte finish. The APINI Collection is available in three solid colors (black, white, grey) with the FORCE Collection adding three more colors (light grey, dark grey and taupe). The FORCE Collection includes Newton Mix decos, which are offered in 10 random designs, right out of the box.


“Our new hexagon collections are truly unique with their 9×11 size,” stated Alp Er, General Manager of Ege Seramik USA. “Hexagon tile designs are ideal for making a statement in both wall or floor applications. By combining geometric shape/modern colors with porcelain durability… any installation becomes both beautiful and practical. These new products convert large surfaces into eye-catching masterpieces.”

For more information, phone (678) 291-0888,  or visit




Neolith® takes hyper-realism to the next level with full-body veining

Neolith®, a market-leading brand of Sintered Stone, is taking the design of its material even further with revolutionary Full Body Veining technology: a game-changing innovation that achieves an essential degree of detail the industry has struggled to achieve over the last decade.

Since Neolith first arrived on the market in 2009, the brand has strived to manufacture surfaces as true to the original source material as possible, but with the enhanced strength and characteristics of Sintered Stone.

From sustainable, high definition digital design to continually improved natural composition, Neolith has positioned itself as the industry pioneer. The brand is known for creating patterns which faithfully imitate materials found in nature such as marble, stone, metals and wood.

Neolith® Full Body Veining

Neolith® Full Body Veining achieves veins throughout the entire slab and not just the surface, replicating the 3D veining found in genuine stone such as marble. The hyper-realistic effect will be visible in the slab’s edges and will thus be implemented in the 1/2″ and 3/4” thickness models.

This new technology is an industry milestone, and comes after seven years of intense research and development. Two prototypes were recently showcased by Neolith in Verona, Italy, where visitors to the brand’s Xth Anniversary installation had the chance to see the level of refinement with the slabs’ veining.

Neolith® Full Body Veining

Carlos García, Head of Product Design at Neolith, commented: “Neolith’s introduction of its new Full Body Veining technology is a significant step in the brand’s design evolution and means a new generation of Neolith models will soon be released. Where before the veining stopped at the edges of the slabs, they now continue throughout the material, giving a more authentic appearance.

Both the technology and new Neolith® Full Body Veining collections will be launched in 2020.

For more information on the current collection and Neolith® Full Body Veining, click here.

ALPHA introduces PSC-600 Pneumatic Stone Cutter

There is no doubt that the electric angle grinder is the most popular portable power tool in stone fabrication. It is normal to see such grinders being used in almost all stone fabrication shops, whether creating dust or blowing dust into a vacuum system.

Alpha angle grinder

The Alpha® PSC-600 Pneumatic Stone Cutter

The new Alpha PSC-600 is a high-performance wet pneumatic stone cutter that will set a new “normal” in stone fabrication shops. It is common knowledge that electric power tools don’t last very long due to the stone dust or the water splash which damages them easily. This is why most of the polishers nowadays are pneumatic-driven polishers. The PSC-600 comes with a very unique center water-feed system to deliver ample water on the both sides of the diamond blade, which will keep the dust down on the floor and also enhance the performance and life of the diamond blade.

In addition, the end case is made with a composite material to prevent freezing by the rear exhaust system, which is a common issue for hands, for greater operator comfort.

The Alpha PSC-600 is smaller and lighter than electric angle grinders and offers better maneuverability along with all the safety features. This turn-key operation stone cutter comes with 15 ft. all–weather hoses and a convenient water quick coupler with shut off valve.

Although the Alpha PSC-600 is primarily designed for stone cutting applications, it can also be used as a grinding or sanding tool with a 7/8” arbor. For grinding applications, a second inner flange is included as a standard accessory. This second inner flange will direct the water to come out of the water channels on the outer flange, which optimizes the water distribution necessary for heavy material removal.

Visit or phone 800-648-7229 for more information.

Alpha introduces AIR-830 & AIR-850 Pneumatic Polishers

The Alpha® Air polisher set a standard as the pneumatic polisher with a center water feed many years ago and changed how stone fabricators polish the edges of hard surfaces. Since then competitors have copied the design in various ways just emphasizing the high Alpha® standard.

two air-polishers from ALPHA

ALPHA Air-Polishers


The latest Alpha AIR-830 and AIR-850 Pneumatic Polishers will make the polishing operation easier than ever. These two models have different maximum RPMs to cover all fabricators who want to create the best polish and/or want to improve their productivities and efficiencies.

Both polishers equipped with a newly developed motor with a 5 Hybrid composite vane design that outputs more power and last longer than their predecessor. The polishers come with new splash guards which block the splash while providing better visibility.

The end case was also re-designed to improve the water and air control operation and minimize the risk of breakage. In addition, a silicon boot for the gear head, and water quick coupler with shut off valve, adds comfort and convenience.

The Alpha polishers always come with an enhanced spindle shaft and full size wrenches for easy tool removal. The all-weather air and water hoses are 15ft. and rated for -40°F or +140°F. The AIR-830 has a maximum no-load RPM of 4,400 and the AIR-850 has 5,500.

Alpha is proud to show off these new tools as it is wasn’t easy to make best polisher better! For more information, visit or phone 800-648-7229.


Lunada Bay’s Namibia Collection Evokes Coastal African Landscape With Texture and Color

(Harbor City, CA, November 26, 2019)  — Rich in vivid texture, the Namibia collection from Lunada Bay Tile evokes the alluring landscapes of Africa’s South Atlantic coast. The three-dimensional ceramic tiles translate the vistas of rippling dunes, flat clay pans, rocky outcrops, and endless sky into modern forms. The individually sculpted, transformative art pieces engage one’s sense of adventure and rejuvenation, like the discovery of a hidden oasis.

Lunada Bay Africa-inspired tile

Namibia Crescent Sunset Bronze

The artisans at Lunada Bay Tile craft each Namibia tile using a special hand-sculpting technique that results in truly one-of-a-kind pieces—no two tiles are the same. The collection comprises four interpretations:

  • Dunes three-piece pattern: Large-format tile pattern of squares and rectangles features the irregular ripples, curves, and peaks of windswept desert sand. The tiles measure 4 x 8”, 8 x 8”, and 8 x 12”, with a varied thickness.
  • Square Ripples 1.25 x 1.25”: These square tiles offer a similar ripple, along with an uneven thickness, much like the outcroppings of a stone wall.
  • Round Ripples 1.5”: The dune-like undulation on these round tiles elicit the effect of a worn shell or stone revealed under the windblown sand.
  • Crescent 2”: These 2” round tiles feature concave forms—an interpretation of the clay pans of the Namibian desert—and combine to form an earthen-yet-modern artistic relief on the wall.

highly textured tiles from Lunada Bay

Namibia Dunes in Dark Silver

“The incredible landscape of coastal Africa is a feast for the eyes, with an interplay of contrasting textures—from the constant movement of the sand to the time-honed curvature of the clay,” says Feras Irikat, Director of Design and Marketing for Lunada Bay Tile. “Our Namibia collection translates those visuals into contemporary forms that move and shift, like the terrain itself.”

Like the tiles’ texture, Namibia’s color palette of options further reflect their inspiration—White Sand, Dark Silver, and Sunset Bronze.

Namibia tiles can be used for interior wall applications and some exterior use. For more information, visit or call (310) 257-1300.


Schluter Matching Finishes Available on Drains, Shelves and Profiles Make Shower Design Easier

Porcelain tiles that reproduce the appearance of wood, concrete, & stone and genuine natural stone tiles are the surface covering of choice in many bathroom and shower projects.  These natural tones, as well as black and white, continue to be the most frequently used and on-trend colors in tiles. Designers and owners are looking for finishes that can support and complement these popular tones.  Schluter-Systems’ popular TRENDLINE textured finishes will now also be applied to the 4” square KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE series of shower drain grates and the recently launched Schluter®-SHELF shower shelves.

metal shower shelf

Schluter TRENDLINE black floral shelf

The same highly-durable powder coating procedure used to apply these finishes to Schluter profiles is now being used on the drain grates and on all five designs of shower shelves.  In total, six different finishes are available on profiles, grates, and shelves so they can all match for a more cohesive overall design. The finishes are: matte black, matte white, stone grey, greige, cream, and bronze.

The availability of these finishes in drain grates, shelves, and profiles provides the flexibility to have these elements blend seamlessly with the rest of the installation, or to create bold and striking accents within the shower area.  The matte black grates and shelves fit perfectly with matte black faucets and fixtures for a fully integrated design where all elements work together.

metal floral shelf grate

Schluter TRENDLINE shelf grate in floral

The TRENDLINE series of finishes continue to be available in the most popular profile shapes: flat (JOLLY), rounded (RONDEC), and square (QUADEC) as well as DILEX cove profiles and FINEC.  Schluter®-Profiles protect tile edges from cracking and chipping and enhance any tile design. For more information, visit



Infinity Drain Introduces Game-Changing Custom Stainless Steel Shower Base

Amityville, NY, November 2019 – Infinity Drain, the manufacturer at the forefront of architectural and decorative drains, is now offering a game-changing option for commercial bathroom installation with its new Custom Stainless Steel Shower Base. The Infinity Drain Custom Stainless Steel Shower Base is guaranteed for life against waterproofing failure. If the product should develop a leak, Infinity Drain will bear the cost of labor, removal, replacement, and will restore the installation with the same ‘like and kind” materials originally used.

Left: Custom Stainless Steel Base installation
Right: Completed installation

“From the 512 linear drains customized for the TWA hotel at the JFK Airport to the bathrooms and spas at the renowned One57 building located in the epicenter of New York, we have worked with the best in the business to meticulously craft customized drain systems that match exact specifications in a range of applications,” notes Jonathan Brill, President of Infinity Drain. “We’re excited to offer another innovative, customizable solution that makes shower installation a far more seamless experience.”
The new shower base also dramatically reduces the amount of time required to install a new bathroom shower and decreases the need for trade coordination. Because it is ready to tile, pre-sloped and does not require additional waterproofing on the walls, it eliminates many time consuming steps that traditional methods require. In addition to being customizable, additional features of the Shower Base include a curb or curbless option and the ability to use any grate style or tile insert.
“Our dedication to innovation continues to keep Infinity Drain top of mind among interior designers, builders and discerning consumers around the world,” notes Brill. “This product offers substantial time savings and peace of mind for specifiers installing multiple showers.”
Infinity Drain Custom Stainless Steel Shower Base Features
  • Stainless steel shower base is completely waterproof.
  • Additional waterproofing on wall is optional.
  • Ready to tile.
  • Available with any grate style or tile insert.
  • Curb or curbless option.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Custom Sizing.
  • Plumbing code compliant for use as prefabricated shower receptor.
  • IAPMO tested to IAPMO PS-106-2015 standard.
  • Integrated drain body.
  • With a 6″ sleeve on foundation, the 2″ no hub connection through slab allows for 2″ variance in any direction.
  • Shower base sets shower framing for exact wall to wall installation.
  • Factory flood tested as per UPC and IPC standards

Infinity Drain products are proudly fabricated in Long Island, NY, USA. For additional information, visit To watch how it’s installed, click  here.

Island Stone Launches Glass Essentials Tile Collection

glass hex shaped tiles

Island Stone Glass Essentials, Elongated Hex










(Santa Cruz, CA, October 31, 2019) A tried-and-true collection that’s anything but basic, Island Stone’s Glass Essentials offers go-to, everyday-use shapes and colors that blend effortlessly with the company’s designer offerings. As its name suggests, the new line of fused glass tiles provides designers with proven essentials—timeless-yet-modern mosaics ideal for mixing into applications to help control budgets while enhancing the overall aesthetic of any new construction or remodeling project.

The line’s traditional, popular shapes are suitable for nearly any location while allowing designers tremendous flexibility: rectangles in three sizes (2” x 8”, 3.5” x 12”, and 6” x 12”) that install in stack, brick, or herringbone patterns; 3” hexagons; and elongated hexagons measuring 3.5” x 5.5”.

blue rectangle glass tiles

Island Stone Glass Essentials 2″ x 8″ rectangle in Lagoon Gloss

The robust color palette of traditional and future-trending hues is neutral and versatile for effortless coordination with other tiles, a selection of custom brights that provide the opportunity to create a mood with life and expression. Options include Pure Silk, Tule, Mojave, Oceania, Stratos, Azure, Smoke, Lagoon, and Midnight. Gloss and matte finishes are available.

“Glass Essentials allows our beautiful and original colors to be accessible in the most popular formats and finishes,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO of Island Stone. “It complements our extensive range of designer formats, meaning we have a solution for just about any space.”

Like Island Stone’s other products, Glass Essentials tiles are engineered for brilliance in color consistency along with an annealing process that delivers superior performance over others in the industry. For more information visit or call 1-800-371-0001.



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