Lunada Bay debuts Sonaré Hand-Cast Glass Tiles

(Harbor City, CA, September 18, 2019) Lunada Bay Tile introduces Sonaré, a hand-cast glass tile offering a meditative exploration of color. The collection captures the look of rising incense, playfully encapsulating wisps of whimsical color within glass. The result is a mysterious, magical look that invites the viewer to fill in the blanks between opacity and translucence.

Sonare tile by Lunada Bay

Sonaré Tone and Sonic pattern in Celestial
and Shinju Mirai blend

Sonaré comes in two 3” x 9” formats: Tone features a lightly textured surface that evokes layers of water freezing on a lake. Sonic layers dimensionality and textural relief reminiscent of sound waves or record grooves. The tiles can be used independently or in a beautiful blend of color and/or finish. The larger 3″ x 9″ formats also offer an ideal complement to many other Lunada Bay Tile collections, allowing for mixing and matching of materials to create stunning surfaces in a mixed-media effect.

“The wisps of color and the liquid-glass feel of Sonaré tiles deliver an enchanting quality that’s both soothing and invigorating,” said Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing, Lunada Bay Tile. “The enticing visual and textural cues transform walls into unique art pieces, offering an eye-catching aesthetic ideal for meditative-yet-modern spaces.”

Sonaré comes in Pearl or Silk finishes in 10 colors: Shooting Star, Aura, Seafoam, Spring Water, Midnight Swim, Moonshadow, Foliage, Herb Garden, Champagne, and Celestial. The tile is suitable for interior walls, backsplashes, and shower walls.To learn more about Lunada Bay Tile and view the entire product line visit or call (310) 257-1300


Infinity Drains Adds Matte Black Finish Decorative Drain Option

Amityville, NY, September 2019 – Infinity Drain, a leading manufacturer of architectural and decorative drains, is now offering its Matte Black finish option across its collection of drainage products. To maximize corrosion protection and abrasion resistance, Infinity Drain achieves its Matte Black finish with an e-coating paint process that incorporates nano-ceramic technology.

Infinity Drain in Matte Black

“Historically, stainless steel has been a challenge to plate,” noted Jonathan Brill, President of Infinity Drain. “By incorporating a hybrid of e-coating and nano-technology, our Matte Black finish is incredibly durable with a consistent finish tone on our stainless steel products.”
Matte Black finish is currently available in Infinity Drain’s wide range of linear drain grate styles that include Wedge Wire, Tile Insert Frame, Marc Newson, Slotted, Circles, Offset Oval and Solid.  Infinity Drain’s collection of center drain styles, also offered in Matte Black, includes the Tile Drain, Moor, Weave, Wedge Wire, Criss-Cross, Squares, Link and Lines. Proudly fabricated in the USA, Infinity Drain offers the broadest selection of decorative choices and installation options for indoor and outdoor applications.
“The demand for Matte Black fixtures in the contemporary bathroom space continues to grow,” said Brill. “Our latest Matte Black linear and center drain finish gives designers and homeowners yet another way to beautifully customize their spaces.” Find out more at

Daltile Launches Beautiful Nature-Inspired ONE Quartz Surfaces Line Extensions

New quartz slabs offer stunning visuals in an array of white marble looks, earth-inspired colors, and gorgeous contemporary stone designs

Daltile is pleased to launch four new designs into its ONE Quartz Surfaces Nature Series assortment.  This quartz slab series offers beautiful nature-inspired stone designs for countertops and walls, while providing the low-maintenance benefits and durability for which Daltile’s ONE Quartz Surfaces are known.  The latest unveiling features the ultimate in fashion-based designs.

“Quartz continues to be one of the hottest countertop choices for homeowners,” said Roy Viana, director of natural stone and slab for Dal-Tile Corporation, parent company of the Daltile brand.  “With quartz, consumers get the beauty of Natural Stone in a strong, durable, hygienic product that requires little-to-no maintenance and stands up to the demanding conditions of daily life.”

“Daltile’s new Nature Series line extensions offer the height of luxurious fashion-forward style and feature sophisticated design, movement, color, veining, and nuanced shading for highly realistic marble looks in today’s hottest colors,” added Viana.  “Two of our new products offer ‘classic’ marble designs, while the other two provide unique ‘contemporary’ marble looks.”

Daltile Jasmine White

Jasmine White & Kodiak – “Classic” Marble Designs

Jasmine White

“People are still in love with classic, white marbles,” said Viana.  “Our new Jasmine White is a smooth marble design, inspired by classic white Carrara Gioia Italian Marble.  Carrara Gioia is known for its cool white background and thinner, shorter veins.  Jasmine White quartz slabs provide the beauty and elegance of classic marble in a durable, low-maintenance material, giving designers and homeowners the ability to feature the beauty of white marble in areas that would not be conducive to using real marble.”


Daltile Kodiak

“The design of our new Kodiak is a little softer than Jasmine White,” said Viana.  “Kodiak offers a warmer white background with soft veins that are not as distinctive.  This design works well for classic traditional as well as contemporary settings.  Many consumers and designers are moving to what I call ‘modern contemporary’, mixing classic marble within spaces that overall feature a contemporary aesthetic.  Kodiak works well in this setting, adding a splash of a classic touch.” 

Alpine Winter & Aspen Grey – “Contemporary” Marble Looks

Daltile Alpine WInter

“Both of these new quartz slabs feature designs that are ‘contemporary take-offs’ of classic marbles,” said Viana. “Both designs are within the marble family as far as movement goes, but the technology that produces quartz allows us to mix in a lot of different colors and shades; do some tone-on-tone; and mix pigments and aggregates to create really unique marble looks that you don’t usually find in Mother Nature.”

“Alpine Winter presents a larger crystal grain marble visual while Aspen Grey emulates a more fine-grained marble with movement and very fine crystals,” Viana added. 

For More Info

For additional information on the ONE Quartz Surfaces Nature Series, visit 

Daltile Unveils Stunning New Product Lines and Extensions

The latest tile products from Daltile offer extraordinary design, appealing to both homeowners and designers.

Daltile is excited to announce seven new tile assortments, each bringing a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, colors and styles to the market. Known for producing the highest quality products and setting the standard in the industry, the latest Daltile launch offers a broad palette of extraordinary, fashion-driven products with exceptional performance features. 

“The collections we are releasing provide homeowners and designers alike with exciting options for a variety of uses,” said Amber Leigh Martinson, Director of Marketing for Dal-Tile Corporation. “Not only does each line embody elements of today’s hottest design trends, but they also provide unique elements for the discerning customer.” 

Daltile Cinematic™

For a charming wood look visual, Cinematic™ creates a cozy setting with the appearance of soft, painted wood, perfect for design styles like hygge, rustic or farmhouse. Cinematic is offered in an 8 x 48 plank, 24 x 24 patterned square and a 2 x 5 picket mosaic. All sizes feature TruEdge™ rectification technology for a seamless and more authentic look. 

Offering the perfect palette to inspire imagination, Color Wheel™ Classic includes a wide spectrum of colorful wall tile selections from bright and pigmented hues to neutral and earthy tones.  Color Wheel Classic includes eighteen rich semi-gloss colorful accents, plus twelve coordinating neutral tones in semi-gloss and matte finishes.  With stylish shapes in classic size options, this assortment provides endless design opportunities.  

Rhetoric™ provides the soft look of aged limestone, creating a calming, warm feeling that leaves a lasting impression. Available in large-format 12 x 24 and 20 x 20 sizes as well as a variety of mosaic patterns, Rhetoric is perfect for floor or wall designs. 

For a more modern feel, Industrial Metals™ complements industrial elements with lustrous metal touches, adding a glimmering statement. Available in a 10 x 13 mixed trapezoid mosaic or 3 x 6 wall tile, Industrial Metals is offered in Gold, Stainless and Iron tones. 

Archaia™ is inspired by the visual of Alabastrino stone, and provides a neutral contemporary setting for any design. This stone look offers a fresh interpretation of traditional travertine visuals. Available in 20 x 20, 12 x 24 and 13 x 13 sizes and a 2 x 4 herringbone mosaic, Archaia fits any relaxed style. 

Daltile Fonté™

Fonté™ is a natural stone collection offering elegant, marble and limestone tiles for floor and wall.  Fonté adds sophistication to any space with naturally occurring veining in striking whites, greys and blues. The collection is offered in rectangular sizes such as 3 x 9, 6 x 24 and 12 x 24 as well as a variety of mosaic design options, including a unique rotating hexagon, double leaf, 2” hex, picket and herringbone.

The elegant Lavaliere™ assortment of natural stone mosaics creates show stopping designs to produce sleek and sophisticated luxury.  Integrating natural stone with antique mirror and metal elements, this striking collection comes in twenty-five unique mosaic shapes that feature architectural movement, geometric visuals with soft lines and dramatic visuals.

For more information visit

LG Hausys Introducing New Colors to Viatera® Collections

Six Dramatic Colors Join the Masterpiece and Musica Collections

LG Hausys’s Viatera quartz surface is introducing six new colors to its Masterpiece and Musica collections.  Ranging from light and airy to dark and dramatic, the colors offer a broader range of elegant and sophisticated options to spark inspiration for kitchen and bath design projects.  At the forefront of design, the new colors are ideal surfacing solutions for kitchen countertops and backsplashes, as well as bathroom vanities.  

Joining Viatera’s Masterpiece Collection are Mica and Umbra. Mica evokes the organic radiance and complex layers of a rare geological gem. Its highly reflective, crystalline surface displays vivid white streaks bolting across an understated pale sea, accented with touches of light shadow.  Its dimensional finish creates a look of an alluring mineral.  Umbra’s surface provides the illusion of natural movement inherent to the awe-inspiring phenomenon of an eclipse.  The sensation of light veiled in shadow is evoked by dark, linear veining, which lends to the visual interest of this surface as it blends with a muted gray background, bringing an air of tranquility to any space. 

Joining Viatera’s Musica Collection are Dolce, Melody, Tenor and Basso.  Dolce’s smooth surface provides the perfect foundation for creamy threads that gently play across a luminous backdrop and a pallet of dazzling hues.   Melody is a perfect combination of pitch and rhythm, as muted dark beige capillaries rise and fall across a refined cream-hued canvas, creating a sumptuous and soothing aesthetic.  Tenor features an agile surface and vibrant threads that ring out across a cool taupe surface, creating a melodious play of light and dark that come together in perfect unison.  Basso, rich and resonant, brings deep, velvety hues that lend an air of elegance and luxury to any room. Its warm, soothing surface evokes the sensation of sailing through a midnight, star-studded sky. 


“These new Viatera colors are not only on the cutting edge of design, but are classic and will remain beautiful and in style for years to come,” said LG Hausys America Marketing Manager Carol Lee.  “Homebuilding and design professionals will find myriad ways to use these colors to take their homeowners’ visions to new heights.  It gives them the freedom to create a space that truly reflects the beauty and wonder of life.”

Like all Viatera colors, each new color is comprised of 93 percent quartz, making it a superior surfacing option comparable to stone.  The colors come in a Jumbo II size slab of 63” x 130,” which can accommodate larger layouts, including kitchen islands with fewer seams.  Each format is available in 2cm and 3cm thickness.  

Viatera, defined by its classic and timeless aesthetic, is comprised of four different collections, each inspired by and celebrating the earth’s natural splendor.

Manufactured as a non-porous product, Viatera prevents harmful bacteria or mold from appearing. Unlike natural stone products, Viatera does not require regular application of sealants or waxes. Viatera is manufactured to prevent against everyday wear and tear and offers a higher resistance to stains, chemicals and heat, ensuring its long-lasting beauty and durability.  Using sustainable material and an eco-friendly manufacturing process, Viatera is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and Greenguard® certified. Viatera is backed by LG Hausys’ 15-year transferable warranty. 

Interior decorators, kitchen and bath design professionals, homebuilders, remodelers and others wanting more information, or to request samples, can visit

Artistic Tile introduces Echo glass mosaic

Artistic Tile introduces Echo glass mosaic. Thin strips of colorful Jazz Glass encircle the center of each glass diamond that composes Echo, reducing in color as they form a spectrum from center to edge. The gradient effect repeats across the surface of the pattern, creating an overall consistency that complements the detailed complexity internal to each diamond. Stocked in grey to white London Fog and purple to white Violin Violet.


Artistic Tile Echo Violin Violet glass mosaic

Artistic Tile Echo Violin Violet

Artistic Tile Echo London Fog gradient mosaic

Artistic Tile Echo London Fog

Schluter KERDI-DRAIN Point Drains Sport New Designer Finishes

Schluter Systems is introducing four new metallic finishes for their Schluter KERDI-DRAIN point drains: rose gold, vintage gold, classic gold, and nickel.Shower grates are no longer just an opening in the floor to let the water escape – they are part of the design of the bathroom.  Designers, installers, and homeowners want the shower grate to integrate with the rest of the design in the bathroom. To make it easier to match shower grates with other fixtures and hardware,  all have been hand-picked to match the most modern trends in the bathroom.

These finishes are now available on all four patterns of Schluter point drains – Pure, Curve, Floral, and the original grate design.  For more information, visit

Schluter KERDI-DRAIN grates

New KERDI Drain Grate Finishes

Schluter KERDI-DRAIN grates rose gold curve

Schluter Rose Gold Curve Drain Grate

The Enduring Appeal of Walker Zanger Stone Collections

WZ stone slab

Walker Zanger Stone













With rich history and intricate process making, natural stone’s appeal stands the test of time. Each stone is a jewel, alluring and art-like, which can accent any environment in the home. As a leading North American design resource of natural stone surface materials for over 65 years, Walker Zanger has mastered the craft of sourcing, designing and creating unique and thought-provoking natural stone collections. From semiprecious stone slabs to intricate stone mosaics to precision-cut large format stone tiles, each stone collection is individually selected, carved and evaluated by Walker Zanger’s experienced stone masters. From generation to generation, Walker Zanger has utilized human artistry with innovative techniques to enhance the natural and luxurious features of the stone.


Fragments Terrazzo masterfully balances ancient craft techniques with modern production processes.It combines the unique, composite characteristics of classic terrazzo tiles seen in 17th century Venetian palazzos with sleek, modern shades of gray, white and black. Offered in large 24-by-24-inch tiles, the collection blends tradition and innovation to produce a tile that is both rich with history and in line with current design sensibilities.

WZ Fragments

Walker Zanger Fragments

















Marble Slab

Luxurious and dramatic, Marble was once reserved for the interiors of palaces and grand country estates. Today, marble brings luxury to many different spaces, from elegant homes to trendy restaurants and swank hotels. Beautiful, durable and natural, Marble is a discerning choice for floors walls and countertops. Walker Zanger specializes in the famous white marbles from Carrara, in Tuscany. From the many varieties of Calacata to White Venatino and Statuary, the stone experts from the Walker Zanger office in Carrara select and inspect each slab of beautiful marble that will end up as the prized feature of a kitchen or bath space.

Walker Zanger Marble

Walker Zanger Marble















Jet Set

The Jet Set collection channels mid-century modern glamour into a stunning collection of intricately realized patterns, which subtly incorporate design aesthetic from all over the globe. Jet Set is ideal for everything from bathrooms to spas to kitchens to entryways; playing upon the design trends of the patterns of mid-century modern style, these elegant mosaics are as versatile and hip as they are stunning.

Walker Zanger jet Set

Walker Zanger Jet Set















Pietra Bello

Simplicity is the key to everyday design with the white marble mosaics of Walker Zanger’s Pietra Bello. Available in beautiful Bianco Bello marble in variety of geometric shapes for multiple applications, the collection embodies easy style in a natural stone format.

Walker Zanger Pietra Bello

Walker Zanger Pietra Bello

Gouache Collection is New from Nemo Tile + Stone

The Gouache Collection from Nemo Tile + Stone generates a sense of fluidity with a gently-applied watercolor effect. Each of the collection’s tiles offers a soft undulating surface to create a visual texture that brings instant appeal to kitchen and bathroom spaces. The collection’s designs are available in four airy colorways and three mixed decos to be used in a wall application, inspiring a cheerful aesthetic throughout any space it’s applied.

watercolor look tile

The Gouache Collection from Nemo Tile + Stone











The Gouache Collection and its unique design works perfectly in the bathroom by adding the perfect splash of color. The tile’s glossy finish also allows for more light to be reflected making a small bathroom feel spacious.

watercolor look tile

The Gouache Collection adds a touch of watercolor to floors and walls.

The Gouache Collection doesn’t only need to be placed in the bathroom, when installed in the kitchen the bold patterns creates for a brighter, more welcoming environment, the perfect substitute for the traditional backsplash. For details, visit Nemo Tile + Stone.


Voguebay offers “graffiti” tile in its TAG collection

The term “graffiti” emerged at the end of the 1960s in the Bronx, NY as street gangs painted walls and railway wagons. Now visual and public “street art,” which is nowadays considered “graffiti” is mostly authorized or commissioned work. The Voguebay TAG Collection brings this street art to walls and floors.

Voguebay TAG graffiti inspired tile

Voguebay TAG Collection

TAG comes from the United States’ most important cities and finds a place in homes, shops and restaurants while bringing a uniquely art-driven touch to a range of spaces.

There are 50 unique images contributed by 25 artists in the TAG collection. Each image is an excerpt of a much larger mural. As part of the arrangement with Voguebay, artists in this collection are participating through a licensing agreement that compensates them for their work!

Be sure to requests your samples today with the Voguebay marketing team to start displaying the TAG line in your showroom right away!

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