(ARLINGTON, VA – May XX, 2017) At this year’s Coverings, the largest international tile & stone exhibition in North America, more than 1,100 exhibitors showcased the latest tile products—revealing a variety of aspects of tile that reinforce its position as a truly versatile building material. Tile is durable, sustainable, resistant, low maintenance, energy efficient, and healthy. What’s more, tile is beautiful, with many designs for today’s commercial and residential spaces.

“When it came to presenting remarkable solutions, the exhibitors at Coverings 2017 left no stone, or tile, unturned,” said Alena Capra, Coverings’ Industry Ambassador. “Today’s tile offers incredible range of design opportunities for architects, designers, and homeowners. From every aisle of the show floor, there were exciting products that we can look forward to seeing in the market later this year.”

Among the thousands of new tile introductions, here’s a look at the top trends that emerged from the show floor:

The Skinny on Thin Tile

Iris U.S. – Calacatta

Among those in the tile industry, the new name for thin tile is gauged porcelain tile—a term that helps describe materials produced to a precise thickness, similar to how “gauged” is used to describe wire or sheet metal. With its slim size, one of the main benefits of gauged tile is that it can be installed on top of existing wall or floor tiles. This year, Abitare La Ceramica showcased gauged tile in a cement style with the Icon collection. Iris U.S. Calacatta collection reflected a natural marble look while Cedir Ceramiche’s Iron Mix series presented a stone look.


Pretty in Pink

Mirage Granito Creamico Spa – PopJob

This year, the show floor saw pops of pink in every corner with an emphasis on blush tones. Cooperative Ceramica D’Imola introduced Play, a line with double-fired tiles that yield a satin finish. Mirage Granito Ceramico SpA unveiled its new collaboration with Studio Job, a Dutch design firm. The collection sports a smooth surface with a thick glass layer on top of porcelain that mimics a wood look in unusual colors—its pink iteration was a standout.  Vives Cerámica brought color to life with the Dolce Vita collection, which merges periods and styles to create tile with a huge amount of personality. The Cíes wall tile, part of the collection, offers a blush tone in a matte finish, providing a truly attractive look.


Bringing The Outside In

Ceramica Fondovalle Spa – DREAM

Creating design inspired by nature gives a serene look to any space. With tile that mimics some of nature’s most coveted looks, homeowners and designers can easily achieve this design trend. Ceramica Fondovalle SpA debuted the DREAM collection with patterns that resemble the sky, earth and greenery, bringing a natural feel indoors.  IBERO Porcelanico showcased the Habita collection, a porcelain tile that sports a real wood look. With four different shades inclusive of cool and warm tones, the collection is extremely versatile and allows spaces to have a rustic, natural wood look and feel with the durability and sustainability of tile. Natucer introduced the DYNAMIC series, which offers 3D wall tiles. The collection’s neutral colors and fish scale patterns evokes a sense of underwater and marine life to the space. Lunada Bay Tile showcased the Watercolor collection of glass tiles with subtle color variation in blues, channeling sea and sky.  Cercan Tile Inc. introduced their line of Semi-Precious Stones set in resin. The tiles are available in any desired size and are custom made allowing for a truly unique installation with real, semi-precious stone for a natural feel.


Beyond Beige

Dune Ceramics – SHAPES

While bold colors are important to design, so, too, are neutrals, which provide visual balance to a space.  At Coverings, exhibitors showcased a variety of looks that prove that neutrals can go in a variety of attractive hues along the muted color spectrum. Dune Ceramics shared the SHAPES series with the Luna shape in bronze and white, featuring a metallic accent, which plays with light and creates reflections and shadows. Marazzi presented MATERIKA, a collection of matte neutrals that are fashioned into over-sized wall tiles. With options ranging from flat to 3D wavy or combed surfaces, the ceramic wall tiles create a feeling of depth while maintaining a neutral color palette. Realonda Ceramica brought the PATTERN series, a collection of square tiles that are distinctive due to their 3D look and bronze color. Clay Decor’s line Imaginatio highlighted the return of brass and copper as neutrals to interior design. The warm hues bring subtle glamour to any space with their metallic finishes.


Get in the Groove

MAPEI – Flexcolor 3D

While tile is the star of the installation, several grout manufacturers have introduced products that had show attendees taking a closer look at the installation material. Not just functional, grout can enhance the design quotient of the application. Bostik showcased the new Hydroment Vivid Cement-Based Grout. The grout is available in different colors and dries in just 4 hours, allowing for immediate foot traffic on the newly tiled space. MAPEI unveiled its new collection, Flexcolor 3D, which sports an iridescent quality, taking on the color of the tile it is surrounded by, and is available in blues, greens, metallic gold, or silver hues.


Dare to be Bold

Lea Ceramiche – Waterfall

From prints to metallic hues to bright colors, today’s tile manufacturers are not shy in terms of making a bold statement. Appomattox Tile Art’s Devereaux collection brought bold to a new level with its palm leaf print. Sure to wow, this mosaic adds a pop of color and pattern to any space. Mainzu shared Diamond, a collection of 3D wall tiles that bring together volume, texture, and color. Diamond’s lines, sharp design and plethora of colors bring dynamism to any décor.  Lea Ceramiche presented Waterfall, which represents the natural stone aspects of slate. The tiles are available in various gray scale shades with shapes that span from traditional large formats to decorative mosaics and geometric shapes allowing for patterns resembling real stone looks.


Touchy Feely

Firenze (Porcelanite Lamosa) – Oxide

As a hard surface, it’s difficult to imagine tile in a range of textures, but with innovative manufacturing, several tiles presented looks that provide a tactile experience.

Sicis debuted Vetrite, which incorporates fabrics underneath glass slabs to give a soft, textured look to any space’s design. American Wonder Porcelain’s Fabric Folio Collection and Landmark Ceramic’s Soul collection both play with textile style as a contemporary interpretation of fabrics creates highlights and natural movement. For those preferring harder surface looks, Keraben Grupo introduced Elven, a collection inspired by metal sheets with an almost metallic finish. Along similar lines, Firenze (Porcelanite Lamosa) brought Oxide, which also encompasses an industrial aesthetic.  Although a porcelain tile, the digital printing technique and textures bring a rusted metal look to life.


Retro Revival

Aparici – BONDI

This year, the tile industry saw the return of two specific retro-inspired trends: patchwork and terrazzo. Taking the popular 1970s trend and adding a spin, Ceramica Fioranese introduced the Marmorea series, which gives a visual effect of marble surfaces and pieces of terrazzo. With a more traditional approach to the terrazzo style, Inalco exhibited the Fluorite collection. With a range of sizes and colors, industry professionals can specify the trend in various ways, honing in on their own design style or the needs of their clients. Vintage patterns are also making a comeback, as Patchwork was prevalent among tile manufacturers this year. Aparici showcased BONDI, porcelain tiles that take this trend and add vintage flair to a modern space. In addition to patchwork and terrazzo, parquet inspired floors are making a return.  Crossville shared Nest, a durable tile take on traditional wooden parquet floors. The collection is available in seven different colors, allowing designers and homeowners to achieve any desired look.




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About Coverings

Coverings is the largest and most important ceramic tile and natural stone trade fair and expo in the United States. It features exhibitors from more than 40 countries and is the stage for introducing some of the most innovative tile and stone products in the world.


The exposition serves as a valuable resource for continuing education for all segments of the industry, with more than 75 informative, accredited seminars and live demonstration sessions throughout the show, all free of charge. Coverings attracts thousands of distributors, retailers, fabricators, contractors, specifiers, architectural and design professionals, builders and real estate developers, as well as journalists and bloggers who cover this vital and dynamic industry.


Sponsors of the show are The Ceramic Tile Distributor Association (CTDA), Tile of Spain/Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association  (ASCER), Ceramics of Italy/Confindustria Ceramica, National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) and the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). The show is managed by Taffy Event Strategies, LLC.


Coverings 2018 will take place April 8-11 in Atlanta. For more information, visit coverings.com or contact Taffy Events, Coverings Show Management, 571-313-5801.

Coverings 2017 Opens to Enthusiastic Crowd, Unveils Stunning Tile and Stone Products

Orange County Mayor’s Office Declares Tile & Stone Days

(ORLANDO, FL – April 5, 2017) Coverings, the largest global tile & stone exhibition in North America, made its highly anticipated return to the Orange County Convention Center yesterday. Representatives of the Orange County Mayor’s Office, Ceramics of Italy, Tile of Spain, Tile Council of North America, Ceramic Tile Distributor Association, and National Tile Contractor Association gathered Tuesday, April 4 for the official 2017 ribbon cutting ceremony. The show, which runs through Friday, April 7, features new products from more than 1,100 exhibitors that span 430,000 net square feet of show floor space, and offers more than 70 educational sessions.

Coverings continues to build on its strengths—there is so much that’s exciting this year, from the refreshed pavilion designs, conference content, tiny homes of the Installation Design Showcase, Byte sessions, to the aisles of impressive tile and stone products,” said Alena Capra, Coverings Industry Ambassador. “The value of attending Coverings multiplies with every turn on the show floor.”

At the show’s ribbon cutting ceremony, Victoria P. Siplin, Orange County Vice Mayor, presented a declaration that named April 4-7, 2017 as Tile & Stone Days in Orange County, Florida. The Mayor’s Office recognized the influence of the show in the community by providing attendees the opportunity to learn about new and innovative products, gain knowledge from courses, and provide networking opportunities to foster connections with peers. Representatives from the Coverings Board joined Siplin to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

Further to the many striking booths, this year’s enhanced pavilions added to the buzz on the show floor. Tile of Spain introduced a new stand, branded the “Innovation Lab,” that serves as a multipurpose area and showcase of the many uses and installations of tile. Tile Council of North America’s pavilion has been updated to reflect the organization’s Why Tile campaign. The core areas of focus for the campaign—tile design, easy care, healthy spaces, and heritage—are integrated throughout the booth. The Ceramics of Italy pavilion provides a central gathering place for industry professionals to network, complete with Italian fare.

Industry Collaboration, Exhaustive Research Results in New ANSI Gauged Porcelain/”Thin Tile” Standards Debuting Here at Coverings

(Orlando, FL) —  More than four years of cross-disciplinary industry collaboration and 4,000-plus hours of research from the TCNA Laboratory Services team have culminated in today’s announcement of two new standards: ANSI A137.3, the American National Standard Specifications for Gauged Porcelain Tiles and Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs, and its companion, ANSI A108.19, Interior Installation of Gauged Porcelain Tiles and Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs by the Thin-Bed Method bonded with Modified Dry-Set Cement Mortar or Improved Modified Dry-Set Cement Mortar.

Currently known in industry parlance as the “thin tile” standards, the standards use the term “gauged” to cover a range of precise thicknesses that can carry different loads and be used in different ways, taking a similar approach to standardized wire gauges and gauged sheet metal. Two classes of gauged tile products are defined—- those for wall applications from 3.5 to 4.9 mm and for floor and wall applications from 5.0 to 6.5 mm.

ANSI A137.3 standardizes the minimum required properties for the products themselves and ANSI A108.19 standardizes the methodologies for installing the products in interior installations by the thin-bed method with specific mortars.

These standards, developed for the benefit of all tile consumers, are the result of a multi-year consensus process of the ANSI Accredited A108 Standards Committee, which maintains a broad and diverse group of participants reflecting stakeholder interests in all aspects of the tile industry.

“Interest in gauged tiles has been growing exponentially the last few years,” says Eric Astrachan, Executive Director, Tile Council of North America, which serves as Secretariat of the Committee. “Such growth encourages more products to enter the marketplace, but without standards tile consumers would have no way to know what to expect in terms of performance. Installers especially were asking for standards to allow for installation practices to be developed based on consistent tile properties.


Without such, it was feared that problems resulting from an undefined range of products could have hindered growth of this exciting market segment. We are very pleased to announce these standards today and congratulate and thank the many across our industry that worked for years on their development. We hope these standards, the first of their kind in the world, will help lead the way forward to international gauged tile standards.”

A free download of a preview copy is available from TCNA beginning today, and a professional publication of both standards will be available for purchase from TCNA in July.

About ANSI
As the voice of the U.S. standards and conformity assessment system, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) empowers its members and constituents to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy while helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment.

The Institute oversees the creation, promulgation and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector: from acoustical devices to construction equipment, from dairy and livestock production to energy distribution, and many more. ANSI is also actively engaged in accreditation – assessing the competence of organizations determining conformance to standards.

About TCNA
TCNA is a trade association representing manufacturers of ceramic tile, tile installation materials, tile equipment, raw materials, and other tile-related products. Established in 1945 as the Tile Council of America (TCA), it became TCNA in 2003, reflecting its membership expansion to encompass all of North America.

Tile Council is recognized for its leadership role in facilitating the development of North American and international industry quality standards to benefit tile consumers. Additionally, TCNA regularly conducts independent research and product testing, works with regulatory, trade, and other government agencies, offers professional training, and publishes industry-consensus guidelines and standards, economic reports, and promotional literature.

Tile Industry Launches Inspiration and Education Initiative; Why Tile Debuts Here at Coverings




The tile industry has united in a marketing and education initiative designed to inspire consumers and provide information on all of tile’s benefits. The campaign, called Why TileSM, is being introduced to the industry here at Coverings.

Why Tile is an industry effort with input sought from various industry organizations including the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA), the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF), the Tile Contractors Association of America, and the Tile Heritage Foundation (THF), in addition to manufacturers worldwide. Why Tile is coordinated by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA).

“We’re so pleased to give Why Tile a ‘friends and family’ introduction here at Coverings,” says Eric Astrachan, Executive Director, TCNA. “In developing Why Tile, we’ve had the pleasure of reaffirming everything that’s so wonderful about tile. With Why Tile, we’ll be delivering this messaging to consumers and to the A&D community as never before and in new and impactful ways – most notably, through the website, WhyTile.Com.”

WhyTile.com provides extensive messaging on the benefits of tile, centering on four main tenets: Design, Easy Care, Healthy Spaces, and Heritage. The site features an Inspiration Gallery; downloadable Project Guide, schematics, and maintenance tips; and a Test Your Tile IQ feature where users can take a simple 10-question quiz for a chance to win a prize.

“As with any website, WhyTile.Com will constantly evolve and provide a means for our audiences to derive inspiration and access planning resources – we want this to be both engaging and a helpful tool,” says Kathy Meyer, Marketing Director, TCNA. “We’re excited to get out there with Why Tile, and this is just the beginning of what I know will be a long and colorful story.”

“Developing Why Tile even to this nascent stage has been very rewarding, in that it is the culmination of the vision of such a diverse group coming together – including competitors, and folks who would normally never be around a table together – in a cooperative manner I’ve never seen in nearly 30 years in marketing and advertising,” says Julie Peck, Creative Director, TCNA. “We’re proud of the work we’ve done to date, and look forward to refining and

expanding upon it with the further input of our partners and the industry as it is introduced here at Coverings.”

Bostik launches Bosti-Set one component-adhesive and sound-reduction membrane for thin porcelain tile panels

Bostik’s new Bosti-Set Thin Porcelain Tile Panel Adhesive & Sound Reduction Membrane requires no on-site mixing and only needs to be troweled onto the back of the panel.

(Orlando, Fla.) — On the eve of Coverings 2017, here, Bostik held a special reveal of its Bosti-SetTM  premium adhesive and sound reduction membrane… created specifically for thin porcelain tile panel installations. Offering unprecedented, instant grab and holding power, with just a single coat of adhesive on the back of the panel, wall installation is now much faster and easier. Outstanding workability allows panels to be repositioned for up to 30 minutes with no slip or sag. As a result, projects can be completed faster and safer, with more precision, while offering exceptional sound abatement properties.


According to Bostik’s Eric Kurtz, LEED® Green Associate Market Manager – Hardwood, Resilient & Surface Preparation Systems, “Understanding this new category of tiling as well as current limitations in current installation techniques, Bostik R&D created a revolutionary new installation system. We developed a product that immediately grabbed porcelain tile panels in a single coat, did not allow any sag, yet made it possible for these panels to be repositionable for at least 30 minutes. Technologies used were environmentally friendly and contributed toward LEED® points. Above all, we created something that reduced project timelines. Via Bostik’s global technology center, chemists came up with an adhesive science breakthrough. We call that technology Tenirex™; it can only be found in Bostik’s Bosti-Set™ thin porcelain tile panel adhesive and sound reduction membrane.”

Mike Zaccardelli, Bostik Sales Director, introduces Bosti-Set in a special event at Hilton Orlando on the eve of Coverings 2017.

Noah Chitty, Crossville director of technical services, explained that this new family of Bosti-Set adhesive products will allow the installation of more gauged porcelain tile panels — like Crossville’s Laminam — into more applications than ever before.

Chad Bulen, Bostik’s Technical Services Manager added, “With Bosti-Set™, now projects calling for thin porcelain tile panels can be installed in roughly half the time with a smaller crew than it took using previous techniques. Here’s why: A single layer of adhesive is troweled only onto the back of the panel, cutting the square footage necessary to trowel in half. Additionally, crew members dedicated to basics such as mixing, running mortar back-and-forth and similar functions, can now be re-directed to work on more skilled installation procedures.”

The patent-pending Bosti-SetTM is significantly lighter in weight with much greater coverage than typical mortars. It contains zero VOC’s as calculated per SCAQMD Rule 1168 and contains 2% recycled material. Bostik’s patent-pending Thickness ControlTM Spacer Technology built into Bosti-Set, helps ensure proper membrane thickness is maintained between tile panels and the substrate. Recycled rubber crumb particles mixed into the adhesive create optimal membrane sound reduction performance. And, Bostik’s Thickness ControlTM spacers ensure a flat panel edge and easy alignment throughout.

“Roughly 30 years ago, porcelain tile was the new rage of the tile industry. Today, large format thin porcelain panels have become extremely popular for numerous reasons,” stated Scott Banda, Bostik’s Director of Marketing and Business Development. “In particular, because they solve so many installation problems. This newer category of high-technology tile products clearly needed the most state-of-the-art installation material. Time will tell that indeed, Bosti-SetTM is that product.”

For the latest information, visit www.bostik.com/us






Crossville Leads in Learning at Coverings 2017

Company to Host Panel Discussions at Booth #2600, Participate in Sanctioned Events Throughout the Show

CROSSVILLE, Tennessee — Domestic tile manufacturer Crossville, Inc. has announced its education line-up for Coverings 2017 taking place this week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. The company will lead education opportunities in its booth #2600. Additionally, Crossville representatives will be part of a range of sessions hosted by the expo.

“We’re leading by facilitating learning for industry professionals. From the latest trends in product and design to installation techniques and technological advances, Crossville is a resource not only for our distribution network and direct customers, but for the industry at large,” explains Lindsey Waldrep, VP of Marketing for Crossville.

In-booth Educational Sessions:
Crossville is hosting in-booth educational sessions during show hours. Attendees may come to these brief sessions in person at booth 2600. The sessions will also be broadcast via Facebook Live and recorded for future viewing, as well. Note that all times listed below are Eastern.

tile remodeling coverings 2017

“Tile in Remodeling Projects” Wednesday, April 5, 10:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Interior Designer Panel Discussion featuring David Ecton, Anne Rue and Marilyn Russell, moderated by Lindsey Waldrep

“Tile Trends & Hot Topics” Wednesday, April 5, 2 – 3 p.m.
A Twitter-based discussion of trends as seen throughout the show, open for participation in person or by following “#kbtribechat” on Twitter

“Latest in Porcelain Tile Panel Installation” Wednesday, April 5, 3 – 3:30 p.m.
Installer Panel Discussion featuring Bradford Denny, Noah Chitty, and David Gillespie, moderated by Robin Rhea

eco chic global glam coverings 2017

“Tile in the Natural and the Glamorous” Thursday, April 6, 10:00 – 10:30 a.m.
Interior Designer Panel Discussion featuring John McClain and Nikki Vega, moderated by Lindsey Waldrep

Beyond the Booth Sessions
Crossville professionals are participating in numerous Coverings education sessions hosted throughout the show.

“Tile Trends: A Global Perspective” Tuesday, April 4, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m., S320E
Crossville’s Lindsey Waldrep is honored to represent the North American pavilion in the Tile Trend panel discussion hosted by Coverings.

Various Installation Demonstrations, Training, and Education Sessions:
Noah Chitty, Director of Technical Services for Crossville, will be part of informational sessions focused on the latest in the gauged porcelain tile panel category.
* New Directions for Gauged (formerly Thin) Porcelain Tile on April 4 at 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. at S230A
* Installation Training for Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs on April 4 at 3 – 5 p.m. at S310F (Chitty will serve as the moderator of this panel.)
* Panel Presentation and Discussion of Gauged Porcelain Tile (formerly known as thin porcelain tile) on April 6 at 3 – 4 p.m. at S230A

Various Social Media Sessions:
Robin Rhea, Brand Director for Crossville, will lead sessions on LinkedIn, providing helpful how-to insights on both basic and more advanced use.
* LinkedIn Basics on April 4 at 10:45 – 11:00 a.m. and on April 6 at 11:15 – 11:30 a.m. at Coverings Connect Booth 1568
* LinkedIn Next Steps-Recruiting and Targeted Networking on April 4 at 12:15 – 12:30 p.m. and on April 6 at 12:45 – 1:00 p.m. at Coverings Connect Booth 1568

Irene Williams, owner-principal of Crossville’s PR firm Msg2Mkt, will be talking about Instagram as a customer connection tool.
* Picture This: Instagram as a Customer Connection Tool on April 4 at 11:15 – 11:30 a.m. and on April 6 at 12:15 – 12:30 p.m. at Coverings Connect Booth 1568

All session are open at no cost to show attendees. Find the full schedule and details or register for daily event reminders from Crossville by visiting crossvilleinc.com/blog.

Florida Tile’s Glamour Collection Evocative of Hollywood’s Golden Age

Lexington, KY: March 31, 2017 – A single glance at the new Glamour wall and floor collection from Florida Tile cannot help but evoke the timeless allure, sophistication and visual texture of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

“It is an obvious nod to a famously enchanting time, says Sean Cilona, Director of Marketing for Florida Tile. “Glamour is a perfect headliner for those seeking to add an element of drama to their surroundings, especially in a luxury hospitality environment.”

“These porcelain floor and ceramic wall tiles are uniquely structured with visual texture for spaces in which the architectural component is vital – one in which a surface’s design is the main story, not the backdrop,” Cilona says.

Spotlighted in the collection is a glossy white ceramic wall tile in three sizes: 9×18, 12×24 and, in keeping with current design trends, a 14×29-inch large format tile.

The coordinating floor tile is a 12×24 inch rectified, semi-gloss, glazed, white porcelain tile with a geometric microstructure that adds a subtle design accent without sacrificing an easy-to-clean surface.
Awaiting its own close-up is a 12×12 sized, 1×4 straight-stacked mesh mounted porcelain mosaic. This uncomplicated contemporary piece fits perfectly within the look of the line.

“The real stars of this show,” Cilona stresses, “are the 10 beautiful decos.” Glamour features a 9×18 (pressed), plus 12×24 and 14×39 large-format rectified ceramic wall tiles in chic colors of pristine glossy white, mirror and gold. Bold architectural patterns in waves, geometric shapes and straight-lines add movement and dimension to any room.

Completing the Glamour collection is a full package of trims including bullnoses coordinating with the glossy ceramic wall and porcelain floor tiles, as well as a glossy ceramic chair rail and stop.

Glamour porcelain floor tile is appropriate for all residential and commercial wall, countertop, and backsplash applications, and all residential floor applications. Ceramic wall tile is appropriate for all interior wall, countertop and backsplash applications and is GREENGUARD® certified.

Florida Tile is a fully owned subsidiary of Panariagroup, a publicly owned company traded on the Milan Stock Exchange (MILAN: PAN IM). Panariagroup is a leading manufacturer and distributor in over 60 countries around the world with six manufacturing sites in Italy, Portugal and the USA and eight brands positioned in the high-end of the market.


Coverings, the largest tile and stone exhibition in North America, will return to Orlando next month to showcase cutting-edge product innovations and emerging trends in the marketplace. When the industry gathers at the Orange County Convention Center, April 4-7, attendees will be impressed by the array of new product introductions presented by over 1,000 exhibitors representing more than 40 countries.

“While the industry continues to produce innovative new materials for architects, designers, builders, remodelers, distributors, retailers, installers, contractors and fabricators, Coverings remains the venue where everyone can find what they’re looking for,” said Alena Capra, Coverings Industry Ambassador. “In addition to seeing thousands of new products, the show offers incredible opportunities to further your education and grow your network. Coverings celebrates all segments of the industry, with important takeaways for each and every attendee.”
Here is a preview of the products Coverings’ exhibitors will display at the 2017 show. To learn more about these and other exhibitor introductions, and to register to attend Coverings for free, visit www.coverings.com.


What’s new in tile and stone…

  • ABK Group (Booth 1211) will showcase their Alpes porcelain tile collection, which combines the decorative quality of various stones from the south of France to create an elegant and original look.
  • American Wonder Porcelain (Booth 2605) will feature Fabric Folio, their new sophisticated interpretation of a fabric-cement blended look.
  • Aparici’s (Booth 4619) Bondi Collection revives encaustic, Mediterranean tiles with a new smoother finish and anti-slip rating.
  • Azulev Grupo (Booth 4800) will reveal its SLIMRECT product, an innovative 25×65 format, slim tile available in a rectified finish.
  • Ceramiche Piemme (Booth 1207) will tout its Bits & Pieces collection in which Gordon Gordon Guillaumier reinterprets terrazzo flooring with square and irregular polygonal shapes.
  • Cir (Booth 828) will highlight the Mat collection, a group of minimalist matte porcelain tiles in a variety of shapes from hexagonal, square to rectangular.
  • Crossville’s (Booth 2600) Nest offers a soothing, neutral color palette, all with the sophisticated clean graining of premium wood species like Olive and American Oak.
  • Equipe Ceramicas (Booth 4600) will showcase its URBAN collection, an aged cement finish of porcelain stoneware available in five distinct colors.
  • Firenze (Booth 3122) will highlight Oxide, porcelain tile that dresses modern projects by accentuating walls with a metallic touch, giving personality to the space by following the industrial design trend.
  • Florida Tile’s (Booth 3717) Glamour creates an allure and sophistication of timeless Hollywood with porcelain floor and ceramic wall tiles that add an element of drama to any space.
  • Fondovalle (Booth 1732) will take the wraps off of the Dream collection, inspired by the natural weft of linen, providing a natural and refined look that draws connections to traditional textiles.
  • GAYAFORES (Booth 4602) will feature Osaka, inspired by Japanese minimalism with soft, pure and minimal lines that enhance the neutrality of cold tones.
  • Grespania (Booth 5222) will showcase new products in the Coverlam range, innovative products made from natural raw materials with exceptional mechanical and aesthetic properties that surpass conventional tiling materials.
  • Ironrock/Metropolitan Ceramics (Booth 3022) will feature Royal Thin Brick, which is kiln fired and tumbled thin brick made from locally sourced and recycled clay and shale.
  • Italgraniti Group (Booth 811) will tout Mega, a collection of rectified porcelain tile, available in large format slabs that allow unbroken tiled surfaces.
  • Lunada Bay Tile (Booth 3700) will launch Namibia, a series of sculptural, three-dimensional Japanese ceramics that emulate the rise and fall of the desert namesake.
  • Marca Corona (Booth 2003) introduces 4D, which brings thickness, movement, dynamism and richness to wall tiles, available in wood, stone and marble looks to create infinite possibilities.
  • Natucer (Booth 5220) will feature DYNAMIC, a collection of 3D wall tiles that offer innovative solutions in design and architecture by creating constant movement in the wall that changes according to perspective and light.
  • NOVOGRES (Booth 5427) will reveal its HABITAT SERIES, a white body wall tile reminiscent of aged brick.
  • Peronda (Booth 5208) will showcase Museum, a collection of luxurious tiles that emulate the sophistication and elegance of the most exotic marbles.
  • Saloni’s (Booth 5215) Eternal Collection is based on a fresh approach on marble, with finishes and textures that reproduce the natural beauty of stone.
  • Sicis (Booth 1203) will showcase Vetrite, a unique collection in which the company’s iconic fabrics are sandwiched between large format glass tiles to create lustrous and reflective tiles suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • StonePeak Ceramics, Inc. (Booth 2610) will introduce it’s Classic 2.0 collection, one of three stylish new series that StonePeak will be introducing this Spring.
  • Supergres (Booth 2108) will highlight Purity of Marble, a collection of porcelain stoneware floor and white body tiles that reflect its namesake. The tile will be available in three color schemes – Statuario, Lasa and Calacatta.
  • Unica (Booth 1441) will tout Woodlines, a unique take on wood, inspired by offcuts and the cross graining of plywood, creating graphic patterns that transform porcelain tile.


What’s new in tools and installation materials…

  • Bostik (Booth 4422) will reveal Hydroment Vivid, a cement-based grout that offers consistent color technology with enhanced stain protection.
  • Lackmond Products (Booth 4319) will feature its B+BTec Tile Cutters, manual models engineered with a hardened lightweight aluminum base plate that offers the operator a direct view of the scoring wheel and cutting line.
  • LATICRETE (Booth 3131) will showcase its HYDRO BAN BOARD, a lightweight construction panel designed for use in bonded tile or stone installations.
  • Prova by MD Pro (Booth 3832) unveils its PROVA LINEAR system for tiled showers, which features a unique modular pan and extension system that allows for complete versatility when building out any desired shower base size and drain placements.
  • Schlüter Systems (Booth 2822) will introduce DITRA-HEAT-DUO, which combines sound control and a thermal break that optimizes electric floor heating over concrete substrates.
  • Tile Redi (Booth 4025) will highlight its Redi Trench Barrier Free Shower Pan, a one-piece, pre-pitched shower pan with an integrated roll-in entrance, built in splash walls and an integrated trench drain.

View the complete list of Coverings exhibitors at coverings.com/exhibitorlist. Register to attend Coverings for free at coverings.com/register.

Rubi Returns to Coverings 2017

RUBI will be present at COVERINGS’s fair this year, an event that will take place in Orlando, Florida, from April 4th to 7th.

COVERINGS’s fair will an space to introduce new ground-breaking products like reinvented tile cutters, heavy duty “zero splash” tile saws, rubber buckets for mortar mixing, electric grout scraper, all in one spacers, diamond blades and much more!

The sales team wants to promote especially the DU-200 EVO tile saw, the RUBISCRAPER-250 joint remover, the SPEED MAGNET line of tile cutters, and TILE LEVEL QUICK tile leveling system.

However, the best moment will be the launching of a singular machine considered the most powerful tile cutter on Earth: the TZ tile cutter.

Visit RUBI booth #3726 and enjoy an interactive stand where you can test the upcoming RUBI tools.

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