Stone showers shine with preparation and precision

For this month’s Stone section, we take a look at stone showers completed by NTCA members Hawthorne Tile in Portland, Ore., and RMZ Custom Tile and Stone in Avon, Colo. 

Hawthorne Tile
Lake Oswego master bath

Lake Oswego master bathThis gorgeous master bath project for a Lake Oswego, Ore., residence was part of a three-month, full-home remodel, with extensive limestone used throughout, sourced from Artistic Tile. Due to hydronic heating in the home, the Hawthorne team set 150 ft. of 5/8” x 5/8” Whirlwind Smoke limestone floors to RH 141 in the TCNA Handbook.

Shon Parker (now with Schluter) was the project manager on the job, and admitted that widespread leveling was required prior to installation due to the wood substrate. “It gave us a chance to get the floors flat and do a barrier-free shower,” he said. 

In that shower, the crew employed the B442-18 integrated bonding flange method from the TCNA Handbook, with Schluter bonding flange and tileable cover. ARDEX 8+9 was used as waterproofing and crack isolation with Schluter Schiene strip. Wall tile was set over cement backer, also with Ardex 8+9. Another challenge in the shower was managing the incredibly fragile two-color limestone pattern – Artistic’s Smoke Limestone Claridges Stone Water Jet Mosaic. Parker said that Portland Marble Works – the Stone shower in Lake Oswego master bathfabricator who was doing the slab counters – waterjet-cut the inside corners “to keep the fine points of the tile from breaking on a wet saw,” according to the paper templates the crew created for all floor and wall cuts. Parker said Hawthorne Tile opted for the paper templates because the tile pattern was a unique shape. “The templates helped make perfect cuts each time, which helped the waste factor on such an expensive tile,” he explained. For the shower floor, the crew installed 130 feet of Lycian Aperlae Turkish Marble. 

The project, which had ceilings that ranged from 8’ high to 14’ at the high end of the vault, also sported 6” x 8” limestone tile wainscot everywhere in the bath except the shower, to complete the look of the room. 

Lake Oswego master bath with stone showers

RMZ Custom Tile
stone wave mosaic shower

stone wave mosaic shower seatThe design of a stone wave mosaic in a shower install by Miguel Ramirez of RMZ Custom Tile mandated extreme precision on the wall prep. “One of the challenges was to get the wall prep perfectly plumb and flat since on that particular wave tile every corner had to match the return piece perfectly,” he explained. 

“One of the things that we had to do prior to installation was to lay every row for the entire shower flat and mark every wall where the cut was going to be to have accurate piece return and continuation,” he added. “That was the most challenge that we had, since we were using the drop cut as a return.”

The marble mosaic project consisted of about 180 sq. ft. of First Snow Wave Mosaic by Daltile. 

“For leveling I started with the framing, making it as true as possible, then added shims,” Ramirez said. “I also used wedi panels as a substrate.” Afterwards, using a straight edge, he applied a final coat of Custom Building Products’ ProLite mortar where needed to make sure the surfaces stone wave mosaic shower drainwere flat and plumb. He used the same mortar to install the stone, with a coat of StoneTech Impregnator Pro sealer applied before grouting with Custom’s Prism Grout. After the grout cured for a minimum of 72 hours, he applied another coat of sealer, and voila! A beautiful stone shower! 

stone wave mosaic shower stone wave mosaic shower

Customized parking garage completes shopping center makeover

Close up image of EFFE.ESSE COSTRUZIONI SRL beginning work in the La Plaia Shopping Center parking garage. They were allotted less than two weeks to install the SPARTACOTE flooring system throughout the entire space.

On the island of Sardinia, Italy, in the heart of Cagliari, tourists and locals alike are subject to anything one could ever want in a vacation or life of leisure: history, art, views of the Mediterranean, fine cuisine, and of course, shopping. 

While highlights of the city include 13th-century architecture, La Plaia – Centro Commerciale, a prominent shopping center in the middle of town, was seeking restoration to update and modernize, after not having any renovations since the shopping center was built in 1983.

To kick off the nearly two-year construction project, which began in 2016, the eponymous architectural firm Mario Dal Molin and general contractor SIGEF SRL set out to renovate and expand the shopping center by 13,993 sq. ft. (1,300 square meters). The goal behind the changes would be to offer customers a vaster selection of retail options, and provide the community with areas for socialization, such as a new on-site bar. In addition to the interior shopping center updates, 64,583 sq. ft. (6,000 square meters) of parking garage space would need to be reconstructed since the concrete screed in place had been completely destroyed. 

The installing contractor, EFFE.ESSE COSTRUZIONI SRL, using measuring tape to ensure straight line work.

“After briefly meeting Mario Dal Molin at an industry event, we were quickly able to convince him that the LATICRETE® SPARTACOTE™ product line was the top choice to repair the garage,” said Antonella Mura, the LATICRETE Sales Area Manager for Sardinia. “We educated his firm on the product lines’ technical features and demonstrated how the resinous flooring could enhance the parking garage experience by extending the overall design of the building to an unlikely place. Ultimately, the parking garage would be a huge part of elevating the entire shopping experience at La Plaia – Centro Commerciale.” 

Utilizing resinous flooring in projects is increasing in popularity with tile contractors, due to the ease of install and variety this type of floor coating offers to customers as an alternative to large-format or more traditional tile or stone floors.

The Challenges 

White lines of SPARTACOTE FLEX SB to guide traffic.

Customized design: In the past, aesthetics were often not considered when selecting floor coatings for parking areas. However, studies show that floors can elevate the overall shopping experience and boost morale. To liven up the space more than a standard concrete floor could, the design team was able to customize the look and finish of the floors with a pop of color using the LATICRETE products – allowing them to pull the shopping center’s desired experience through the entire development, from arrival to departure. 

Tight time frame: Although the shopping center would undergo a multi-year renovation process, the installing contractor EFFE.ESSE COSTRUZIONI SRL was allotted less than two weeks to install the SPARTACOTE flooring system throughout the entire parking garage before the grand re-opening. To ensure a successful installation within the desired time frame, the execution needed to be exceptional and the product performance needed to hold up the first time around. 

A LATICRETE solution 

To maintain the desired appearance of the yellow safety lines and deter any color fading or peeling, SPARTACOTE FLEX SB was used.

To maintain the desired appearance of the yellow safety lines and deter any color fading or peeling, SPARTACOTE FLEX SB was used.

One of the unique benefits that piqued the architect’s interest in installing resinous flooring in the parking garage is the product’s ability to customize the look and finish of any environment. The SPARTACOTE line of resinous flooring also offers reduced floor maintenance, which is beneficial in high-traffic areas, and superior chemical and stain resistance, making this system an excellent choice to uphold a fresh-looking appearance. 

With a team of six, EFFE.ESSE COSTRUZIONI SRL used LATAPOXY® 309, a two-component epoxy adhesive, to close several joints throughout the parking garage. LATAPOXY 309 is solvent-free and possesses high adhesion and anti-slip agents, ideal for this type of environment. Additionally, this product can cure in difficult conditions, such as those with a high presence of moisture, which can be typical for garages. 

To coat the floors, EFFE.ESSE COSTRUZIONI SRL applied SPARTACOTE FLEX SB™ across the entire 64,583-sq.-ft. (6,000-square meter) garage in a light blue finish. On top of the coating, the team also applied white lane dividers and yellow safety lines to guide traffic. To maintain the desired appearance, SPARTACOTE FLEX SB is UV-resistant, which will help to deter any color fading or peeling in the sunlight. 

Thanks to the products’ rapid cure rates and user-friendly working times, EFFE.ESSE COSTRUZIONI SRL’s team of six efficiently finished nearly 4,305 sq. ft. (400-square meters) per hour – allowing the garage surface to be completed in only 11 days! 


La Plaia - Centro Commerciale opened its doors for a grand re-opening celebration in March of 2018.

La Plaia – Centro Commerciale opened its doors for a grand re-opening celebration in March of 2018.

“Everyone involved in the La Plaia – Centro Commerciale renovation was pleased with the high-quality result of the LATICRETE products used in the parking garage,” said Roberta Marchi, LATICRETE Regional Director Europe Assistant. “The new garage floor is a showstopper, and something memorable for visitors to see when they first visit. Our team received many thanks for the support provided on the jobsite. Whether it was outlining product features or providing installation tips, LATICRETE was there to lend a helping hand every step of the way.” 

Completed in 2018, La Plaia – Centro Commerciale opened its doors for a grand re-opening celebration on March 27 and to the public on March 28. 

The completed La Plaia Shopping Center parking garage.

The completed La Plaia Shopping Center parking garage.


With Daltile’s StepWise™ technology, Emerson Wood™ offers increased safety and slip resistance for floor applications — while also delivering elevated design. To find out more about all our products with StepWise™, visit us online here.

Creating excellence for Northern California Tile & Stone

Custom logoNorthern California Tile & Stone, with offices in Sacramento, Calif., and Reno, Nevada, has been in business for about 20 years, with a tradition of excellence and high compensation. 

“Like a professional sports team, everyone is highly compensated and expected

Roger Leasure, NCTS President


to perform well,” said Roger Leasure, NCTS President. “It’s not uncommon for the office to be open and people working at 5:30 a.m., or for staff to be answering or sending emails on the weekends. The field operations on jobs are getting things done over weekends because of the size and scope of our jobs. We authorize overtime almost weekly, and the aggressive installers eat it up.”

Northern California Tile & Stone logoThis high-paying company had several tile setters break the six-figure mark on their paychecks in 2018, excluding benefits. “We work to identify our top players and make sure they are happy and content while identifying our bottom players and replacing them,” Leasure added. “We are constantly looking for energetic, well-qualified individuals to add to the team; we like to look at it in terms of building a ‘Super Bowl team’ around here,” he said. 

The company specializes in large, complex, fast-paced commercial projects – mostly mall renovations and expansions, casinos, hotels and resorts, multi-family, government courthouses, spas and high-end commercial workout facilities. NCTS also focuses on thin-brick veneers, thin-panel porcelain, cut-to-fit solid surfaces, and honeycomb slab stone veneers. 

NCTS became a NTCA member five years ago, with a desire to up its game during a period of explosive growth. “We realized we don’t get paid for estimates or how much paper we push,” Leasure explained. “We emphasize that we only get paid by how much tile and stone gets installed on a monthly basis. We use this idea as a mantra inside the company to keep people focused on where we are putting our energies on a daily basis. In that regard I try to put the field workers above other aspects in the company hierarchy because they are your business. If they are not installing a quality product consistently, you are not in business.”

Benefits of NTCA and CTEF

Leasure said The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) and the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) are doing a great job of educating owners on the importance of properly training their installers, and of providing the necessary schooling. 

“We saw enough of an impact from the CTEF and NTCA education that we decided to start our own in-house school,” he said. “We tailored our concept based on what we saw in the CTEF courses because one thing is true — when your installers know how to do a quality job and perform well on projects for your clients, your work begins to sell itself.”

In 2018, NCTS joined the ranks of the best of the best, the NTCA Five-Star Contractor community, calling the continuing education that NTCA Five-Star Contractors are privy to, “priceless.” The education offered in Nashville during the 2018 NTCA Five-Star Contractor Summit provided a big boon to business.

“The class ‘How to Put Yourself in a Better Position Contractually’ opened my eyes to how we were leaving beneficial items on the table and not pushing risk off our plate,” Leasure said. “Prior to this class I was resigned to the fact I should just blanket sign every contract a general contractor gave me, and if we performed fast and clean, they would treat us fairly. Since the class I have developed a list of 35 items and clarifications on our proposal that gets incorporated into our contracts as an attachment. We have had great success in crafting beneficial deals, which can take months of negotiation. Although it’s sometimes tough and contentious work, it gives us leverage on the critical items that come up on all jobs like labor rates, change order processing, reasonable billing times on change orders, payment terms, and jobsite scheduling/coordination.”

Leasure added, “It’s easy to get caught up working IN your company instead of ON your company and the time with the NTCA Five-Star team and other business owners allows you to work ON your business. It’s also easy to think you have it all figured out…and that the way you manage your logistics, prep and plan your projects, or even float your decks is the only way. When you talk to other business owners and if you have an open mind you will find they have some slick ideas and tools that you never thought of.”

Increasing excellence

The recently completed renovation of the Cache Creek Spa.

The recently completed renovation of the Cache Creek Spa.

NCTS employs CTEF Certified Installers (CTI) with a goal of identifying 5-10 installers annually, and encouraging them to get certified.  “We started the process a few years ago and we believe that this is a critical part of any tile company that wants to consider themselves as quality,” Leasure said. “This process has benefited our company by setting an example to other installers of what it means to be quality. It sets a standard that others want to aspire to, as long as you focus on weeding out the low performers and adding new blood to the ranks on a yearly basis. Our clients see the quality of expertise and knowledge of the installers. When it comes time to recommend a tile contractor for their high-end or difficult projects, they want you to be that contractor.”

NCTS takes tremendous pride and receives great joy in the art of the finished product. Leasure said, “I just took the wife and kids to dinner at a big casino and was showing them the 1” x 1” glass mosaic, stone counters, and large format floors, with pride. The entire casino was covered in our products. We just finished a large spa in another casino that was highlighted on a local news report. It was fun to see all the emails flying around with links to the story. Everyone gets excited when their work gets recognized, especially when they put in so much hard work in an effort to complete a high-end project with over 30 different types of tile and stone.  

“The fact that we completed a million-dollar scope of work in 35 days and to see the level of quality of the finish product, fills me with pride and confidence that our installers can tackle projects that give the GC and the office staff concern,” he added. “There was a lot of project management and pre-planning before we even started, so we knew we had a challenge with the install on our hands. We love a good challenge!”

Cache Creek Spa

This recently completed renovation of the Cache Creek Spa saw the space expand from 5,000 sq. ft. to over 12,000 sq. ft. NCTS installed over 50 different tiles and stone, including a 12.5 ft. high pink Himalayan salt block wall. Many of the materials had to be shipped from overseas, which was one of the major difficulties.

Cache Creek Spa Cache Creek Spa

Latest tile design and installation innovations from TCNA

Tile Council of North America (TCNA) is an international trade association representing North American manufacturers of ceramic tile, installation materials, glazes and raw materials, tools, and related products. This year, over 120 TCNA members will showcase their latest offerings at Coverings in Orlando. In addition to the latest tile designs and installation innovations, you’ll discover what’s new in the world of tools, machinery, and installation materials, all in the TCNA North American Pavilion. 

TCNA logoBooth #3219

The TCNA booth (#3219) is in the center of it all as your information and hospitality hub throughout the week. TCNA will offer complimentary lunch (no wristband required) and afternoon happy hour (cash, credit, and drink tickets accepted). So stop by, refuel, and network with the leading industry associations co-exhibiting with TCNA: the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA), the International Masonry Institute

TCNA booth

Complimentary lunch is served daily, with happy hours each afternoon.

(IMI), the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), the Tile Contractors Association of America (TCAA), and the Tile Heritage Foundation (THF). Discounts on TCNA literature will be available for those of you looking to round out your technical library. Additionally, TCNA’s Lab Services team will be on hand to discuss the research and testing offered at TCNA’s state-of-the-art Product Performance Testing Laboratory – North America’s largest tile-and-stone-specific facility for independent testing and research. To get a glimpse of “a day in the life” of the TCNA Lab, catch the session “Tile Testing 101: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Products are Tested for Quality and Performance” (Thursday, 8:00 -9:00 am). 

Leading associations are co-located with TCNA in booth

Leading associations are co-located with TCNA in booth

“Why Tile” Quickfire Sessions

Eric of TCNA

20-minute mini-sessions are packed with information on the benefits offered by tile.

Put these 20-minute mini-sessions on your agenda! Running Tuesday through Friday, these bite-sized sessions are packed with information on the inherent benefits tile has to offer: “Healthy, WELL, and Wise with Tile,” “Tile’s Greenhouse Wheelhouse,” “Tile’s Unrivaled Time-Tested Durability,” “Peace of Mind Under Your Feet,” and “How Smart Phones are Changing the Way We Think and Approach Design.” Check the Coverings app or Show Directory for times and locations.

Building green

TCNA and TCNA members are synonymous with leadership in building green with tile. For example, the UL-certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for North American tile, tile mortars and tile grouts provide unrivaled transparency on the environmental impact of a full tile installation. These EPDs make it easier for green builders, designers and specifiers to make informed decisions that satisfy the requirements in top green building rating systems including LEED, Green Globes, 2018 IgCC-ASHREA 189.1, and ICC 700. Additionally, those seeking LEED building certification can also look to Green Squared Certified products, which contribute toward the LEED Pilot Credit for “Certified Multi-Attribute Products and Materials.” For the latest on tile sustainability, be sure to catch TCNA’s Director of Standards Development and Sustainability Initiatives, Bill Griese, in the session “Transparency Trilogy Part I: Transparency in Materials” where he’ll review ongoing industry initiatives to provide transparency and health-related information to satisfy supply chain demands (Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.). 

Installation Demonstration Stage, #3138

The Coverings Installation Demonstration stage #3138 shows products and methods in action, from the pros.

The Coverings Installation Demonstration stage shows products and methods in action.

The North American Pavilion offers you a first look at the newest installation materials, technologies and tools. Throughout the show, TCNA exhibitors and the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) will provide live product demos at the Coverings Installation Demonstration Stage (#3138). Get an up-close look at the latest products in action and tips from pros on how to navigate common challenges. While you’re there, enter to win one of the many drawings between demonstrations.

Installation & Design Experience, #3538

New in 2019 is the Installation & Design Experience (#3538), which is sure to be a main attraction. This multi-faceted feature will include a lounge as well as hospitality vignettes by top designers. Also included is an area focused on installation and education, with the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) onsite providing information for installers looking to advance their careers. Additionally, guided tours of the Installation Materials District will leave from the lounge at 11:00 am (Tuesday – Thursday) with lunch to follow at noon, and happy hour in the lounge beginning at 3:30 p.m.

Canine creations featured in the Art Tile Village

One-of-a-kind tiled doghouses will be displayed in the courtyard of the Art Tile Village in the North American Pavilion.

One-of-a-kind tiled doghouses will be displayed in the courtyard of the Art Tile Village in the North American Pavilion.

The Art Tile Village – the largest assembly of decorative tile artisans under one roof – has become a favorite destination for show-goers. Beautiful and unique offerings from boutique tile makers across the continent are on display. In the courtyard (#4209), you’ll also see one-of-a-kind tiled dog houses created by TCNA members. These artful abodes will be donated to an Orlando-area pet charity, which will be onsite during the show with some furry, four-legged companions. Be sure to stop by – you may just make a new friend! 

Whether your main objective at Coverings is to network with colleagues, find design inspiration from the newest trends, or learn about the latest advancements in tile technology, exciting discoveries await you in the TCNA North American Pavilion.

Ceramics of Italy celebrates the legacy of tile at Coverings 2019

Ceramics of Italy logoFor the 2019 edition of Coverings, the Italian Pavilion will showcase a vast array of cutting-edge tile and installation products in over 75 booths from Ceramics of Italy member companies, while offering a delicious respite for attendees in Ceramics of Italy’s central stand. Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the show, the Italian Association of Ceramics will also introduce a new two-volume book, Mater Ceramica, that delves into the history of ceramics and Italian tile design over the past 70 years, which will serve as an invaluable resource to the industry.

Strada Dinamica

The Italian Pavilion will showcase a vast array of cutting-edge tile and installation products.

The Italian Pavilion will showcase a vast array of cutting-edge tile and installation products.

The Italian Association of Ceramics will introduce a new two-volume book, Mater Ceramica, that delves into the history of ceramics and Italian tile design over the past 70 years.

The Italian Association of Ceramics will introduce a new two-volume book, Mater Ceramica.

In the middle of the Italian Pavilion, attendees will find the Ceramics of Italy booth “Strada Dinamica” situated like an open piazza. In fact, the designers at e+i studio modeled the exhibit after a lively Italian streetscape with standing communal tables, landscaped benches, and a coffee bar and café, all clad in tile to demonstrate the versatility and durability of Italian products. The floor, set on a raised system by Newfloor, is constructed from grey, large-format porcelain tile from Lea Ceramiche while the curvilinear furnishings are custom cut from Florim’s Magnum Oversize tiles. The space serves as the perfect meeting point for attendees to network over coffee or take a break from the tradeshow floor. It also houses an information kiosk where visitors can learn more about exhibitors in the Italian pavilion and initiatives the Italian industry is supporting to promote the benefits and use of ceramic and porcelain tiles, grouts and more.

Trends and innovations

New products will be on display at the pavilion’s exhibitors, including Ariana Storm for outdoors Visitors will find the Italian Pavilion full of inspiration and innovation this year, with a multitude of new products spurred by technological advancements and shifting cultural trends. As Italian companies continue to invest in new production equipment, their product lines are evolving into a whole suite of surfacing tools with a variety of sizes, thicknesses and finishes developed around a single design. At this year’s show, visitors can expect to find tiles ranging from 3-30mm thick, including a new 12mm thick tile specifically designed for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tables and outdoor kitchens. 


Fondovalle My Top

New products will be on display at the pavilion’s exhibitors, including and Fondovalle My Top.

Meanwhile, gauged porcelain tiles continue to grow in popularity with designs ranging from hyper-realistic natural looks to dark florals and geometric patterns on wallpaper-like panels. Of course, tile is also a natural fit for outdoor environments with its low water absorption rate and high breakage loads, and companies are continuously expanding their systems of porcelain pavers, which are starting to replace stone in museums and residences around the country.

Last year, Ceramics of Italy participated in the Installation Design Showcase tiny house project. This year, Glenda Wright of HHCP will work with NTCA Five-Star Contractor Nichols Tile & Terrazzo Co., to create a hidden oasis vignette using Italian tile products.

Installation & Design Experience

Ceramics of Italy is proud to support the Coverings Showcase for the eighth year in a row, which will be situated inside the new Installation & Design Experience. Demonstrating the synergy among innovative products, creative design and expert installation, Glenda Wright of the Orlando-based architecture firm HHCP will work with a team from NTCA Five-Star Contractor Nichols Tile & Terrazzo Co., to create a hidden oasis vignette using Italian tile products. Attendees are invited to visit the space throughout the show to see the vignette come to life and meet the design and installation teams to learn about their inspiration, process, challenges and best practices.

Events and sessions

Off the show floor, representatives from Ceramics of Italy will participate in a number of talks and educational sessions on important topics for all industry professionals, from the latest tile trends to changes in the marketplace and transparency in materials and shipping. 

“The Changing Market for Ceramic Tile in the U.S.”
Tuesday, April 9, 3:00 p.m. 

Donato Grosser, President of Grosser Consulting, along with Santo Torcivia, President of Marketing Insights, will offer updates on the current state of the ceramic tile marketplace during their annual presentation 

“Transparency in Materials”
Wednesday, April 10, 1:30 p.m.

Ceramics of Italy will participate in the first of a three-part series in the Coverings Conference Program that addresses the issue of material transparency across product categories. 

“Transparency in Handling and Shipping”
Wednesday, April 10, 3:00 p.m.

This second session series in the Coverings Conference Program – co-presented by Confindustria Ceramica and CTDA – will explore the journey of products from the factory to point of sale, and how it should be traceable and safe for people and the environment. 

“Global Tile Trends”
Thursday, April 11, 2:00 p.m.

Cristina Faedi, Manager of Promotional Activities for Ceramics of Italy, will discuss the latest tile trends, material innovations and creative applications with other tile industry experts during the annual session. Immediately afterwards, Coverings Ambassador Alena Capra will guide visitors on a walking tour to see the trends in person.

Follow the “Made in Italy” trademark throughout the show to find products defined by high aesthetic quality, durability, and environmental responsibility. For those unable to attend the show, follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information about the Italian tile industry, visit

Tile of Spain reveals design trends and innovations at Coverings 2019

Tile of Spain logoTile of Spain, Booth #5134

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing over 100 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER), is ready to “wow” Coverings 2019.

Visitors to the Spanish Pavilion will witness some of the most advanced ceramic tile technology and breathtaking design choices the world has to offer from 98 Spanish ceramic and stone manufacturers.

The Tile of Spain booth (# 5134), located in the center of the pavilion, holds a variety of literature, including directories to the must-see Spanish tile exhibitors and the latest issues of Ceraspaña, Tile of Spain’s quarterly magazine. 

Presentations and videos will run throughout the show, including award-winning architectural and design projects and an overview of Tile of Spain manufacturers’ achievements featuring beautiful design and products with unsurpassed quality, durability and versatility. 

Presentations in the Spanish Pavilion (Booth #5134) include:

Tile of Spain show sign“Gauging” Your Specifications – 2019
Tuesday, April 9. 12:00 p.m.
Thursday, April 11. 12:00 p.m.

This session is all about taking full advantage of specifically engineered thicknesses to optimize budgets and allow for broader specification of tile in projects. Modern technology is providing opportunity to narrowly define the “minimum effective dose” needed for a given area of specification by offering multiple gauges or thicknesses in tile programs today. The slimmer profile you can select for your jobs compounds cost savings at every level from raw material to trucking to site to installation. Tile has always been the most economic option over the lifespan of the investment – join us at the Tile of Spain pavilion to see what the industry is doing to lower the up-front cost while retaining the technical, aesthetic and ease of maintenance of ceramics that clients have always loved.

Showstoppers Live: Interviews direct from the Tile of Spain Pavilion
Tuesday, April 9, 11:00 a.m.
Wednesday, April 10, 11:00 a.m.
Thursday, April 12, 3:30 p.m.

Witness firsthand Tile of Spain Consultant and Ceramic Tile Specialist Ryan Fasan live from the Spanish Pavilion as he talks to Tile of Spain manufacturers about the latest ceramic tile technology and design offerings being showcased at Coverings.

Once again, ASCER, the Professional Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers from Spain, and ICEX Spain Trade and Investment organize the 2019 Spain Pavilion. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit 

Ryan Fasan will speak about the latest ceramic tile technology and design offerings at Coverings.

Ryan Fasan will speak about the latest ceramic tile technology and design offerings at Coverings.

CTDA – connecting, educating and strengthening distributors

Coverings is the greatest tile and stone show in the western hemisphere. CTDA is the only organization in the western hemisphere connecting, educating and strengthening tile and stone distributors. Don’t miss the CTDA highlights at Coverings this year at booth #3219 with information on CTDA member benefits including:

  • New cost-savings member benefits, 
  • CTDA’s social media program on Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn, 
  • The Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson (CCTS) Program, 
  • A TSP 2019 giveaway – and of course CTDA will be registering attendees for TSP! 

Also, during Coverings, CTDA will conduct a CCTS Certification Exam, sponsor a CTDA Happy Hour on the show floor and present the CTDA Supplier of the Year award.

Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson exam

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, potential Certified Ceramic Tile Salespersons will be taking the examination to become certified. Through the CCTS program, ceramic tile sales professionals can gain prestige, professional recognition, expanded knowledge and increased customer satisfaction. It’s the first and only certification program specifically designed by and for ceramic tile salespeople! For additional information or for an application, visit the CTDA site, contact CTDA staff at 630-545-9415, or email [email protected] 

Tuesday happy hour and Supplier of the Year award

Stop by Booth #3219 on Tuesday evening for happy hour. Enjoy a special drink from CTDA as it announces CTDA’s 2019 Supplier of the Year. CTDA and its distributor members value the importance of supplier relationships. Annually, CTDA distributor members recognize the supplier who provides the most value to its distributor members and the ceramic tile and stone industry by awarding them with the CTDA Supplier of the Year Award. The winner is selected based on the results of a survey completed by CTDA’s distributor members. Members rate up to three suppliers each on the following criteria: leadership, marketing, training, technology, communication, policies, and product shipment and support. Past recipients include industry leading companies such as Florida Tile, Crossville, LATICRETE and MAPEI.

At Coverings 2018, Mark Shannon accepted the CTDA Supplier of the Year Award presented to Crossville, Inc.

At Coverings 2018, Mark Shannon accepted the CTDA Supplier of the Year Award presented to Crossville, Inc.

Member benefits

CTDA logoDuring the show stop by CTDA’s Booth #3219 to learn about member benefits and if you aren’t already a member, fill out an application. Applications are also accepted online.

Card Connect: CTDA members receive access to Card Connect, a credit card processing company whose services are available to CTDA members at deeply discounted prices. Companies have seen savings of 10% to more than 50% on credit card processing fees when switching to Card Connect.

Insperity: Human resources and benefits solutions are available to CTDA members through Insperity. Products and services include payroll, time and attendance, recruiting services, retirement services, financial services, performance management and more. 

PartnerShip: CTDA members save money on every inbound, outbound, small and large shipment with PartnerShip. Experience excellent savings and enjoy a complete managed solution for shipping less-than-load and full-load shipments. CTDA members can receive major travel savings through complimentary access to MyPlanITraveler, a travel membership site that provides wholesale pricing on hotel stays, vacation resorts, car rentals, cruises and travel activities. 

Northwestern Mutual provides insurance and wealth management to individuals and businesses. Through CTDA’s partnership with Northwestern Mutual, you have access to Northwestern business professionals who can provide you and your company with a FREE business evaluation. 

CTDA membership has many additional benefits including access to educational webinars, discounted online education through University of Ceramic Tile and Stone (UofCTS), Tile Training in a Box, networking through Total Solutions Plus, committee involvement or small groups. More information at or

Total Solutions Plus

Total Solutions Plus logoCome register for Total Solutions Plus 2019 at CTDA’s Booth #3219. Over 650 attendees took part in the networking, educational sessions and keynote speakers that Total Solutions Plus 2018 offered and another recording breaking year in 2019 is expected. The purpose of Total Solutions Plus is to annually bring the ceramic tile industry together to network and learn from each other. 

Please plan to attend the 2019 Total Solutions Plus, October 26-29 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn. Experience thrilling keynote sessions, engaging breakout sessions, receptions and tours to enhance networking experiences with your peers and business partners in the tile industry.

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