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National Tile Contractors Association July 2015 ON THE COVER Merkrete Systems Popular large-format tiles nd common ground with Merkrete solutions Total Solutions Plus Charming Savannah hosts annual conference Thin Tile Retail rebirth in Ottawa When you convert the quicker installation time into labor costs for a professional installer MAPEI Flexcolor CQ saves 38 in cost. Plus MAPEI Flexcolor CQ doesnt need the expense of a sealer which a cement grout does. TIME is MONEY Which grout can you install faster MAPEI Flexcolor CQ or a traditional cement grout We installed them side by side on identical porcelain tile floors at MAPEIs Technical Services testing facility. And the results were dramatic. And MAPEI Flexcolor CQ grout wins by a long shot Sanded cement grout took more than 2 hours to install while MAPEI Flexcolor CQ took only 40 minutes. Thats a time savings of 70. costs for a professional installercosts for a professional installer MAPEI Flexcolor CQ 38 in cost. Plus MAPEI Flexcolor CQMAPEI Flexcolor CQ doesnt need theMAPEI Flexcolor CQ doesnt need theMAPEI Flexcolor CQ expense of a sealer which a cement grout does.expense of a sealer which a cement grout does. Scan this code to watch the comparison video. news you need to know Dedicated to education and industry service Feature Story 32 In this issue... 60 Qualied Labor Steve Keator Collins Tile and Stone By Terryn Rutford Social Structure Marketing 66 Total Solutions Plus 2015 charming Savannah hosts annual conference NTCA TCNA CTDA and TCAA gather for education inspiration and networking By Lesley Goddin 80 Thin Tile Retail rebirth in Ottawa Sponsored by MAPEI Corporation feature story MERKRETE Popular large-format tiles nd common ground with Merkrete solutions By Randy Schultz LTGA ONLINE NOW 98 66 80 60 July 2015 2 TileLetter July 2015 We exceed industry standards to deliver the quality you come to expect from start to finish. Quality Tile Setting Materials THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE NATIONAL TILE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION BART A. BETTIGA publisher LESLEY A. GODDIN editor MICHELLE CHAPMAN art director advertising sales MARY SHAW-OLSON advertising sales Mailing Address P.O. Box 13629 Jackson MS 39236 U.S.A. Shipping Address 626 Lakeland East Drive Jackson MS 39232 Tel 601-939-2071 Fax 601-932-6117 Website Departments 6 Welcome new members 8 NTCA Tile Stone Workshops 12 Editors letter 16 Presidents letter 20 Ask the Experts Sponsored by LATICRETE International Inc. 26 Business Tip Benets of international trade in the tile industry Contributed by the CTDA Staff Sponsored by MAPEI Corporation 42 Tech Talk Building the perfect shower By Lesley Goddin Sponsored by TEC H.B. Fuller Construction Products 52 Member Spotlight EJT Contracting takes pride in tile setting Eric Tetreault as one of Coverings Rock Stars By Lesley Goddin Sponsored by Custom Building Products 90 NTCA Benets Box 94 By the Book TCNA Handbook new methods for curbless showers By Joe Kerber Kerber Tile Marble Stone Inc. Brought to you by CTEF 99 Workshop News 102 NTCA News 104 Industry News 110 New Products 116 Advertisers Index The National Tile Contractors Association Inc. is an equal opportunity association and seeks to include qualied individuals and businesses in all phases of its activities. The National Tile Contractors Association Inc. does not discrimi- nate on the basis of race color religion age sex sexual orientation national origin veteran status or disability. The National Tile Contractors Association Inc. seeks opportunities to include these groups in its programs and activities. TileLetter is a free subscription to the tile stone and allied products industries. To subscribe visit - click on Advertisers Subscribers - click on Subscribe. To make address changes or unsubscribe please send an email to TILELETTER EDITORIAL POLICY TileLetter is the ofcial publication of the National Tile Contractors Association Inc. NTCA. TileLetter provides a medium for expressing views and opinions without approving disapproving or guaranteeing the validity or accuracy of any data claim or opinion appearing under a byline or obtained or quoted from an acknowledged source. Statements of fact and opinion are made on the responsibility of the authors alone and do not imply an opinion or reect the ofcial position of NTCA. NTCA would not be possible with- out the dedicated service of our board and committee members and regional and state directors. Meet these dedicated volunteers by visit- ing and clicking on About Us. You can also nd infor- mation and a continually updated list of Five Star Contractors at www. click on Find a Tile Contractor or Consultant. 4 TileLetter July 2015 Photo features Avondale in Castle Rock 10 x 14 and Glass Horizons in Arctic Blend 34 x Random Linear Mosaic. Find an innite amount of beautiful tiles and mosaics that your customers will love at 2015 Dal-Tile Corporation A Division of Mohawk Industries IMAGINE WHATS POSSIBLE. These members recently joined NTCA Please take the opportunity to welcome those in your region to the NTCA family WELCOME NEW MEMBERS CONTRACTOR MEMBERS Able Tile Stone Brent Gathwright 253-255-4805 University Place WA Artista Tile Vicente Vargas 541-390-8753 Bend OR Bill Yarbrough Tile LLC Cody Yarbrough 817-247-3040 Clifton TX Liberty Contracting Inc. Troy Ingersoll 503-740-1543 Milwaukee OR CS Floors Alan VanCleave 253-853-5833 Gig Harbor WA Color Tile Randy Reed 541-410-2420 Bend OR Dave Gerhardt Tile LLC Dave Gerhardt 541-815-7287 Bend OR Fineline Tile and Stone Lesli Piercy 253-948-8489 Tacoma WA Hutcheson Tile Stone Don Hutcheson 907-242-8453 Eagle River AK Hyland Tile and Marble Inc. Patrick Hyland 707-580-6424 San Rafael CA Indiana Flooring Carpet One Tony Jackson 765-643-6635 Anderson IN Intense Cleaning Inc. DBA Looneys Tile and Grout Michael Looney 703-431-0985 Richmond VA NW Tile Guy Kevin Cease 818-461-4375 Stanwood WA Pacific Tile Marble Tom Rodriguez 503-930-1487 Salem OR 6 TileLetter July 2015 Tile Unlimited Inc. Kevin Nelson 708-361-8453 Palos Park IL Weis Ceramic Tile Inc. Paul Weis 253-444-8339 Tacoma WA Willamette Valley Tile Dave Chrowl 503-559-6537 Salem OR DISTRIBUTOR MEMBER Huachang Tools Corporation Andy Ma 714-838-8987 Tustin CA For information about joining NTCA visit the website at www. contact Jim Olson at 601-939-2071 or email him at Bostik Ceramics of Italy Coverings Crossville CTDA Custom Building Products Daltile Florida Tile Florim USA LATICRETE MAPEI NTCA Schluter Systems StonePeak Ceramics TCNA TEC Tile of Spain American Olean CertainTeed Marazzi USG Signature Sponsors Platinum Sponsors CTEF Certied Tile Installers The ONLY Tile Installer Certication recognized by the tile industry TileLetter July 2015 7 NTCA Tile Stone Workshops presented by Gerald Sloan Michael Whistler NTCA Tile StoneNTCA Tile StoneNTCA Tile StoneNTCA Tile StoneNTCA Tile StoneNTCA Tile Stone WorkshopsWorkshopsWorkshopsWorkshopsWorkshopsWorkshopsWorkshopsWorkshops presented by Gerald Sloan Michael Whistler NTCAs Tile Stone Workshops are a great opportunity to stay abreast of the latest techniques and systems for tile and stone installation. Workshops now include information on the many changes in the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Glass and StoneTile Installation live demonstrations and an open forum at every event. Visit for a workshop schedule or check each issue of TileLetter for upcoming events in your area. 2015 NTCA Tile Stone Workshops JULY 28 Daltile 2200 Stafford Avenue Scranton PA 570-342-3381 Donald Korshnak JULY 29 Daltile 6460 Deere Road Syracuse NY 315-432-0295 David Hart JULY 30 Daltile 6 Access Road Albany NY 518-452-4771 Tom Drucker August4 Daltile 121 Brainard Ave Building A Hartford CT 860-293-2900 Larry Labonte AUGUST 5 Daltile 110 Republican Dr Suite 10 North Haven CT 203-230-8315 Chris Kiene AUGUST 6 Daltile 49 East 21st Street New York NY 212-471-0256 Laura Skeeters AUGUST 11 Daltile 2030 Springdale Rd Unit 100 Cherry Hill NJ 856-489-3335 John Huff AUGUST 12 MarazziAmerican Olean 181 Herrod Blvd. Suite 12 Dayton NJ 609-409-7687 Jim Bruckbauer 8 TileLetter July 2015 AUGUST 13 Daltile 206 Route 46 East Fairfield NJ 973-808-9696 Marc Frank SEPTEMBER 15 Daltile 345 South River Run Road Flagstaff AZ 928-556-0583 Shawn Tipton SEPTEMBER 15 Daltile 214-A East JJ Drive Greensboro NC 336-274-7647 Sid Fields SEPTEMBER 16 MarazziAmerican Olean 2115 S. 11th Ave. Suite 170 Phoenix AZ 602-253-5551 Joey Schipper NTCA Workshops are subject to change. Visit for up-to-date information. Thank you for your sponsorship of the NTCA Tile Stone Workshops. TileLetter July 2015 9 Thank you for your sponsorship of the NTCA Tile Stone Workshops. 10 TileLetter July 2015 Fearlessly passionate about great designabout great design Marazzi creates oneMarazzi creates one irresistibleirresistible fashion- fashion- fashion- fashion- forward option after another. Allforward option after another. All empower you to express your individualityexpress your individuality and make your own bold statement. PHOTO FEATURES SUMMERVILLE IN CHAMPAGNE 12 X 24. 2015 DAL-TILE CORPORATION A DIVISION OF MOHAWK INDUSTRIES M A R A Z Z I T I L E . C O M Here is a question about a situ- ation I am sure just about every contractor encounters delays. In the sense that you tell your cus- tomer that you will be at their site at X time at X day but something happens to prevent this. How do you handle it I ask because I recently had such a situation develop. My very old rotting and rickety evapora- tive cooler a popular form of air conditioning in hot low-humidity climates needed replacing and the plumbing contractor the store recommended was due to come to the house on Wednesday June 10 at 2 pm. That time came and went. As a person with a very flexible relationship with time I understood he might have been detained. But when the clock start- ed ticking around to the quarter hour I called. Yes he did have a setback his son who was help- ing him had been injured but he could get here about 4 p.m. Then closer to the appointed hour he called and said hed come about 6. I had an appointment but my sweetie stayed home to be avail- able for the plumber. When I got home later I learned he had called and said he couldnt make it at all but he would come the next day at 9 am. I was disappointed and my sweetie was decidedly unhappy. Now I had never worked with this plumber before and we were over a barrel temperatures were heating up and cooling was desperately needed. Plus he was picking up the new unit and disposing of our old one. So we waited. At 930 the next EDITORS LETTER Lesley A. Goddin Be prepared before you begin. You save yourself from delay if you are fully prepared. Preparation sets you for excellence. Israelmore Ayivor Shaping the dream 12 TileLetter July 2015 Equipped with cast aluminum table with non-slip molded neoprene surface Two-position motor post and cutting head for convenient cutting of various tile sizes Locking blade shaft for easy blade removal Features Extended table for a length of cut to 24 Linear-bearing and chrome plated guide-bar assembly ensure precise cutting Permanently lubricated dual-sealed heavy- duty blade shaft bearings for durability Built-in water distribution system supplies water to both sides of blade Variable height cutting head allows for plunge cuts Accommodates 6 or 8 prole wheel Depth of Cut 3 Diagonally Cuts 18Tiles 1 Brand for Decades MK-101Pro24 10 Wet Cutting Tile Saw MADE IN USA Phone 1.800.421.5830 MK Diamond offers professionals a tile saw that is durable and powerful. The heavy-duty Baldor electric 1-12 HP120v fully enclosed high torque fan-cooled motor is the power behind the blade and delivers long reliable service. morning he and a helper rolled in. Time was tight because BOTH my sweetie and I had appointments at about noon which was cutting the installation close. Alls well that ends well cooler was installed in the nick of time and weve been enjoying blessedly cool indoor tem- peratures ever since. My neighbor asked who my installer was hired him and he arrived on time to her home to her delight. So how do YOU handle delays Do you call your client if you know youll be late Is there an alternate member of your team who can go to a customers home to get the job started Do you only give approxi- mate times or suggest a time range say between 2 - 4 p.m. Im curious about successful ways to manage delays and cus- tomer expectations and not only provide an expert installation for your clients but keep them happy from the get-go with realistic time frames and contingency plans. Please email me with your expe- riences at and Ill use your comments for a future Business Tip story that focuses on the topic of delays and successful management thereof. Many thanks God bless Lesley EDITORS LETTER Joseph Lundgren Consulting where growing your business is our purpose. Joe is a globally recognized product and marketing expert in the ceramic and stone worldwide markets. His specialty is Business Development Product Management and Marketing. He has developed his expertise in strategic planning new development and marketing strategy during his 27 year career at Dal-Tile a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries. Joe has extensive experience in multiple sales channels including distribution and Home Centers. Additionally Joe represents the Tile Council of North America TCNA for its testing laboratories which has Joe at the epicenter of the industry for all new initiatives. Please contract Joe at 214.641.7773 for a free consultation proposal. Facebook TwitterFacebookFacebook TwitterTwitter Facebook Google Plus Twitter Google Plus Facebook Google Plus Linked-InLinked-In 14 TileLetter July 2015 A SINGLE GROUT THAT REFLECTS COLOR TO COMPLIMENT YOUR TILE Texrites newest technology in grouts EPOXYPLUS 372 Starbrite TM We are in the midst of what I call silly season here in Phoenix. Its the 75-day window for us as tile installers to complete all of the school projects before class- es begin again the first week of August. The maxed-out schedule on a condensed time frame is an opportunity to outperform my cli- ents expectations. Hopefully our performance will lead to more work. It is also more important than ever to make sure everyone on our team at Artcraft stays safe on jobsites. I was having a conversation with one of my GC clients a couple of months ago on a jobsite for a project we were finishing up on a Sunday. The GC is stringent on safety and I was bragging about how good our experience modifi- cation rate was to him. He turned and asked me Are your people safe because of your practices or are they on the edge of a cliff because they have not embraced safety as a personal responsibility This question stopped me in my tracks. I always thought our teams were listening to me and taking our job- site talks seriously but as the GC nonchalantly pointed out not all of our team members were follow- ing company safety practices and policies. We turned our heads to see one of our tile installers cut- ting a piece of tile without safety glasses. The GC said Heres an opportunity to talk about safety as a personal responsibility. Dont yell at him just explain to him why he needs to care about safety. As I approached this team mem- ber and asked why he was working overtime on a Sunday he explained that he was earning extra money for his daughters birthday party. I complimented him for being such a good father and explained that I wanted him to go home to his fam- ily safely that night. He looked a bit puzzled. I then asked him what would happen if I had to call his PRESIDENTS LETTER James Woelfel Owning up on safety 16 TileLetter July 2015 Patent Pending wife to tell her that he lost his sight in a workplace accident. I didnt scold him for as the GC said he would have just tuned me out. What I tried to do was help him understand that he is an integral part of our team his efforts to help his family are commendable and his welfare is vital to both his fam- ily and to Artcraft. Shortly after our conversation I called a company meeting. Instead of lecturing about safety practices I asked our team members to tell me what would make them feel safer on the job. Some of the answers surprised me such as making sure the other trades were treating safety seriously making ear plugs mandatory when cut- ting tile wearing dust masks when mixing dry products like mortar or grout and providing mini first-aid kits in addition to the compre- hensive ones on the jobsite. The ideas were great and we instituted changes immediately. Team mem- bers are happy that they affected change and in turn feel safer on the jobsite. What I learned was that installers and finishers wanted to be part of the plan. They were happy to take on safety as a personal responsi- bility when we discussed why its important to work safely and the people counting on them to do so are one of the main reasons why they are there in the first place. I also realized that even when we have solid plans in place safety will require diligence no matter what the season. James Woelfel NTCA President PRESIDENTS LETTER Helping installers and finishers take personal ownership of a safety program starts with a conversation about whats important to your team members. A-5891-0515 2015 LATICRETE International Inc. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners. For more information visit Industry and product information in short easy segments Train from the comfort of your home or ofce anytime Fast and easy to access listen and complete New E-Learning Program J James Woelfel J James WoelfelJames WoelfelJames WoelfelJames Woelfel 18 TileLetter July 2015 800-472-4588 Connect with us Made for TILE Schluter -DITRA Uncoupling membrane for tiled floors Ensures the lasting beauty and functionality of tiled oors Prevents the main cause of cracked tiles Waterproof to protect your suboor Lightweight alternative to cement backerboard Easy to handle and transport Cuts with utility knife or scissors no saws and no dust Quick and easy to install No-nonsense warranty Warm it up Schluter -DITRA-HEAT Electric oor warming system with integrated uncoupling ASK THE EXPERTS QUESTION I have a new construction 2008 post-tensioned slab where very small cracks have developed in my travertine tile flooring ground floor. I had a contractor come out and he said that the standards recommend installing a slip sheet before applying the tile. Is there a professional article that I can use to back up my assertions to the origi- nal tile contractor that there should have been a slip sheet ANSWER David since your installation was done in 2008 that years industry standards must be con- sulted. The 2008 TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation states in method F113- 07 in the Limitations section that Method F111 is the preferred method over precast concrete floor systems post-tensioned concrete floor systems and other floors sub- ject to movement or deflection. Method F111 is an unbonded includes cleavage membrane wire-reinforced mortar bed min- imum 1-14 and maximum 2 thick. Hope this helps. Michael Whistler NTCA presenter QUESTION Could you direct me to a simple method to calculate the regulated flexural strength of cementitious floor tiles i.e. equation or formula for various areas of application i.e. residential use vs. commercial use vs. industrial use There must be an ASTM standard for these floor coverings and a simple way to determine these flexural strengths depending on the lengthwidth thickness of the tiles. European standards use EN 14411 with the following formula Breaking force FN 2 x x h x b 3 x L in which 1. is flexural tensile strength of the tile Nmm2 2. h is tile thickness in mm Sponsored by 20 TileLetter July 2015 Globally Proven Construction Solutions Globally Proven Construction Solutions l 1.800.243.4788 Snap for more information A-5883-0615 2015 LATICRETE International Inc. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners. See product DS 038 for complete product and installation information. See DS 025.0 for complete warranty information. Super Strong Super Fast PLASMA Ready-To-Usegroututilizespatentpending technologytoachievetheindustrysbestearlystrength development.Groutjointsarehardand durablereadythenextday Superior stain resistanceno sealing required No mixingReady-To-Use Easy to install and clean Crack resistanttough and durable Available in 20 colors plus Translucent Anti-MicrobialTechnology Equipped with Warranty 25YEAR 3. b is tile width in mm 4. L is tile length in mm Thank you for the time that you will allocate to this information request. ANSWER There is no standard for cement floor tile though there have been discussions over the years. Relative to your question about flexural value the U.S. does not address that issue in ceramic tile well. In addition to EN 14411 there is EN 14617 for agglom- erated stone. I have found the 14617 standards of greater value when considering cementitious floor tile primarily in the area of dimensional stability. On flexural value architects typically put the cementitious tile in section 09300 and treat it as floor tile. When I get a claim on cement tile one of the tests I often use is ISO 10545-4 because it has a standard for flex- ural value for ceramic tile. While ceramic is 30 Nmm2 and por- celain is 35 Nmm2 I often find cement tile anywhere from 10 to 17 Nmm2. This requires a surface with less curvature than a conven- tional tile to be successful. I have had well over a dozen large claims on cementitious floor tile. In the majority of them this was an issue and the dimensional stability was a problem as well. David M. Gobis CTC CSI Ceramic Tile Consultant HYDRO BAN Shower System provides a single source for your entire tile or stone shower installation including barrier-free showers. HYDRO BAN Shower System includes drains pre-sloped shower pans preformed seats bench- es shelves niches and liquid- or sheet-applied HYDRO BAN Waterproofing Membranes that are designed for use with LATICRETE installation mate- rials. Backed by a compre- hensive system warranty the HYDRO BAN Shower System allows for a high-quality rapid shower installation from stan- dard to barrier-free. ASK THE EXPERTS 22 TileLetter July 2015 VETROPVA 103 Bauer Drive Oakland NJ 07436 800-648-7229 Fax 800-286-0114 Copyright 2015 Alpha Professional Tools. All rights reserved. CUTTING DRILLING POLISHING To see our tools in action visit WWW.ALPHA-TOOLS.COM BEAST 10 WET TILE SAW 24 x 24 Diagonal Cut 39 Rip Cut with plunge Most accurate 10 saw on the market Only 84 lbs BEAST 7 WET TILE SAW 18 x 18 Diagonal Cut 24 Rip Cut Most accurate 7 saw on the market Only 48 lbs BEAST 5 HAND SAW 12 amp motor Bevel cuts up to 45 Accepts contour blades Contact us at 800-850-2044 sponsored by BUSINESS TIP Thirty-four CTDA members recently traveled to Istanbul Turkey for an amazing experience they will never forget. The CTDA Trade Mission to Turkey gave mem- bers an opportunity to meet with Turkish manufacturers face to face explore new trends in Turkish tile visit showrooms and network with each other. As the United States economy recovers and business in the tile industry picks up dis- tributors are looking abroad for the next great opportunity in tile. International business across all sectors has grown tremendously with advances in technology and a willingness to create a strong global economy. Dr. Robert Mousettis profes- sor of International Business Strategy and coordinator of the Masters of International Business Program at North Central College in Naperville Ill. explains that global markets are one of the most attractive reasons to conduct busi- ness with a world-wide view in mind. In general the international markets provide an opportunity to venture into untapped markets with enormous potential Dr. Mousettis said. However it is not easy if it was everyone would do it. It requires companies to be comfortable with complexity and ambiguity. It requires companies to have individuals who have excep- tional intercultural skills natural curiosity flexibility adaptability and superb leadership skills. With major manufacturers all over the globe distributors realize the importance of broadening their horizons to buy and sell products abroad. International business does not come without challenges. Dr. Mousettis cites differences in cul- ture and politics as major obstacles to conducting business abroad. As CTDA members learned during the trade mission understanding more about different suppliers by expe- riencing their culture first hand is one way to alleviate concerns and become culturally sensitive. Politics and legal differences can arise while doing business internationally so it is important to have a strong under- standing and clear communication with business partners. Benefits of international trade in the tile industry CTDA members take a trade mission to Turkey Contributed by CTDA staff 26 TileLetter July 2015 MAPEI is serving up something lite and NEW Keyword MAPEI Americas Premium Highly Deformable Lightweight Thin-Tile Mortar with Polymer Polymer-enriched for high performance and deformability Extended coverage formula for most types and sizes of thin tiles 25-lb. 113-kg bag provides the same coverage as a 50-lb. 227-kg bag of a standard polymer-modified mortar Superior transfer promotes full coverage for tile panels Excellent wet-out characteristics promote bonding MAPEI Ultralite S2 simplifying the... Installation challenges of large-format thin tiles Transportation of products Ease of application and so much more. Imports increase Americans purchasing power and give them access to products that may not be available in the United States. The tile industry is full of opportunity for collaboration between coun- tries that excel in creating quality materials demanded by educated consumers. International trade in the industry can also broaden dis- tributor and retailer horizons on how to display use and promote tile in local markets. To learn more about the CTDA Trade Mission to Turkey please visit the CTDA blog BUSINESS TIP Modified Mortar Bed is a pre- blended cement-based poly- mer-modified thick-bed and ren- der mortar that includes a blend of select aggregates. Rather than requiring the use of a latex addi- tive it only needs mixing with water to produce a thick-bed mortar of exceptional strength that can be pumped. Modified Mortar Bed is designed for use as a bonded or non-bonded con- ventional thick mortar bed it can be used as a scratch coat and wall render or as a concrete patch from 14 to 2 6 mm to 5 cm. CTDA members and Turkish manufactur- ers networking on the Bosphorus strait. 28 TileLetter July 2015 large porcelain panels with state- of-the-art technology provide the aesthetics of a beautiful marble or stone but contain the durability of porcelain. Because of this breakthrough technology a factory certified installer is highly recommended for fabrication and installation. F.A.C.T. Factory Advanced Certified Training is implemented in our TN manufacturing facility by experts knowledgeable with Plane. Participants learn how to handle fabricate and install our large porcelain panels for interior exterior floor and wall applications. Upon completion and passing of our testing they are then certified and more importantly obtain knowledge and hands on experience. Please contact for further information and to participate in a training session. For more information F.A.C.T.FACTORY ADVANCED CERTIFIED TRAINING CERTIFIED F E A T U R E S T O R Y he world of architectural design can be perplexing at times for those trying to stay current with the latest trends in mate- rials forms and applications. But it doesnt take a Sherlock Homes to know that residential and com- mercial customers alike have fallen in love with large-format tiles. Its a fondness that grows in passion and scope with each passing year. So when the call came for build- ing a facility in Urbana Md. that would celebrate ornate design and lavish attention to detail it was no surprise when large formats were specified for the job. It was equally understandable that the task of anchoring these tiles would go to Merkrete a division of Parex USA and part of the worldwide Parex Group. After all Merkrete has been an industry leader in water- proofing thin-set solutions and innovative underlayment products for more than 40 years. A larger share for large format Tiles are classified as large format if any one side is 15 or greater. These larger tiles have been popu- lar with designers who admire the spacious open look that they give to floors and walls. Consumers also like the dramatic stone-like expanse and the easier main- tenance that comes from fewer grouted joints. Because of these Popular large-format tiles find common ground with Merkrete solutions By Randy Schultz LTGA he world of architectural design can be perplexing at times for those trying to stay current with the latest trends in mate- T Emser plank tiles in the wait- ing room at the University of California San Diego Hospital San Diego Calif. 32 TileLetter July 2015 FEATURE Popular large-format tiles find common ground with Merkrete solutions attractive characteristics its esti- mated that 60 to 70 of todays tile installations are specified for large format. Among the most notable large- format flooring trends are plank tiles that show hardly any grouting at all and provide a wood-floor look with a wide array of options for color and design. In fact this long rectangular tile type has tripled its share of the market in the past two years. Distinctive grain patterns and cross-cut texturing are some of the stylish features of this porcelain and ceramic tile that is also easier to clean and maintain than real wood. Advanced manufacturing tech- niques make the plank tiles highly durable as well as versatile enough to perform well in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. These tiles typically run in size from 6 x 24 to 8 x 71 ranging in styles from contemporary and modern to rustic or traditional. Getting to the bottom of the problem There is no denying however that large-format tile presents its share of installation challenges. For one it demands tighter toleran- ces in the substrate. More surface preparation is required to meet TCNA guidelines and this can also lead to the need for more labor. Large-format tiles also by the very nature of their size weigh more so they can be more dif- ficult to move around and handle. Because of its added weight heavy Emser Modena plank tiles like those in this publicity photo provide a modern accent and are representative of the kind of large-format tiles that pair so well with Merkrete setting products. 34 TileLetter July 2015 FEATURE Popular large-format tiles find common ground with Merkrete solutions stone floor tile like the 36 x 48 granite tiles used in the Maryland structure can settle into the mor- tar bed unevenly and cause lip- page. This situation where one edge of a tile is higher than the adjacent edges leads to a sloppy uneven appearance and can even create safety issues. Additionally the larger tiles can- not be effectively staggered or off- set at 50. Instead offset is recom- mended at 33 or even 25. Said Robert Cribbs Tile Division manager for California-based residential contractor Homesite Services Large-format tile has real- ly changed the way we do things. It forces more labor and creates more issues with lippage and staggering. I had one designer tell me they wanted a 15 stagger. Now thats very difficult to measure. The perfect mortar match NTCA member Pro-Fast Commercial Flooring the Ijamsville Md.-based tile con- tractor for the elegant Maryland structure utilized tiles supplied by Merkrete distributor Emser Tile and Stone from its nearby Hanover location. Merkrete 720 Marble Pro medium-bedlarge-and-heavy tile mortar was selected for the hori- zontal applications ensuring suf- ficient support for the stone so that it would not sink overnight and create lippage. The companys 720 RS is also an excellent option pro- viding rapid-setting performance that results in a fast mortar cure to avoid shrinkage or warping of the stone. For the vertical applications Merkrete 820 Merlite mortar did the job nicely demonstrating excel- lent adhesion while offering supe- rior strength and sag-prevention ability. Large-format tile customers also designate Merkretes 855 XXL medium-bedlarge-and-heavy tile mortar. The 855 is a full-contact adhesive that offers ideal setting properties for large-format tiles eliminating the need for back but- tering the tile. Because it offers full bonding coverage this helps pre- For vertical applications like the Emser Modena large-format plank tiles in this publicity photo Merkrete 820 Merlite mortar would be the perfect mortar for the job with its excellent adhesion superior strength and sag-prevention ability. 36 TileLetter July 2015 vent hollow spots that can suffer damage from concentrated weight. Like a new bottle of ketchup where you stick in a knife to break the surface tension 855 works simi- larly saidTim McDonald Merkrete vice president. After you trowel it out and set the tile you agitate it a bit to break that surface tension creating a full-contact mortar. Every Merkrete tile solution gives installers a complete underfloor sys- tem with each product supporting and complementing one another. Thats why Merkrete Fracture Guard 7000 was also utilized protecting the tiles from any possible move- ment. Customers know that this comprehensive systemic approach gives them wall-to-wall coverage for any type of challenge whether waterproofing crack resistance set- ting issues or more. The system comes with a quality warranty that adds yet another level of assurance. As consumer tastes change and the industry evolves technologically and culturally Merkrete strives to stay always a step ahead noted McDonald. Our wide variety of mortar products that solve the chal- lenges of large-format tile instal- lation is a good example of that. Whats important is that we never take a band-aid approach. We deliv- er products that create an entire underflooring system. So in the case of large-format tiles we dont just fix a problem we enhance the results. In Urbana Md. this type of comprehensive approach paid off since despite on-site modifications that were requested almost daily the finished product dazzled from floor to ceiling. So even though theres a groundswell for large-for- mat tiles its nice to know theres an experienced hand ensuring a smooth steady floor every time. FEATURE Popular large-format tiles find common ground with Merkrete solutions This Urbana Md. project features large- format tiles over Merkrete mortars. Installers set a centerpiece mosaic surround- ed by large formats in Urbana Md. facility. 38 TileLetter July 2015 Baskets Hooks Towel Bars Grab Bars Foot Props Glass Shelving Storage baskets position above or below shower valve. Optionally position in the corner. For anything that hangs with a rope ADA Grab Bars Combination Grab Bars For carpets bath mats and shower mats Claddy-T Tile-over Tray offered with glass shelves 12 colors available Accessibility Foot Prop We fix it Forever Using the PermaTile Fastener Thin-set Tile 2015 TileWare Products. All rights reserved. PermaTile Fastener Patented. US Patent No. 8161700 THE ONLY NON-PENETRATING ACCESSORY PROGRAM IN THE WORLD EXCLUSIVELY FOR TILE PROFESSIONALS Tray Glass Shelving TowelBars Baskets FootProps GrabBars Hooks Call today 828-322-9273 Installing showers are one of the most frequent jobs encountered by a tile set- ter and one of the most challenging. Managing water issues imparts another dimension to the USUAL demands of tile installation projects. In this edition of Tech Talk we connect with some tile contractors who are experts at shower instal- lations to learn about pitfalls of these projects and how to overcome them with beauti- ful results. Top challenges John Cox owner of NTCA Five Star Contractor compa- ny Cox Tile in San Antonio Texas noted that logistics especially getting materials to higher floors take some planning. Most residences do not have elevators so scaffolding and ladders are the only means of getting materials to the bathroom. Weather also is a contend- Building the perfect shower By Lesley Goddin TECH TALK Sponsored by Collins Tile and Stones Carrara Elegance won the 2014 NTCA Five Star Contractor Residential Award. 42 TileLetter July 2015 TEC Fewer steps for moisture mitigation Mercy Hospital in Joplin Missouri turned to TEC to protect against moisture damage when the hospital was rebuilt after a tornado struck. With a one-step one-coat formula and no shot blasting required The LiquiDAM from TEC efciently protects the ooring from moisture. No shot blasting required for clean sound concrete. Visit tecspecialty.commoisture and enter offer code tileletterad to learn how to protect your oors from moisture damage and receive a free TEC T-shirt. Copyright 2015 H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc. TEC and The LiquiDAM are trademarks of H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc. Mercy Hospital Joplin Joplin MO TECH TALK TEC presents InColor Advanced Performance Grout as part of its enhanced line- up of advanced- performance ready-to-use grouts. As the choice for heavy-duty resi- dential and commercial applica- tions InColor grout offers resis- tance to many chemicals as well as permanent stain protection with no sealing. The pre-mixed high- strength formula is crack and shrink resistant and is recommended for high traffic interior and exterior installations including submerged water applications. Both strong and easy to use InColor eliminates color variations caused by inconsistent mixing methods water sources or efflores- cence. Its universal formula can be used for both floors and walls with grout joints 116 to 12. InColor spreads smoothly to fill joints and cleans up easily from the tile sur- face using only water and a sponge. InColor grout comes in 20-lb. pails and 10-lb. pails in 15 colors that match todays design. er for muddying up bathroom installs. Thats because to achieve the stunning bathroom effects it produces Cox Tile muds its walls using the one-coat method which is made all the more difficult when weather conditions are wet and humidity is high. Both Cox and Buck Collins of Five Star Contractor Collins Tile and Stone in Ashburn Va. cite walls that are neither plumb nor square as being problems on the job. Collins says this challenge is exacerbated by todays use of large-format tiles seats and recessed niches and attacks the problem by plumbing the walls before rebuilding them. Cox added that his company is exerting more labor and energy correcting workmanship issues such as lack of skilled labor and costs to create a plumb and square canvas on which to install tile. We have to use a scratch and brown coat to our walls due to the depth when they are out of plumb or out of square Cox said. When working with walls that need flattening Joe Kerber owner of Five Star Contractor Kerber Tile Marble Stone Inc. from Shakopee Minn. said that 116 sheetrock fur- ring strips available at big box home centers can be used to fur out walls that are not flat or straight. He insist- ed Make sure that the walls you are going to set tile on are flat not necessarily plumb. Kerber also noted that pitch to the drain can be a challenge when 44 TileLetter July 2015 PRECISE EFFICIENT DURABLE WITh BELLoTA yoULL NoT oNLy gET ThE joB DoNE yoU WILL gET IT DoNE RIghT. Discover our all new complete range of professional manual tile cutters and scoring wheels at 800 234 2547 Marketed by CORONA CLIPPER INC. for North America working with barrier-free showers. see Kerbers By the Book article on curbless showers in this issue. Sometimes we have to reframe the floor system to accommodate the correct pitch for the particular room he said. Another issue that comes with shower installs is seats that are prone to leaking Collins said. To alleviate this problem Collins uses pre-formed seats and niches to elevate any potential issues. Martin Brookes owner of Five Star Contractor Heritage Marble Tile Inc. in Mill Valley Calif. shared that his company has dis- covered that sometimes showers will be redesigned after bid stage to a steam room without the own- ers being aware of the significant up charge and design changes to accommodate this scenario. Top tips for shower installs Much of the wisdom around shower installs centers on water- proofing clearly a key compo- nent to any successful shower or steam room project. Cox recommended that contrac- tors Understand and know the value in waterproofing. Especially niches benches seats jambs and window frames. These are long- term problematic areas that do not get treated properly. They show up later down the line and are generally costly problems to TECH TALK Collins Tile and Stone won the 2015 NTCA Five Star Contractor Residential Award for this Modern Tranquility bathroom. 46 TileLetter July 2015 TECH TALK correct. Brookes declared that Waterproofing the shower enclo- sure and shower pan is key in longevity of the shower stall. Its critical to identify ahead of time if you need a trench drain instead of a traditional shower drain. Not every application will allow for the use of a trench drain with a barrier-free walk-in type shower stall. Sometimes the floor will need to be re-engineered to accommo- date this application. Steam room applications will require a whole different approach and a different set of specifications to make it fully functional. And be sure you have proper pitch to the drain on all horizontal surfaces Kerber said. Brookes confirmed The impor- tance of waterproofing all niches and penetrations should be under- stood. All mounted accessories should be considered and appro- priate backing installed before preparation work begins. Follow the rules and understand the water- proofing requirements and your installation will survive for many years to come. Brookes under- scored the importance of reading and clearly understanding TCNA standards as well. Kerber pointed out Use correct installation procedures for your waterproofing. Remember its not just waterproofing its water man- agement. He also emphasized that contractors get a good layout of the tile selections on all the walls whether it is only two or as many as nine as is the case of a shower we are working on right now. Sometimes this process takes time practice patience and wis- dom. Kerber stressed using mortar or thinset to install tile. Absolutely no acrylic adhesives in a shower he said. And use premium grouts and caulks. No acrylic caulk at the shower floor. TileLetter July 2015 47 TECH TALK To achieve the stunning bathroom effects it produces Cox Tile muds its walls using the one-coat method which is made all the more difficult when weather conditions are wet and humidity is high. Another essential is proper installation of shower pans Cox said. Understand that a show- er is a working assembly he explained. Pre-slope is criti- cal folding your corners wrap- ping your curbs and putting the proper corners on where need- ed. We build ours with bricks or blocks for long term. Also know that any curb built with wood cannot have any fasteners on the top or inside that will lead to water intrusion. And above all before even starting Educate the builder and framer on how it affects your labor when they do not pay attention to their quality control Cox concluded. Cox Tile has to use a scratch and brown coat for walls due to the depth when they are out of plumb or out of square. 48 TileLetter July 2015 One of the traditional challenges of building a floor-recessed curbless and level-floor shower system has always been How do we construct a barrier-free show- er and do it safely in terms of structural sup- port and floor-integrated waterproofing If a job asks for such a recess of a shower installation into the existing floor structure a general contractor or a structural engi- neer may need to be consulted. Once a safe recess structure has been prepared its vital to have proper waterproofing of the shower and adjacent areas especially since there is an absence of a water-retaining curb. Whatever waterproofing product or method is chosen for the bathroom floor it should be able to safely connect to the waterproofing layer of the shower area. Such materials must be compatible and durable especially at the transition from level floor to the pitched shower floor. wedi recently introduced the Fundo Ligno Shower System which allows recess- ing into a structure without cutting into floor joists. And it provides a number of safe options to extend waterproofing beyond the sloped Ligno shower floor unit which is available in several sizes . The perimeter of the Ligno is only 34 thin to create an installation flush with the surrounding floor. Lignos surface is sloped at a rate of 14 per foot with a specially reinforced drain area. Installing Fundo Ligno Before installing Ligno the 34 ply- wood subfloor must be cut away to the desired size of shower. Blocking will be required to support the new subfloor cre- ated with the Fundo Ligno system. If the main floor will be waterproofed with wedi Subliner Dry sheet membrane and no added underlayment or cement board additional 2 x 6 blocking will be attached to the joist 34 from the top on all four sides of each joist cavity. This essentially gives the new recessed subfloor and Ligno base full structural support under its entire perimeter. The plywood in smaller sheets is now re-installed on top of the blocking flush with the top of floor joists. Fundo Ligno can then be installed over the recessed subfloor with a wedi Subliner sheet membrane applied over the bath- room subfloors plywood and allowed to overlap into the Ligno base area by 4. This is the deepest completely level floor option. However it is always possible to adjust the Ligno base higher for a shallower depth if a flush connection with cement board and sheet membrane is desired. And to replace cement board and sheet membrane entirely wedi 14 or 12 Building Panels may be installed as a single waterproofingtile underlayment product. The panels will seal right into a bead of wedis joint sealant applied in the standard perimeter notch connection present in every Ligno system. Ligno features the typi- cal wedi strong reinforced-cement-based surface making it suitable to walk and work on safely. It can be tiled immediately using any suitable thin-set mortar. In addi- tion Ligno is lightweight extremely fast to install and easier on the structure load. And wedi always guarantees its inherent waterproofing properties. leading the way in oor level showers By Dennis Lynch wedi technical support manager NW region PAID ADVERTORIAL 50 TileLetter July 2015 Curbless and oor level Done with wedi Fundo Ligno Bryan Baeumler host of Leave it to Bryan and House of Bryan as seen on HGTV and DIY-Network. Find product suppliers specs and videos on Join Us on 877-933-WEDI 9334 The specialist for recessed wood oor framing Easy and clean installation within the complete wedi system XPS foam and integrated drain are 100 waterproof in the entire system Strong surface to work on low weight on structure Perfect slope ensures best tiling experience The rst low prole shower oor base made for tile featuring a safe cement based surface coating Fundo Ligno installs over plywood recessed between oor joists no cutting into joists BRAND NEW wedi Fundo Ligno wedi Virtual Factory Tour MEMBER SPOTLIGHT sponsored by EJT Contracting takes pride in tile setting Eric Tetreault celebrated as one of Coverings Rock Stars By Lesley Goddin WhenEricTetreaultcurrentowner of EJT Contracting in Saugerties N.Y. was in high school a major con- struction project in his neighbor- hood piqued his interest in building trades. He was eager to rush over to the construction site after school and help out eventually skipping school altogether so he could work on the job all day. Flash forward a few months and Tetreault joined the GED program so he could work construction full time. Eventually he discovered his true interest was in tile installation and he continued to pursue that passion to the career in residential remodeling with a heavy emphasis on tile he has today. I have always been known for my tile installs knowledge of prod- ucts methods and standards and attention to details Tetreault said. He seeks ongoing knowledge of approved methods for successful installations. I approach each project as a new challenge to better myself Tetreault added I take immense pride in the end product and what we as tilers are able to accomplish for our custom- ers. Continuing to learn about his trade is paramount to Tetreault and so is demonstrat- ing his tile prow- ess. He is the 708th installer to gain Certified Tile Installer status from CTEF and the fifth ACT installer to be certified through the program. About four years ago Tetreault joined NTCA during a workshop. I was so impressed with the pre- sentation and knowledge of NTCA presenter Gerald Sloan that I had to join he said. The promises of literature publications and voucher program were enough to join but little did I know they were only the tip of the iceberg. I have since taken advantage of every available train- ing networking and educational opportunity that I could including Coverings Surfaces special work- shops the SchluterNTCA joint workshop for example webinars phone and email support etc. he added. The people behind the Eric Tetreault 52 TileLetter July 2015 CUSTOM OFFERS 40 COLORS IN ALL GROUTS. Refreshed Palette Complements Todays Trends CUSTOM continues to lead the grout industry by offering the best color lineup that combines existing popular favorites with nine new nature-inspired colors added for 2015. Designers have a new array of colors to choose from all complementing todays tile trends including wood plank stone reclaimed wood and glass. The new colors are drawn from nature with inspiration from water sand and fog with muted gray brown green and blue tones. Choose the right grout CUSTOM empowers tile contractors and design professionals to choose the right grout type for the job. All 40 colors are now available in all grout lines including Fusion Pro. 800-272-8786 TL0615B For specialty projects that need a wow factor Custom Building Products offers the Fusion Pro Designer Series a line of eight spe- cialty reflective color accents that extend the creative value of this popular single-component grout. The Fusion Pro Designer Series is ideal for kitchen backsplashes and showers when paired with dynamic mosaic glass porcelain ceramic or other tiles that could benefit from a special effect. Use it to enhance the decorative beauty of both horizontal and vertical interior or exterior com- mercial or residential tile proj- ects. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of Fusion Pro Designer Series the ready-to-use profes- sional-grade grout is guaranteed to be stain proof and color perfect without the use of a sealer. The Fusion Pro Designer Series col- ors include natural and mineral inspired colorations like Smoked Quartz Starlight Moonshadow Ice Crystal Glitter Raw Sugar Starry Night and Gold. MEMBER SPOTLIGHT EJT Contracting tackled a residential bath remodel with a shower built using foam- core cement-coated board a sealed sys- tem and premium materials. 54 TileLetter July 2015 Introducing VersaBond LFT Todays oors call for large and heavy tile so use a trusted everyday mortar specically designed for the job. When you have tile 15 or longer on any side dont just ask for VersaBond ask for VersaBond-LFT where you buy mortar. For CUSTOMs complete line of mortars for large and heavy tile including MegaLite and ProLite see our website.We know large format tile. Count on CUSTOM. VersaBond is Now Available for Large Format Tile 800-272-8786 For Horizontal Applications Available at The Home Depot and tile distributors nationwide. DOWNLOAD CUSTOMS MOBILE APP TL0615A TileLetter July 2015 55 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT scenes are the most pleasant Ive ever met. Everyone involved is so welcoming so charming and so intelligent I could sit with them for hours. Even local members direc- tors and retailers dont see me as competition but as a colleague. Though he clearly values net- work and training opportunities as key reasons for joining the associa- tion he also values other member benefits including TileLetter mag- azine discounted Certified Tile Installer exam product vouchers and the NTCA Reference Manual. Tetreault was honored in April as one of the Coverings Rock Stars during the show held in Orlando Fla. Tetreault was shocked excit- ed and honored to be recognized as an emerging leader. Some of his industry accomplishments include taking the lead in obtaining and helping others achieve certifica- tions joining and helping promote the industry and NTCA and being in the forefront of new products methods and standards. For Tetreault being a tile installer is deeply satisfying. I get many joys in this line of work he said. The top of the list might be working with designers and architects to help them understand the fundamentals and challenges of complex and demanding installs then working with them to create them exactly as planned aesthetically functionally properly and correctly. Lastly and perhaps most importantly he said I enjoy the beauty of a finished product. I really appre- ciate a well-designed space and to have a considerable hand in creating it is very satisfying. This customer commissioned EJT Contracting to install a new radiant sys- tem over existing concrete with 24 x 24 tiles. Tetreault had to prepare to install radiant heating over existing con- crete accounting for height limitations. EJT ground and patched the subfloor to achieve required 18 in 10. One inch foam-core cement-coated build- ing panels were installed over concrete and with channels routed out for radi- ant tubing. After reinforcing the panels with fiberglass scrim the 24 x 24 tiles were installed directly to the foam panels. Movement joints were included as required and the granite fireplace undercut for clean look. 56 TileLetter July 2015 Rustic Elegance Handcrafted in Los Angeles Since 1966 Brick Tile Architectural Murals Decos 310.768.8500 2x8 Antik Used Red TheGroutGame HasChanged Anti-MicrobialTechnology Equipped with Warranty LIFETIME T E C H N O L O G Y EQUIPPED WITH STONETECH SEALER Watch a brief video on PERMACOLOR Select See Data Sheet 230.99 for complete warranty information. When mixed with PERMACOLOR Select Base. 2015 LATICRETE International Inc. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.A-5765-0315 Globally Proven Construction Solutions Globally Proven Construction Solutions Industry Leading Performance Simply select a Color Kit from 70 PERMACOLOR Select Colors then mix with PERMACOLOR Select Base and youre ready to grout. Easy to Mix Features Exceeds ANSI A118.7 and achieves ISO 13007-4 CG2FAW Reinforced with Kevlar crack and shrink resistant For joints 116 to 12 1.5 mm to 12 mm All 40 LATICRETE Colors plus the top selling competitor colors Benets No sealing required equipped with STONETECH Sealer Technology Virtually eliminates batch-to-batch color variation Vibrant consistent color resists efflorescence Fast setting ready for foot traffic in 3 hours l 1.800.243.4788 To find out more visit your local LATICRETE Distributor today Steve Keator Collins Tile and Stone CTI supports best practices boosts client trust installer confidence and marketability QUALIFIED LABOR Steve Keator director of Field Operations for Collins Tile and Stone in Ashburn Va. cant say enough about the value of being a Certified Tile Installer CTI affords his customers. As a CTI the work that I pro- duce satisfies the greatest expec- tations and quality of work within the industry said Keator. We establish trust and confidence with our clients when they know that our skilled CTIs are capable of performing all work using indus- try best practices and techniques resulting in superior quality and lasting installations. Having CTIs on staff makes Keators job easier. I am respon- sible for maintaining a level of quality control over the tile instal- lations by making sure that indus- try best practices and techniques are performed within each kitchen and bathroom remodeling proj- ect he said. This task is easier for me because all of our tile m e ch a n i c s are CTI certi- fied. Collins Tile and Stone leverages the CTI credentials of its employees in all its market- ing. We promote CTI credentials and post the CTI logo throughout our marketing materials including our website social media out- lets FB Houzz Pinterest Angies List and in the email signature of all employees Keator said. The company also designates that it is a company that employs CTIs on By Terryn Rutford Social Structure Marketing Steve Keator 60 TileLetter July 2015 porcelain QUALIFIED LABOR each business card. We promote the CTI logo on our company vehicles as well Keator said. In addition we cite CTI certification of our installers on every proposal and contract we provide to our clients to estab- lish the high level of expertise of our tile installers. Keator took the CTI evaluation in November 2010 at Daltile in Richmond Va. He took the writ- ten test in person and found fin- ishing the hands-on portion in the allotted six hours to be the hardest part. Keator was grateful for his existing level of technical knowledge and the written test reinforced the necessity of indus- try methods and standards for pro- ducing top-quality installations. And although the CTI evalu- ation is not a training course Keator said I gained a greater understanding of the necessity of pre-sloping and proper weep hole protection proper mud pan installation different types of joist systems and substrates and their requirements. After installing tile for five years Keator pursued CTI certification to advance his education and to increase his skills as a tile trades- man. All of this prepared him for a supervisory position. SOLUTIONS WITH METAL TRIMSSOLUTIONS WITH METAL TRIMSSOLUTIONS WITH METAL TRIMSSOLUTIONSSOLUTIONSSOLUTIONSSOLUTIONS WITHWITHWITHWITH METAL TRIMSMETAL TRIMSMETAL TRIMSMETAL TRIMS Carpet Trims Carpet Trims ReducersReducers Custom Trims Knowledge. Experience. Service.Knowledge. Experience. Service. Ceramic Tool CompanyCeramic Tool Company 1-800-236-5230 62 TileLetter July 2015 Globally Proven Construction Solutions Globally Proven Construction Solutions Snap for more information STONETECH Professional Products Ensure the beauty of your customers natural stone and tile countertops oors walls and other installations for generations to come. With a complete line of products to protect clean and transform STONETECH features innovative easy-to-use solutions designed to protect and preserve stone and tile for everyday living. l 1.888.786.6343 Keep your stone andtile beautiful. A-5904-06152015LATICRETEInternationalInc.Alltrademarksshownaretheintellectualpropertiesoftheirrespectiveowners. Why should someone become a CTI Being a CTI sets me apart from other tile mechanics in the industry Keator said. As a CTI my skill level is proven and I know I am capable of building quality tile installations that will last. This has helped me to personally take pride in my work as well as to build my career from an installer to a supervisor. I am more mar- ketable with these proven skills and provide value to every job I complete. In addition to increasing the marketability of Keator and his employing company he said that being a CTI has instilled an increased level of confidence in his installers and himself. I am using industry best practices and techniques he said. The fact that our company employs CTIs equates to a highly skilled and educated workforce. Keator has advice for installers thinking about becoming a CTI be prepared. Although the writ- ten exam was open book I had to be fully prepared and well versed in tile installation technique and knowledge he said. Since the manuals are rather large and com- prehensive it was imperative that I came prepared for the exam and was familiar with the informa- tion in order to locate references quickly as needed throughout the test. QUALIFIED LABOR Progress Proles America Inc. 4 Middlebury Boulevard Unit 14 Randolph New Jersey 07869 Tel. 973-584-2650 Warmth and Comfort in Every Room PRODESO HEAT SYSTEM With a glance always oriented to the future. Progress Proles SpA Certicated company UNI EN ISO 90012008 VAPOR AND MOISTURE MANAGEMENTUNCOUPLING CRACK ISOLATION WATERPROOFING LOAD DISTRIBUTION The Made in Italy alternative PRODESO HEAT SYSTEM by Progress Proles combines the benet of an underlayment membrane with the comfort and convenience of electrical radiant oor heating. The Prodeso Heat Membrane can be installed directly over the entire suboor as an uncoupling crack isolating and waterproong membrane making it possible to install underoor electric heating even on problematic substrates such as wood and cracked screeds. The Prodeso Heat Cable is installed in the areas where heat is desired and tiling can begin immediately after the heating cable is in place. No additional steps are required. PRODESO HEAT SYSTEM is a revolutionary and cost effective way to add warmth and comfort to your cold surfaces. Electrical oor heating system U.S. Patent No. 8176694 64 TileLetter July 2015 Ceramic Porcelain Natural Stone Decorative Design Made Easy Total Solutions Plus charming Savannah hosts annual conference Plan to join with distributors manufacturers and other contrac- tors from host associations NTCA TCNA CTDA andTCAA at the sixth annual Total Solutions Plus indus- try conference set for October 24-27 in historic Savannah Ga. The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Report and Spa offers mod- ern luxury paired with Southern charm creating a tranquil loca- tion for this gathering of network- ing and educational events. Enjoy motivational relevant speakers participate in education sessions taught by the best of the best in the industry and network with decision makers while enjoying Savannah not far from shopping and nightlife with complimentary water ferry service to River Street. A prime networking opportu- nity is the Tabletop Exhibits and Reception on Monday night October 26. Three top-notch key- NTCA TCNA CTDA and TCAA gather for education inspiration and networking By Lesley Goddin TOTAL SOLUTIONS PLUS 2015 The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Report and Spa offers modern luxury paired with Southern charm for this years Total Solutions Plus. Total Solutions Plus offers unprecedented opportunities for networking like the 2014 Opening Reception pictured here. 66 TileLetter July 2015 TERRAZZO TILE A beautiful finishing touch to your next project Visit to see our case study video about terrazzo tile at the San Diego airport and learn about our custom precast terrazzo capabilities. Factory-direct pricing Installs like other hard surface flooring Variety of colors available and in stock TOTAL SOLUTIONS PLUS 2015 note speakers will educate and inspire you and breakout sessions will allow you to delve more deep- ly into specific topics. The event wraps up with a casino-themed dinner and dance on Tuesday night October 27. Association meetings and testing will be held Saturday and Sunday please check tsp2015 for schedule and details for your particular association. The conference kicks off at 630 p.m. on Sunday with an opening reception. Conference schedule Note The schedule is subject to change. Some events overlap in time you may only register for one. Events that indicate CTDA NTCA TCAA or TCNA are events ONLY open to members of the cor- responding association. Monday October 26th 730am - 830am Breakfast 830am - 1000am Opening Keynote Eric Chester Eric Chester is a trusted source in the global dia- logue on employ- ee engagement workplace cul- ture and the emerging gener- ation. A five-time author his new- est book On Fire at Work How Great Companies Ignite Passion in Their People without Burning Them Out is set for release on October 20 2015. Chester also is founder of The Center for Work Ethic Development and created a revolutionary curriculum to teach young adults vital employability skills. Eric Chester 68 TileLetter July 2015 PROTECTYOURSHOWER ANDYOURWALLET 2015NobleCompany. TrademarkofNobleCompany RegisteredTrademarkofNobleCompanyGrandHavenMI ValueSeal Thin-Bed Bonded Waterproong FULL FEATURES LOW PRICE Thin lightweight exible Holds a crease Available in 3 6 widths Made in USA Thin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded WaterproongThin-Bed Bonded Waterproong FULL FEATURES LOW PRICE 1000am - 500pm TCNA Board Meeting 1000am - 200pm Tour Savor Savannah 1030am - 1130am Breakout How Qualified Labor can add to your Bottom Line 1030am - 1130am Breakout Sampling Marketing and Displays 1130am - 1230pm Breakout Streamlining LEED Paperwork 1130am - 1230pm Breakout MotivatingRetaining Key Employees 1230pm - 130pm Awards Lunch 145pm - 215pm NTCA Annual Meeting 145pm - 245pm CTDA Annual Meeting Committee Meetings 230pm - 330pm Breakout The Good the Bad and the Ugly 330pm - 430pm Breakout In-House Training Programs 245pm - 415pm Distributors Forum Distributors Only 415pm - 715pm Table Top Exhibits and Reception Tuesday October 27th 730am - 830am Breakfast 830am - 1000am Keynote Ross Shafer Ross Shafer is one of the most sought after keynote speak- ers and seminar leaders on the sub- jects of Customer Urgency and Empathy Personal Motivation Reinvention and Market Relevance. He has authored five best-selling business books on TOTAL SOLUTIONS PLUS 2015 TILESHARK FLOORSTRIPPERM A D E I N A M E R I C A VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE TS-8 MANUAL FLOOR STRIPPER EDCOs Push Electric Floor Stripper is designed to remove glued down soft-goodcoveringsfromafloorssurface Ross Shafer 70 TileLetter July 2015 Pop Cooperativa Ceramica dImola North America 312.683.0600 Chicago IL Weve closed the gap between Italian design and just-in-time inventory. Now our high performing cutting edge ceramic tile collections are more accessible to our North American customers than ever before. Italian Design Made Possible growth motivation customer expe- rience and accountability is a writ- erproducer of 14 human resource films and a six-time Emmy Award winning talk show hostcomedian FOX USA NBC ABC. 1030am - 1130am Breakout The Mystery of Overhead Burden Rates Profits 1030am - 1130am Breakout Social Media 1130am - 1230pm B r e a k o u t Distributor Profit Survey 1230pm - 200pm Lunch Keynote Peter Zeihan Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strate- gist who has lived in the world of international affairs throughout his career. He launched his own firm Zeihan on Geopolitics in 2012 in order to specialize in customized executive briefings for his clients. Prior to going independent Zeihan worked for 12 years with the geo- political analysis firm Stratfor. Zeihans first independent book The Accidental Superpower was published in November 2014 and he is working on his next book Shale New World. 130pm - 430pm Tour Georgia Port and Wildlife Refuge 215pm - 315pm Breakout Succession Planning 215pm - 315pm TOTAL SOLUTIONS PLUS 2015 Lay Turn Remove Progress Proles America Inc. 4 Middlebury Boulevard Unit 14 Randolph New Jersey 07869 Tel. 973-584-2650 Progress Proles SpA Certicated company UNI EN ISO 90012008 PROLEVELING SYSTEM Leveling system Lippage is a huge issue Its our turn to help The only one with 2 elements Save 3 pieces on intersections With a glance always oriented to the future Protection Cup World Patent U.S. 8635815 B2 Peter Zeihan 72 TileLetter July 2015 Move Water Wet Area Substrates 8 6 6 9 1 2 - 3 2 1 1 Hope to see you at Total Solutions Plus October 24th -27th in our hometown Savannah Georgia. Patent PendingHardCurb The perfect curb failure solution for mud bed applications with ANY positive-side waterproofing sheet or liquid. Breakout Innovations in Grout 330pm - 430pm Round Table 430pm - 500pm CTDA BoardExecutive Com- mittee Meeting 430pm - 630pm CTEF Board of Directors Meeting 700pm - 800pm Closing Reception 800pm - 1200am Casino Night Theme Dinner and Dance Activities schedule In addition to industry events an abundant agenda of leisure events is planned. Be sure to check the website at tsp2015 for details. Registrations for tours and the golf tournament are due by September 25. Lunch is included in all the following activi- ties except for Georgia Port and Wildlife Refuge tour Golf Tournament Sunday 1230 pm - 630 p.m. The sixth annual Total Solutions Plus Golf Tournament will be held at the Club at Savannah Harbor a spectacular Savannah landmark with an 18-hole championship course designed by Robert Cupp and Sam Snead which hosts the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf tournament each year. The Historic Savannah Experience Sunday 12 noon to 4 p.m. The experience begins with a trol- ley ride through historic Savannah touring one of Savannahs Historic House Museums for a look into the lives of some of the citys wealthy cotton merchants and a lunch at a favorite local restaurant. Savannah Inshore Fishing Sunday 12 noon to 4 p.m. This customized inshore fishing experience on a 21 long U.S. Coast Guard-approved charter boat off the coast of Wilmington Island will allow attendees to fish for red fish spotted sea trout flounder shark and assortment of fetish fish. Savannah Highlights Experience via Pedal Bike Sunday 12 noon to 430 p.m. An hour-long slowride group bike ride with up to 14 people per pedal-poweredgroupbikeincludes a tour of one of Savannahs Historic House Museums the Andrew Low House located on the southwest trust lot on Lafayette Square and lunch at one of Savannahs favorite local restaurants. TOTAL SOLUTIONS PLUS 2015 Get the latest information on new prod- ucts and services in an intimate setting during the TSP Table Top Reception 2014 version shown here. 74 TileLetter July 2015 Typical residential and household products will not stain grout however be sure to clean spills immediately. STAINMASTER is a trademark of Invista. Used under license. For additional information visit THE MOST TRUSTED BRAND IN FLOORING IS NOW REVOLUTIONIZING GROUT 12CLASSICCOLORS 12GLAMOURCOLORS 5METALLICCOLORS 6CRYSTALGLASSCOLORS ADD A SHIMMER FINISH TO YOUR GROUT Designed specifically for use with STAINMASTER grout Shimmer Finishes add dimension to the look of your tilewhether youre using the shimmer to enhance a mosaic or simply beautify a wall or floor installation. For the first time high performance grout offers unparalleled design options.Available in hundreds of color and finish combinations the STAINMASTER grouting program is easy to sell and install. Better yet it is highly resistant to mold mildew acid and chemicals no sealing necessary eliminating unnecessary time and costs. Salt Marsh Kayak Experience Sunday 12 noon to 430 p.m. Accompanied by seasoned guides and naturalists this 3-hour tour gives you a satisfying taste of Georgias coastal wilderness mean- dering through the tidal marshes and exploring beaches accessible only by kayak. The primary pad- dling location Little Tybee Island is an undeveloped State Heritage Site that provides a unique opportunity for great paddling at every level in a safe and challenging environment. Savor Savannah Monday 10 a.m. -2 p.m. On this walking tour guests dis- cover the history and culture of this beautiful city while tasting local spe- cialties during a progressive lunch at six local restaurants some off the beaten path and all locally owned. Georgia Port and Wildlife Refuge Tuesday 130 p.m. - 430 p.m. Ride the Island Explorer 40-pas- senger pontoon boat as it cruises up the Savannah River and learn about the great cotton age plan- tations and rice fields that were once located along the river as well as the container industry. The Georgia Ports Authority is home to the 2nd largest container port in the United States. The highlight of the tour will feature the Savannah Wildlife Refuge home to many animals native to the area includ- ing alligators. Stone Sealer with Stone Sealer with our proprietary Hybrid Blend Technology offers the performance and benefits of a solvent based sealer with the ease-of-use and safety profile of a water based sealer. Can be applied immediately after groutingno return trip Full penetrating sealer with unrivaled stain protection. Low odor and non-flammable. VOC Compliant 800 938-7925 - OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Serv OUR 22000 SQ.FT.SHOWROOM IS LOCATED AT 520 S.Front Street -Seattle WA 98108 Master Wholesale is an authorized reseller of these and many more quality brands sku t-bl_prosku t-bl_pro Cyclone Vacuum Brazed Cup Wheels Extremely aggressive versatile tool for edge shaping. Cuts like blade shapes like cup wheel. 2 grits avail. 4 84.00 5 97.54 Cyclone Turbo Cup Wheels Balanced to eliminate vibration and chipping when shaping. 4 52.70 5 71.06 6 88.06 7 99.62 Cyclone Ultra 4Pads The highest quality diamond resin wet pad Diamax makes. Grits 50 to black or white buff. 9.44 Dryflex Polishing Discs Supreme quality polishing pads great for jobsite touchup. 9 grit choices from 60 - 5000. 26.56 Cyclone WetDry Core Bits T-segment increases durability and minimizes segment loss. Sizes 1 - 2 34 1-14 52.14 1-38 55.60 Hurricane Turbo Cup Wheel Light weight professional cup wheel with an economical price. Coarse medium or ne. Size 4 CorFine 39.78 Med 37.67 t-pol_dry2 t-pol_spd t-cup_hcw t-core_d1t-grind_bgc5t-core_tt SAVE 20 ON ALL DIAMAX DIAMOND PRPrices below reect savings after coupon. Coupon valid through July 78 TileLetter July 2015 ONLINE WWW.MASTERWHOLESALE.COM Most products ship for free on orders over 49 ving professionals in the heart of Seattles Georgetown industrial district since 1993 EMAIL US AT SALESMASTERWHOLESALE.COM SEATTLE AREA 206 767-6771 sku t-bl_proiisku t-bl_pdia005ec Cyclone Porcelain Tile New improved rim for even less chipping on all surfaces. 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Retail rebirth in Ottawa Architects and technicians use Neolith large thin tile to transform outdated department store into a sophisticated Nordstrom retail location THIN TILE sponsored by Elegant. Light. Warm. When thinking of the Nordstrom brand very specific descriptors emerge that evoke the chic high-end style of the upscale retailer. Following a 2012 announcement that the former Sears location at Ottawas Rideau Centre would be reinvented as Nordstrom to anchor the 360 million modernization and expan- sion of the center a great deal of care was taken to select architects technicians and consultants that understood the brand the vision and the goal. As the number-one retail design firm in the world design- ing more than 150 new and remod- eled Nordstrom stores in North America Seattle- based architecture firm Callison was selected for the project in this high- traffic location in the heart of Canadas capital. Callison began planning digging deep into the design process and creating what would be an epic dramatic revamp of 14000 sq. ft. of dreary worn exterior and interior store- fronts. The completed elevations were sleek and specific designed with large thin tile in a bright gleaming white with subtle pol- ished accents that would never stain fade or discolor. The exterior The completed elevations by Callison were sleek and specific designed with large thin tile in a bright gleaming white with subtle polished accents that would never stain fade or dis- color. 80 TileLetter July 2015 faade would need to overcome the often harsh weather conditions in Ottawa where temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius are common. An installation system that held tile firmly in place without grout lines was another necessity to carry out the teams full vision. Callison realized this was a tall order. With several key must-haves for the project Callison began looking into potential solutions that would not sacri- fice the design details that were so impor- tant to the overall aes- thetic. After looking at a variety of surfacing materials Callison was drawn to Neolith by TheSize www.thesize. es a sintered compact surfac- ing product that utilizes clays and other components already used frequently in Europe for com- mercial faades. The product had THIN TILE The faade installed by Ontario Panelization using the Ceramitex mechanical installation system combines bright white in matte and polished finishes with tan and grey accents. Using Neolith a chamfer miter is possible allowing for seamless L-shaped pieces for cladding the outside corners. 82 TileLetter July 2015 a reputation for being incredibly durable and resistant to scratch- ing fading staining and extreme temperatures. After meeting with Travis Conrad architectural con- sultant for Neolith www.neolith. com Callisons team was feeling confident for the first time that their vision might become reality. As architects we definitely thought about design and the aes- thetics of the project foremost but design visions dont often link directly to a functional solution especially when looking at a high- traffic commercial project like the Nordstrom at Rideau Centre said Michael Lee principal Callison. The product addressed our con- cerns from a design perspective an array of tile colors to create patterns of horizontal movement limited grout lines varying panel heights and lengths to further rein- force the random nature of the faade allowing for lasting warm colors but also from a functional perspective in terms of durability. Neoliths unique manufacturing process which uses high pressure and high temperature to create a compact nonporous surface enables the product to withstand harsh conditions and emerge unscathed. A key concern for this project related to weather as many compact materials are unable to withstand the coefficient of linear expansion in Ottawa or the extreme fluctuations in tem- perature. Neoliths design and use of 6 8 and 18 wide 6mm slabs THIN TILE The exterior faade needed to overcome the often harsh weather conditions in Ottawa where temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius are common. in 5 and 10 lengths in tan- dem with the unique Ceramitex mechanical installation system provided a secure way to fasten the product without fear of crack- ing or splintering. Neolith and the accompanying installation system also provided several design benefits to the proj- ect. The exterior storefront has several sharp angles and edges as result of the faade being raised away from the main structure. Using Neolith a chamfer miter is possible allowing for seam- less L-shaped pieces for cladding the outside corners. This simpli- fies installation improves over- all aesthetic and avoids the use of unsightly vertical lines where sealing caulk often gets dirty and discolored. This project utilized both 90- and 135-degree miters giving the building an effortless- ly seamless appearance installed by Ontario Panelization based in London Ontario Canada. Aside from a clean smooth look the architects were also searching for specific colors. To contrast with the concrete and stone buildings surrounding the area the faade was to be mostly bright white in matte and polished finishes with tan and grey accents. The team selected the pure Arctic White color in a satin finish as the base and accented that with scattered tiles of Barro Perla and Arena in satin and polished finishes to round out the color scheme sup- THIN TILE MAPEI Ultralite S2 is a pre- mium-grade lightweight single- component thin-set mortar that is ideal for thin-tile applications. This high- performance h i g h l y - deformable polymer-mod- ified mortar is formulated with Easy Glide Technology for ease of application. MAPEI Ultralite S2 features a long open time extended coverage and superior transfer properties to enhance back-buttering which is ideal for thin porcelain tiles as well as ceramic tiles and stone material. MAPEI Ultralite S2s unique Ultralite Technology provides twice the coverage of a stan- dard thin-set mortar per pound kg and is TCNA Green Squared Certified for use on sustainable projects. 84 TileLetter July 2015 Welcome to the NATIONAL TILE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION ABOUT NTCA MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS EDUCATION CERTIFICATION MAGAZINES AWARDS UPCOMING EVENTS LATEST NEWS BLOGS FREE PRODUCT VOUCHERS TO MEMBERS NTCA Associate supporters believe so strongly in the value of NTCA Membership that they offer FREE product vouchers to offset the investment in joining the NTCA. Contractor members receive up to 3x the value of Associate membership every single year NTCA STORE Welcome to the NTCAs Online Store Here you can easily locate and purchase our Professional Resource Materials in print and electronic format. You can also nd and purchase NTCA curriculum tools other publications and NTCA merchandise. NTCA members receive special store pricing FIND A CONTRACTOR Find a Contractor Find a Distributor Find a Five Star Contractor Find a Recognized Consultant Why hire an NTCA Contractor Why hire a Five Star Contractor LEARN MORE VISIT TODAY JOIN NTCA TODAY NTCA is one of the fastest growing trade associations in the U.S. construction industry. Resources are available that offer both technical and business support and the Partnering for Success Program offsets your annual membership investment. NTCA is the Voice of the Tile Contractor. Members associated with NTCA are valued and respected. Join today to realize the many benets NTCA offers. National Tile Contractors Association P.O. Box 13629 Jackson MS 39236 USA 601.939.2071 EDUCATION The National Tile Contractors Association has dedicated its staff volunteers and resources to the betterment of the ceramic tile and allied industries and is engaged in a wide variety of activities on behalf of our members and our industry. Each year NTCA conducts over 100 programs and seminars around the country reaching thousands of industry professionals. EDUCATIONCERTIFICATIONCEU OPPORTUNITIES W elcom e to our new website plied by Innovation Surfaces in Santa Ana Calif. Neoliths portfo- lio of nearly 50 colors and four fin- ishes gave the team a vast amount of aesthetic freedom to get the design just right. Once my team at Neolith learned about the design goals and confirmed that functionality wouldnt be an issue you could see the architect team breathe a complete sigh of relief said Travis Conrad architectural consultant TheSize Surfaces. We were happy to be able to offer a product and system that evenly matched the high-end quality of the Rideau Centre Nordstrom and Callison and let the architectural team focus on crafting a truly beautiful space. Neolith compact sintered 6 mm slabs by TheSize were selected to update the worn exterior and interior storefronts. TileIndustry M arketingTips FREE MARKETINGREPORT IN UNDER30-MINUTES TILE INDUSTRY AD AGENCY How would you like a to help with everything What areYOU DOINGTO MARKET YOUR COMPANY REPUTATION MANAGEMENT WEBSITES MOBILE WEBSITES BRANDING VIDEO ON-HOLD MESSAGES 800.789.4619 IMAGE IS EVERYTHING DONT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING 101MARKETING TILE INDUSTRY THIN TILE 86 TileLetter July 2015 wetsaw containment systems Wet saw overspray a problem Not with the Dry Guy NEW Cut wet. Stay dry. The Dry Guy. 1-866-633-0619 We recently purchased the Dry Guy and it has already made a big improvement on the job site. Both my crew and subcontractors are impressed with the quality of the equipment but importantly my customers are impressed with the lengths we go to protect their homes. Now we can place our wet saw in a convienient location close to our work rather than outside or in a garage. Thanks for solving a problem with overspray water damage that we have faced for 30 years with one piece of equipment. Joe Constantine of Constantine Builders Inc. Amsterdam New York Solving a problem... Isnt that what having the right tool is all about Made in the U. S. A. Dont just take our word for it... check this out Less steps less time more productivity. Are you thinking of investing in a safety program In many instances an active safety program is necessary to bid or secure work. An effec- tive safety program has a number of ben- efits including avoiding costly interruptions to company operations reducing insurance costs lowering workers compensation costs improving employee attitude morale and feeling of teamwork as well as performance and overall quality reducing on-the-job acci- NTCA BENEFITS BOX NTCA Contractors Safety Program designed specifically for contractors By Lesley Goddin 90 TileLetter July 2015 MADE IN AMERICA dents and the need for training replacement personnel and culti- vating quality employee attitude. With these factors in mind the NTCA Contractors Safety Program was designed specifically for tile contracting companies and tai- lored to the unique needs of tile contractors. The NTCA Contractors Safety Program is a two-year subscription that includes the following features and benefits 24 months of Safety Toolbox Talks Worker Safety Policy AccidentInjury Flash Report Drug Free Workplace Policy Safety Committee Accident Injury Investigation Report Safety Violation Interview Safety Violation Policy Worksheet What to do in case of an accident or injury Safety Awards Suggested Structure Safety Committee Recommendations Safety Violation Notice Safety Violation Forms Dont miss this essential benefit of your NTCA membership. For details talk to Jim Olson at jim or 601-939-2071. Earn More Jobs Earn More Money and Avoid Problems Get Your Installers ITS Verified The Tile Installer Thin-Set Standards ITS Verification Certificate is awarded by the University of Ceramic Tile and Stone UofCTS and endorsed by tile and floor covering associations in North America. Tile installers who successfully complete this 4-hour online course that teaches industry standards and methods for adhered thin-set applications will earn the ITS Certificate. The ITS Certificate will give you credibility with your customers and will enable you to earn more jobs make more money and avoid costly failures. Course material teaches industry standards for thin-set installation applications including how to inspect and prepare substrates thin-set methods and workmanship requirements. The ITS online course is available in English and in Spanish. Additional online tile and stone courses are available from our website Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile and Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone UofCTSs training courses are ideal for installers architects salespeople designers or anyone interested in tile and stone. 866 669-1550 Only 150 per tuition 247 Internet Access No Travel Expenses No Lost Productivity Certificate Issued Volume discounts available. Membership discounts available through CTDA TTMAC and WFCA. 2014-8_UCTS_TileLetter_2color.qxp_Layout 1 81114 249 PM Page 1 dents and the need for training Drug Free Workplace Policy NTCA BENEFITS BOX 92 TileLetter July 2015 The ONLY Tile Installer Certication recognized by the tile industry 864-222-2131 CERTIFIEDTILE INSTALLERS The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation provides education and installer certication for professionals working in the ceramic tile and stone industry. Our installer certication program is the only third-party assessment of installer skill and knowledge. Bostik Ceramics of Italy Coverings Crossville CTDA Custom Building Products Daltile Florida Tile Florim USA LATICRETE MAPEI NTCA Schluter Systems StonePeak Ceramics TCNA TEC Tile of Spain American Olean CertainTeed Marazzi USG allers ification ustry 22.2131 TDA James Hardie TEC Tile of Spain USG Signature Sponsors Platinum Sponsors They just dont build them like they used to. Youve all heard that before and most of the time thats a good thing. With our never-ending desire to have the latest and greatest or the biggest and best we contin- ue to develop new ideas and chal- lenge ourselves to help meet our customers wants and needs. Some of these ideas are thinner floor sys- tems and larger curbless showers. Our manufacturing partners in the tile industry have been develop- ing new products over the years to help us make this all happen. There are three products that stand out in my mind as great inventions that have really advanced the tile industry cement backer units thin- set mortars and todays subject topical waterproofing. I was first introduced to topi- cal waterproofing in the 1970s. I remember the old guys at the time saying What the hell is that crap Being the forward thinker that I am I would say Im going to try this stuff. So I did. My wife Wendi and I were just starting to build our first new house. The building inspector at the time was an acquaintance of mine and when I approached him with the idea of a tiled tub in my house he said Its your house go ahead. So we did. The many tiled tubs from that era are still in service today. I have been using topical waterproofing ever since. It is the one product that has really changed our design criteria. Next challenge if we can slope enough floor space on a bath floor so that the water from a shower runs toward a drain do we need a BY T HE BOOK brought to you by TCNA Handbook new methods for curbless showers By Joe Kerber Kerber Tile Marble Stone Inc. 94 TileLetter July 2015 TCNA Handbook and ANSI Standards Available in Print and Digital Formats AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR GLASSTILE ANSI A137.22013 Release Date January 31 2014 For updates visit AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR GLASSTILE GREEN SQUARED AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE CERAMICTILES GLASSTILES AND TILE INSTALLATION MATERIALS ANSI A138.12011 Version 2 Printing reference 2012.1 For updates go to GREEN SQUARED AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE CERAMICTILES GLASSTILES AND TILE INSTALLATION MATERIALS The Tile Council of North America TCNA is a trade association representing North American manufacturers of ceramic tile tile installation materials tile equipment raw materials and other tile-related products. Established in 1945 as the Tile Council of America TCA the Tile Council has a leadership role in promoting the use of ceramic tile and in developing North American and international industry standards. Additionally towards the goal of expanding the ceramic tile market in North America the Tile Council regularly conducts independent research and product testing works with regulatory trade and other governmental agencies offers professional training and publishes installation guidelines tile standards economic reports and promotional literature. Our member companies help sustain the publication of this document and other technical literature look for the Member of Tile Council of North America logo on their products. For more information regarding the Tile Council of North America or for links to TCNA members please visit 2014HandbookforCeramicGlassandStoneTileInstallation Standards Leading Developer of National and International Standards for Tile Installation Materials and Sustainability Secretariat of ANSI Accredited Standards Committee A108 and ISO Technical Committee 189 Editor and Publisher of the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation Science Largest Independent Tile and Installation Materials Testing Laboratory in North America Leading Research Partner in the Development of Standards Education Founding Partner in Installer Education and Certication Programs in the U.S. and Mexico Promoting Tiles Superior Sustainability through the Green Squared Standard Provider of Quarterly Tile Industry Economic Reports Regular Contributor to Industry Journals Advocacy Promoting Tile Industry Interests in Legislative and Regulatory Matters Government Watchdog for Trade and Import Issues STANDARDS. SCIENCE. EDUCATION. ADVOCACY. 2014 Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation 2014 Copyright 2014. Tile Council of North America Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. 100 Clemson Research Boulevard Anderson SC 29625 Phone 864-646-8453 Fax 864-646-2821 AmericanNationalStandardSpecicationsfortheInstallationofCeramicTile ANSI A108 A118 and A136 Release date December 2014 For updates American National Standard Specications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile Material and Installation Standards Standards Leading Association for National and International Standards for Tile Installation Materials and Sustainability Secretariat of ANSI Accredited Standards Committee A108 and ISO Technical Committee 189 Publisher of the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation Science Largest Independent Tile and Installation Materials Testing Laboratory in North America Leading Research Partner in the Development of Standards Education Founding Partner in Installer Education and Certication Programs in the U.S. and Mexico Provider of Tile Industry Economic Reports Advocacy Consumer and Industry Interests in Legislative Regulatory and Environmental Matters STANDARDS. SCIENCE. EDUCATION. ADVOCACY. 100 Clemson Research Blvd. Anderson SC 29625 864-646-8453 ANSI A108 A118 and A136 Release date December 2014 For updates American National Standard Specications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile Material and Installation Standards The Tile Council of North America TCNA is a trade association representing North American manufacturers of ceramic tile tile installation materials tile equipment raw materials and other tile-related products. Established in 1945 as the Tile Council of America TCA the Tile Council has a leadership role in promoting the use of ceramic tile and in developing North American and international industry standards. Additionally towards the goal of expanding the ceramic tile market in North America the Tile Council regularly conducts independent research and product testing works with regulatory trade and other governmental agencies offers professional training and publishes installation guidelines tile standards economic reports and promotional literature. Our member companies help sustain the publication of this document and other technical literature look for the Member of Tile Council of North America logo on their products. For more information regarding the Tile Council of North America or for links to TCNA members please visit 2015HandbookforCeramicGlassandStoneTileInstallation Standards Leading Association for National and International Standards for Tile Installation Materials and Sustainability Secretariat of ANSI Accredited Standards Committee A108 and ISO Technical Committee 189 Editor and Publisher of the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation Science Largest Independent Tile and Installation Materials Testing Laboratory in North America Leading Research Partner in the Development of Standards Education Founding Partner in Installer Education and Certication Programs in the U.S. and Mexico Promoting Tiles Superior Sustainability through the Green Squared Standard Provider of Quarterly Tile Industry Economic Reports Regular Contributor to Industry Journals Advocacy Promoting Tile Industry Interests in Legislative and Regulatory Matters Government Watchdog for Trade and Import Issues STANDARDS. SCIENCE. EDUCATION. ADVOCACY. 2015 Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation Copyright 2015. Tile Council of North America Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. 100 Clemson Research Blvd. Anderson SC 29625 Phone 864-646-8453 Fax 864-646-2821 Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation 2015 Manual TCNA y ANSI A108A118A136 Tambin Disponibles en Espaol 864.646.8453 curb The answer is no. The issue that we had is that according to the IPC International Plumbing Code there had to be a dam outside the shower area in order to contain the water. However in an ADA- compliant shower there is no dam or curb so the actual code does not apply. When talking with plumb- ing inspectors they agreed that a curb was not necessary as long as the water ran to the drain and did not affect any of the other surfaces. That is just common sense. Lets say you are ready to start a tile project that you were awarded. It has several ADA showers. You know the floors have to have a specific slope to the drain in the shower compartment area. You get there and find that the plumber has the drain too high or the concrete company has not placed the con- crete correctly or both. Now you have an issue with the pitch of the floor to the drain. What do you do You look at the tool that GCs architects law- yers and judges consult for answers to tile issues the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation. It has many methods for showers that give you all the criteria and information for proven installation methods. But wait as of 2014 there was no method for a curbless shower So we needed to develop one. This should be easy right Lets just take an existing proven meth- od from the Handbook and expand on it. Well remove the curb and waterproof the bath floor area. We will then get a consensus from the Methods and Standards Committee so that we can move this method forward. STOP The plumbing inspectors will not approve this method for our mem- bers without a curb because of the code about the dam. But wait tile installers have been building curb- less showers successfully for quite a while and inspectors are approv- ing these installations so lets push forward. After some changes the Methods and Standards Committee gives its blessing on this method so now it has to go to the TCNA Handbook Committee. Here the Handbook Committee made up of tile installers manufacturers consultants expert witnesses and Finally after about three years of work there are approved methods for curbless showers in the 2015 TCNA Handbook. BY T HE BOOK 96 TileLetter July 2015 Waterproof Period 8 0 0 6 3 3 - 4 6 2 2 w w w . n a c p r o d u c t s . c o m SubSeal is a ready-to-use elastomeric waterproofing membrane which also functions as a sealant stand alone crack suppressant and moisture barrier. Easily applied with a trowel brush roller or airless sprayer SubSeal has superior adhesion to the substrate and meets ANSI A118.10 and ANSI A118.12 for thin-bed load bearing waterproof membranes. functions as a sealant stand alone crack suppressant trowel brush roller or airless sprayer SubSeal has superior adhesion to the substrate and meets Liquid Waterproofing and Crack Supression Membrane Perfect solution for bathrooms kitchens exterior decks - areas where waterproofing and crack suppression are needed available in 1 or 5 gallon sizes people in the know have the task of mak- ing changes and either approving or disapprov- ing the method. Finally in the 2015 Handbook after about three years of work there are approved methods for curbless showers and you have informa- tion to show your GC how those showers need to be constructed before its too late. It is a long tedious and sometimes frustrat- ing process to develop a new method in the Handbook. But it is well worth it because of the information it gives the tile installer. I hope that every- one has a new TCNA Handbook and uses it. It has been developed for you the tile installer. Joe Kerber is presidentCEO and co-owner with wife Wendi of Kerber Tile Marble Stone Inc. in Shakopee Mn. Kerber has been in the tile industry since 1969 and began his business in 1973. He has served as president and chairman of the board for the Independent Ceramic Tile Contractors Association ICTCA renamed CASTA Ceramic and Stone Trade Association and he is a member of the NTCA board serving on the NTCA Technical Committee and Methods and Standards Committee. Kerber also is regional director for NTCA which encompasses seven states. Kerber Tile Marble Stone Inc. is a NTCA Five-Star Contractor and employs CTEF Certified Tile Installers. Kerber was awarded a NTCA Best Practices award at Coverings in April 2015 for his Barrier-Free Shower Installation method which is included in the 2015TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Glass and Stone Tile Installation. This elegant curbless shower by Kerber Tile Marble Stone uses floor tiles cut from bath floor tiles a trench drain and glass mosaics on back wall. It was installed using the new method. BY T HE BOOK 98 TileLetter July 2015 WORKSHOP NEWS tell them you saw it in Louisville Tile Distributors LTD is deeply invested in education for staff and customers so much so that the company schedules NTCA Tile Stone Workshops every other year at several of its locations. We believe the workshops are a great opportunity for us to help educate train and promote the tile industry said Don Kincaid LTD vice president. The rapid pace of change and introduction of new products and methods makes the workshops more valuable and rel- evant than ever. Our employees take pride in getting attendance at the events and do not want their branch to be the low man on the atten- dance list. Attendance at the June workshop at the IndianapolisFisher branch included 80 customers 15 vendors and 20 employees said Brian Dillard operations manager for the location. The hot topic was the installing of mosaic and the large thin tiles. NTCAs Gerald Sloan is a great guy and always does a good job with these shows. J.T. Wenger general manag- er of the Evansville Ind. loca- tion said We had 19 vendors and 58 contractors in attendance. Attendees were most interested in cleaning of tile and large-format installation. This was by far our best seminar to date Wenger said. We had good participation excel- lent fried chicken and Gerald was very informative as always. We are excited for the next class and think- ing of ways to outdo this very suc- cessful event At this writing six workshops have been completed with 248 attendees and two more are scheduled. We anticipate well over 300 attendees Kincaid said. Kincaid added Vendor table tops prior to event and the pertinent sub- ject matter during the workshops allow tile mechanics architects esti- NTCA brings custom workshop to Louisville Tile Distributors By Lesley Goddin The staff at Louisville Tile in Evansville Ind. helped make the event a success. Attendance included 58 contractors and 19 vendors. WORKSHOP NEWS 100 TileLetter July 2015 mators and all industry attendees a chance to learn together. In many cases full-time mechanics who set tile every day never get the oppor- tunity to see the industry. The work- shops provide a forum for everyone in the industry to interact with our staff suppliers and other channel members. The exchange and feed- back is invaluable for all attendees. Our industry is changing very fast with bigger and thinner tile new grouts and thinsets leveling systems tools and more Kincaid added. Disseminating information is very challenging therefore the workshops are a great opportunity for us and the industry to connect and interact. 60 years strong This year was even more spe- cial since the company which has grown to eight locations is cel- ebrating its 60th year in business. Kincaid said the company is add- ing its 60th anniversary logo to business cards stationery banners and all communication tools this year. We will be hosting eight birth- day parties one for each location in reverse chronological order newest to oldest he added. The Louisville celebration September 22 will be a grand finale with attendance of the company found- er Jud Wilcox. Wednesday September 9th - Knoxville Thursday September 10th - Chattanooga Wednesday September 16th - Cincinnati Thursday September 17th - Indianapolis Wednesday October 14th - Nashville Thursday October 15th - Evansville Wednesday October 21st - Lexington Thursday October 22nd - Louisville Attendance at the NTCA Tile Stone Workshop in Indianapolis included 80 customers 15 vendors and 20 employees. Education is so important to Louisville Tile Distributors that it schedules a full com- plement of NTCA Tile Stone Workshops at its locations every other year. This year is also LTDs 60th year in business with celebrations scheduled starting in the fall. WORKSHOP NEWS tell them you saw it in The abundant group of customers in Nashville supported by vendors and employees listen and learn through Gerald Sloans presentation. This collage shows the faces of customers ven- dors and employees attending the Nashville event portraying the many different aspects of a NTCA Tile Stone Workshop from networking to learning opportunities to interacting with vendors to a great meal NTCA NEWS 102 TileLetter July 2015 Serbin joins NTCA as education coordinator Becky Serbin has joined the National Tile Contractors Association NTCA as Education and Curriculum Coordinator. In this newly created posi- tion Serbin will oversee the imple- mentation of a Learning Management Software LMS program the association will offer for continuing education for tile and stone installation and specifi- cation. As part of this program she will work closely with staff and committee members to develop an Apprenticeship Program that will combine online courses with field experience training. Serbin comes to the NTCA after 13 years at Georgia Pacific Corporation. Her duties there included architectural and tech- nical services associate product management and continuing edu- cation curriculum development and implementation. At Georgia Pacific she served as the TCNA Backerboard Subcommittee chair- person and participated in NTCA Technical Committee meetings and document development. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University. MAPEI hosts Five Star Contractors in Vancouver The National Tile Contractors Associations NTCA Five Star Contractors Program continues to grow and develop. As part of its strategy to offer increased busi- ness and technical education as well as peer review and network- ing opportunities the NTCA held a summer Five Star Contractor Program June 2-7 in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia. The conference was generously spon- sored by the MAPEI Corporation which hosted the technical edu- cational program at its plant head- quarters located in Vancouver. NTCA Five Star Contractors engaged in several days of edu- cational and networking program- ming. In addition to discussions c e n t e r i n g on the latest standards Five Star Contractors were treated to techni- cal pre- sentations by MAPEI p e r s o n n e l a d d r e s s - ing grout technology large-format and thin tile installations Becky Serbin Yikes The Five Star Contractor group takes a walk on the wild side on the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Thats Mary Shaw- Olson TileLetter ad rep smiling at the camera and John Cox of Cox Tile setting out for his walk to the other side. We can test per ANSI B101.1 ANSI B101.3 ASTM C1028-07 ANSI A137.1 AcuTest SCOF DCOF SLIP INDEXSLIP INDEX EXCEEDS ADA AND OSHA GUIDELINES Local testing and installers available Increase your traction up to 600 Treated over 10000000 sq ft Engineer Tested and Proven We accept all tile store and installer POs with 30 day terms Toll FREE 888-436-5404 Fax 214-666-3225 100 GUARANTEED INDUSTRY NEWS and substrate preparation. A lively hands-on question and answer ses- sion followed each presentation. The second day of the program- ming focused on business devel- opment. NTCA utilized the resour- Kicking back and relaxing after a day of learning and discovery are clockwse from far left Elizabeth Lambert Lambert Tile Stone Melinda Owen C.C. Owen Tile Co. Mary Shaw-Olson NTCA Dan Lambert husband to Elizabeth Rod Owen husband to Melinda Joe Kerber and wife Wendi Kerber Kerber Tile Marble Stone Inc. NTCA Five Star Contractors observe Darryl Wilson MAPEI technical consul- tant apply Eco Prim Grip following a discussion on substrates. Donning their safety gear NTCA Five Star Contractors got an up-close look at setting-product production during their meetings at the MAPEI plant. Five Star Contractors embark on a tour of the MAPEI factory facilities. NTCA Five Star Contractors like Frank Fazi of F.D. Berardino Tile l. got the chance to work with Flexcolor CQ single-component grout. Hawthorne Tiles Dirk Sullivan r got his hands on the product and showed the group just how fun grouting can be. 104 TileLetter July 2015 INDUSTRY NEWS ces of Ethan Cowles professional educator and facilitator with Fails Management Institute. Five Star Contractors participated in work- ing groups that interacted with Cowles addressing project man- agement estimating cash flow operations and understanding in detail balance sheets income statements budgets and financial statements. The NTCA plans to offer a sum- mer Five Star meeting every year and is also in discussions to devel- op regional training opportunities for Five Star Contractor employees as well as operational analysis. FACES IN THE NEWS LATICRETE welcomes Diane Phelan to the company as product manager for the STONETECH and PAVER ARMOR PRO product lines. In the role of product manager Phelan will report to Sean Boyle director of marketing and product management and will work out of the companys Bethany Conn. headquarters. Phelan comes to LATICRETE having previously worked for a global manufacturer and marketer of automotive aftermarket mainte- nance and repair products. INDUSTRY NEWS Pentair acquires Nuheat expands floor heating portfolio In April 2015 Pentair announced the acquisition of Nuheat a mar- ket-leading manufacturer of elec- tric floor heating systems. By com- bining Nuheats state-of-the-art Ethan CowlesFMI spoke to NTCA Five Star contractors about project manage- ment and improving business practices top. From small companies to large ones contractors like Mike DeGiusti of Terra-Mar in Oklahoma City walked away with ideas to implement below. John Cox of Cox Tile San Antonio Texas is a huge customer of Nuheat. Here he got to visit with Nuheat rep Jen Coats. Note the Pentair logo on the door in April Pentair acquired Nuheat see news item in this issue. 106 TileLetter July 2015 INDUSTRY NEWS tell them you saw it in customized products and tailored expertise with Pentairs Thermal Building Solutions broad range of Raychem heat tracing systems for pipe freeze snow melting and deicing applications Pentair seeks to provide distributors installers and end users with a complete and differentiated portfolio of floor heating and winter safety solutions. Vancouver-based Nuheat is well known for its innovative technol- ogy and providing customers with reliable customized and high- performance floor heating systems including North Americas first Wi-Fi enabled floor-heating ther- mostat. With a 4000-point dis- tribution network across the US and Canada the incorporation of Nuheat into Pentairs portfolio of floor heating and freeze protection technology will enable Pentairs Thermal Building Solutions to pro- vide floor heating products to more customers in North America. Daltile announces Interior Design Scholarship winner Daltile in conjunction with the American Society of Interior Designers ASID Foundation has announced Rebecca Gardner as the winner of the fourth annual Daltile Interior Design Scholarship. As the grand prize winner of the competition Gardner was present- ed with a 10000 scholarship to continue her education in the field of interior design. Gardners winning design was on display at NeoCon 2015 where she was Daltiles guest of honor. On behalf of Daltile and the ASID Foundation we congratu- late Rebecca Gardner on win- ning the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship said April Wilson director brand marketing Dal-Tile Corporation. Each year students from around the country rise up to our design challenge demonstrat- ing that the future of interior design is brimming with talent. Gifted designers like Rebecca continue to inspire Daltiles ongoing commit- ment to position the next genera- tion of interior designers for growth and success in the industry. This years design challenge titled Design with a Greater Purpose was to select a charity or non-profit to take on as a pro-bono client and to create a redesign of their current space that addressed the needs of its users and exhibited excellence in design and creativity. Students were challenged to explore the current issues faced within the space and stakeholder needs to make it a high functioning and beautiful space. Entries were judged on the spaces function aesthetic and creative use of Daltiles newest product offerings to bring each students vision to life. As a recent graduate and young professional Rebecca Gardner hoped entering the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship contest would stretch her as a designer and push her to produce great work and her grand prize-winning entry made INDUSTRY NEWS that hope a reality. A student at Brigham Young University Idaho she found inspiration in Loveland Living Planet Aquarium a non- profit organization in her commu- nity that strives to foster education and stewardship of the earth and its ecosystems. Using Daltile collections includ- ing Florentine Glazed Porcelain ONE Quartz Showscape Wall Tile and a variety of Glass Mosaics Gardner transformed the aquariums interior to better support their mission of inspir- ing people to explore learn and discover. The ASID Foundation is proud to participate with Daltile in awarding scholarships to Rebecca Gardner and other worthy young designers said Randy Fiser ASID CEO. Education and scholarships are prime objectives of the ASID Foundation and the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship program enables us to address both while leveraging a valued partnership. The grand prize winner and three finalists were selected by Daltile and the ASID Foundation with the help of a panel of industry experts including Donna Vining NCIDQ FASID IIDA RID CAPSREGREEN Trained and Sandy Gordon FASID LEED AP. This years top scholarship recipients are GrandPrize10000Scholarship Winner Rebecca Gardner Brigham Young University Idaho First Prize 2500 Scholarship Winner Rebecca Bruno Southwest University of Visual Arts Second Prize 2500 Scholarship Winner Amber Ferguson Student ASID Southwest University of Visual Arts Third Prize 2500 Scholarship Winner Erika Larsen Virginia Tech University Bostik brands Boeing 737-800 with ad campaign Bostik Inc. has debuted the Bostik-branded Boeing 737-800. This sleek aircraft will begin pro- moting Bostik brand awareness flying four times per day to 47 des- tinations across 20 countries. Michael Jenkins business director for Bostiks Consumer Construction Business Unit Americas stated Bostiks high- performance adhesives are being successfully used worldwide for a diverse variety of applica- tions dependent upon products people use each day. We believe Rebecca Gardner l.c. was awarded the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship in conjunction with ASID. Presenting the 10000 scholarship check was Daltiles April Wilson r.c. Randy Fiser CEO ASID l. and Brad Capel vice president MW Region Daltile r.. 108 TileLetter July 2015 NEW PRODUCTS its important that consumers in the Americas know of the global acceptance our products enjoy. Globalizing the distinct image of our brand is a good step one in getting everyday people to become even more familiar with the Bostik name and range of solutions our company provides. Bostik is the first company to sign a contract with a European air- line Transavia a subsidiary of Air France-KLM to re-brand a Boeing 737-800. This unique project incorporates the aircrafts exterior brandishing Bostiks new brand identity introduced in early 2014. It includes a prominent image of the Bostik omnipresent gecko on its tail fin. This distinctive initiative is one of many activities designed to globalize the Bostik brand. Scott Banda director of mar- keting for Bostiks Consumer Construction Business Unit Americas added This is an out- of-the-box program which really shows the entire world how Bostik is aggressively on the move begin- ning to build its brand. Today our products are on the shelves of roughly 2000 retail locations across the Americas. This is just one of many exciting new promo- tional programs that consumers will be seeing from our company over the years to come NEW PRODUCTS Filas surface care range includes a variety of treatments for shower and tile maintenance. All prod- ucts protect original characteristics without altering appearance - and provide fast safe application. Production is supported by Filas new ISO 140012014 certification and its extensive range is recom- mended by 200 leading flooring brands. FILAMP90 ECO PLUS is a solvent-free stainproofing impreg- nating sealer for polished porcelain and natural stone surfaces part of Filas Green line. The odor-free seal- er also protects grout lines. FILANO DROPS no-rinse spray cleans with- out streaks or limescale. Solvent free and non-acidic it is ideal for tiles glass mirrors glass mosaics and glazed ceramics as well as metal trims and faucets. FILA Deterdek is a deep-cleaning descaler FILA PS87 is a heavy-duty degreasing cleaner and wax remover FILAVIA BAGNO is a routine spray clean- er FILA FUGANET provides grout cleaning and FILA Cleaner is a best- selling pH-neutral detergent. 110 TileLetter July 2015 800.423.5243 The brand professionals prefer... What makes Barwalt unique As a third-generation installer Walter Pytlewski designs Barwalt tools keeping in mind the needs and desires of the professional from rst-hand knowledge. As a manufacturer and full-line distributor we provide exceptional and personal customer service. We consider our customers our partners and we adapt our products and services based on their recommendations. Request a catalog at Makes sense doesnt it Barwalt tools keeping in mind the needs and desires of As a manufacturer and full-line distributor we provide Makes sense doesnt it Walter Pytlewski CEOOwner Barwalt Tools Request a catalog at Providing professional tools for over 37 years The brand professionals prefer... Makes sense doesnt it Our mission is to provide innovative and quality tools that constantly improve the professionals day. NEW PRODUCTS Imagine Tile has partnered with award-winning American dcora- teur ensemblier Guillaume Gentet to introduce his debut tile design Trellis. The three-toned 8 x 8 scale features a large-scale lattice pattern in alternating dark and light hues that can be customized in terms of color variations and size. Trellis has already been installed in several projects including a resi- dential kitchen in the Hamptons and the main communal kitchen of Hope Lodge in New York City a center that offers lodging at no cost for cancer patients being treated in Manhattan. Gentet remodeled the kitchen pro bono and Imagine Tile donated 800 sq. ft. of tile for the floor and backsplash. Guillaume Gentets full collection will be unveiled throughout 2015 and will include a series of patterns that complement each other and can be mixed and matched. BloodSTOP is a must-have prod- uct for every construction site. Initially developed for use by surgeons in the operating room BloodSTOP is available on shelves at drug stores n a t i o n w i d e . BloodSTOP is a biocompatible non-irritating woven matrix of fibers made from natural plant compounds. When applied to a wound BloodSTOP quickly absorbs blood and other body flu- ids and transforms into a gel to seal the wound with a protective transparent layer. The gel creates a coagulation tower over the wound that stops bleeding and creates ideal conditions for wound heal- ing. httpwww.lifescienceplus. combloodstopgeneral-gauze USG offers the USG Durock Brand Shower System a fully- bonded waterproofing system for tiled shower installations designed to control moisture independently of the tile cover- ing while creating a solid base for a long-lasting shower. Ideal for both new construction and repairremodel projects the sys- tem is more adaptable to job- 112 TileLetter July 2015 Nothing to Throw AwayNO WASTE. Caps Designed to Last Installers Career. Stainless Steel Strap Will Not Break above the installed surface. Rubber Accessory protects and holds installed material in aligned position. Thin Tile-Porcelain-OffsetUngauged-Slab You Pick Desired Plate and Performance. Superior Clamping Ability. Most Valuable Best Performing and More Affordable than you may think. For use on Walls Floors Ceilings and Counter Tops with most hard surface materials. Qualifies for LATICRETE CUSTOM TEC and MAPEI Warranties Send us YOUR photos and comments for a chance to be featured in TileLetter. Tel. 319-610-3038 Fax 319-524-1638 The architect specified 24 x 48 rectified polished porcelain with 116 grout joints on 50 offset for a high-end Italian retailer in WaileaMaui. MLT does not replace skill and experience but it does enhance it and makes providing a high quality finished product easier especially on demanding projects Isaac Homza-Owner Higher Standard Tile Stone Maui Hawaii Ph.808.214.4364 NEW PRODUCTS site conditions is barrier free and offers an abundance of grate options and finishes that fit a range of bathroom aesthetics. The USG Durock Brand Shower System comes with the option of installing a custom tray program. This allows for a limitless number of shower configurations by using optional benches and niches that deliver added flexibility making it possible to create a more cus- tomized shower. This custom tray program is exclusive to USG. Textura Corporation a provider of collaboration software solu- tions for the construction industry launched Early Payment Program EPP that lets general contractors offer their subcontractors optional accelerated payment of invoices 30 to 90 days earlier than normal payment timing. EPP was developed in partner- ship with financial services com- pany Greensill Capital. Similar to supply chain finance in other indus- tries EPP provides third-party fund- ing that enables general contractors to pay participating subcontrac- tors faster than their normal tim- ing. Texturas Construction Payment Management CPM technology a collaborative online invoicing and payment solution facilitates the administration of the program including delivering early payments directly to subcontractors. With better and more predictable cash flow subcontractors will be able to prepare bids expecting ear- lier non-recourse payments and accelerated payments should lead to stronger balance sheets busi- ness expansion and less business owner risk. www.texturacorp.comsolutions early-payment-program.php Nuheat electric radiant heating can be installed in the shower and on the shower benches. The product comes as a standard shower mat with a hole for the drain or custom mats can be built to cover any shape including the bench. In addition to instantly warming the feet Nuheat heats the entire floor space of large walk-in showers even benches making them warm and more comfortable for those with arthritis or painful joints and muscles rap- idly dries water after use reducing the environment for mildew and warms the air to create a luxuri- ous sauna like environment. Nuheat 114 TileLetter July 2015 NEW PRODUCTS tell them you saw it in 120V waterproof shower mat comes with extra length leads up to 22 to reach the thermostat location is UL certified for wet applications and offers quick installation. www.nuheat.comfloor-heating electric-floor-heatshower-mats Daltile expands its bath acces- sories line with new cast metal and stone contemporary corner shelves permanently sealed with Q-Seal which protects against stains and abrasions and Ultra-FreshR anti- microbial protection to inhibit the growth of stains and odor-caus- ing mold and mildew. New fin- ishes include Stainless Oil-Rubbed Bronze White Gloss Travertine Sand and Gray each available in two corner shelf sizes. Their sleek design features a lip around the edge to prevent items from slipping off the shelves and a drainage hole keeps liquids from collecting. www.daltile.comfall2014 FloridaTile introduces ImperoHDP glazed porcelain wall tile inspired by the elegance of Travertino Romano used in the ancient Roman monu- ments. The surface of ImperoHDP is stacked creating a break of levels that reproduces shades of Travertino from milky white to walnut through yellow to pink. Thanks to high tech- nical and aesthetic characteristics this product allows a lot of versatil- ity and delivers an uncompromising level of color and variation using HDP High Definition Porcelain printing technology. ImperoHDP can cover internal and external walls of public commercial and residen- tial environments of contemporary and architecture of the past. The 12 x 22 format permits laying interlocking turns creating uniform walls and aesthetic continuity. Frost light- and spot-resistant its simple to install and clean and doesnt require any additional treatments or maintenance. Made of 40 pre-consumer recycled content its GREENGUARD and Porcelain Tile Certified. Alpha Professional Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 ARTO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Barwalt Tool Company. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111 Bellota. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Beno J. Gundlach Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76 Best Tile. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109 Blanke Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 - 89 Ceramics of Italy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Ceramic Tile Education Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 93 Ceramic Tool Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62 Custom Building Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 55 Dal-Tile Corporation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 EDCO Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70 Emser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Imola Ceramica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Innovis Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 FinPan Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 35 Joseph Lundgren Consulting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 KBRS Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73 Lackmond Products Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 - 25 LATICRETE International Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .center spread LATICRETE International Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . inside back cover LATICRETE International Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 21 63 MAPEI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . inside front cover - page 1 MAPEI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 MK Diamond Products Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 MLT Systems. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 Mark E. Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91 Marazzi USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Master Wholesale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 - 79 Merkrete Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . outside front and back covers Merkrete Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 39 Miracle Sealants Abrasives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81 NAC Products Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .97 Noble Company. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69 OMG National . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86 Progress ProlesProdeso Heat System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Progress ProlesProleveling System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72 SGM Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Sawmaster Diamond Tools Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Schluter-Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 SlipDoctors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103 Slip Grip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Slip Guard Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68 Stabila Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77 StonePeak Ceramics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 - 31 TEC Installation Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 TI-ProBoard. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 TexRite. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 The Dry Guy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87 The Tile Doctor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 Tile Floor Care USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .105 Tile Council of North America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 TileWare Products LLC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 - 41 University of Ceramic Tile and Stone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92 Wausau Tile. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67 wedi Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 - 51 ADVERTISERS INDEX 116 TileLetter July 2015 Globally Proven Construction Solutions Globally Proven Construction Solutions The Grout Game Has ChangedHas Changed 2015 LATICRETE International Inc. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.A-5888-0615 See Data Sheet 230.99 for complete warranty information. When mixed with PERMACOLOR Select Base. Watch a brief video on PERMACOLOR Select l 1.800.243.4788 Never needs sealingequipped with STONETECH Sealer Technology Virtually eliminates batch-to-batch color variation Fast settingready for foot trafc in 3 hours Anti-MicrobialTechnology Equipped with Warranty LIFETIME T E C H N O L O G Y EQUIPPED WITH STONETECH SEALER Simply select a Color Kit from 80 PERMACOLOR Select Colors then mix with PERMACOLOR Select Grout Base and youre ready to grout.