Shield Stone Floors against stains with FILA FOB XTREME SEALER

Want to keep your stone floors clean and protected? Shield them with FOB XTREME SEALER.

Stone floors, if left unprotected, can absorb oil and dirt, making the stone unsightly and stains difficult to remove. The best way to keep stone surfaces in good condition is to seal them against stains. 

FILA FOB XTREME SEALER protects stone floors against stains

FILA’s  FOB XTREME SEALER  is the ideal natural look, penetrating sealer for all natural stone, grout, concrete, quarry tile and terracotta. It forms a protective barrier resistant to moisture and stains while still allowing water vapor to escape. The long-lasting protection does not yellow or discolor and it’s safe in food preparation areas. 

 Order FOB XTREME SEALER and FILA will provide training on how to use it. Email [email protected]