KBRS’ vision is to reach more homeowners and builders through the expansion of the “Hard Core Installer” program. Are you ready to become “Hard Core”?
KBRS is a waterproof shower systems company built on the belief that without passion, without pride, and without a “Hard Core” commitment to be the best in the industry, the work we do is meaningless. It is because of this belief that we call our select group of trade partners, Hard Core Installers.
As a Hard Core Installer, you will work with the highest efficiency products in the business. Working with these products helps you save time during and after installation with less time spent at the job site and less recalls for water leaks.  Hard Core Installers also have access to co-marketing, lead generation, installation training, sales training, ongoing support and other benefits that will help you grow your business and increase your bottom line.
Please visit the “Become a Hard Core Installer” page on KBRS.com to read testimonials from existing HCIs, learn more about the benefits of joining forces with us and request more information about the program.