MSI INTRODUCES NEW Q PREMIUM NATURAL QUARTZ™ COLORS: A New Wave of On-Trend Colors Fresh Off the Global Market

M S International’s Q for countertops is in a league all its own. Q Premium Natural Quartz embodies modern elegance with the perfect mix of natural and manufactured materials for superior style and performance.
Already a leading quartz brand, Q just keeps getting better. Introducing more coveted white marble looks, chic concrete-finish styles, and new warm creamy hues, all showcased on the redesigned Q Premium Natural Quartz website. Also among MSI’s exclusive releases are exciting builder colors in the most popular shades of gray, and stunning Calacatta looks featuring prominent long veining— a style we’re going to see more of in 2018.
Whether giving your kitchen with a fresh clean look or designing a signature ensuite bath, Q is a natural choice for affordable luxury.
MSI’s new exclusive releases are: Calacatta Pearl™, Calacatta Taj™, Calacatta Venice™, Ivory Cream™, Manhattan Gray™, Portico Cream™, and Rolling Fog™. Visit for colors, patterns and styles.