Sponsor Product Spotlight: LATICRETE Ⓡ STONETECH Ⓡ

LATICRETE Ⓡ STONETECH Ⓡ surface care products are reliable, high performing and thoroughly tested, giving today’s savvy stone and tile professionals a competitive edge. Depending on the surface, natural stone, tile, grout and masonry can vary in porosity. PROTECT with a select range of STONETECH natural-look sealers in water-based or solvent-based solutions made for a range of porosity and surface types. CLEAN with specialized daily and heavy duty cleaning solutions designed for various tile and stone challenges. TRANSFORM with all-in-one enhancing sealers that protect and darken or add shine and restoration products that restore scratched or stained surfaces to a desired finish. To learn more about the STONETECH product line, please visit www.laticrete.com/stonetech.