ASCER technical conference presents advantages of using ceramics in public buildings

A technical conference took place at ASCER’s conference hall on 20th to discuss the use of ceramic in public buildings with architects, building engineers and public engineers. In the past recent years, the use of ceramic tiles has conquered the exterior use: façades, sidewalks, squares, etc. This conference was aimed at bringing closer the latest new building solutions that ceramics offer to public works. It was also highlighted the importance of choosing the right materials depending on their application, as well as their proper installation.
The program of the conference included:
  • “Ceramics in architecture: solutions and proposals for public works” presented by Javier Mira, Coordinator in the Habitat Area in ITC (Ceramic Technology Institute);
  • “Choosing ceramic systems depending on their application. Solutions for public work,” presented by Juan José Palencia Guillén, Normalization Committee President CTN 138. Building Quality section chief in the Department of Housing (Valencian Government); and
  • “Ceramic tile installation by adherence according to the UNE 138002:2017 regulation” presented by Matías Martínez, PROALSO Secretary-General.