Benefits Box: NTCA Reference Manual Coming Soon

2016-ref-manual-coverAlthough we reported on the NTCA Reference Manual in our July TileLetter issue, the subject bears repeating.


Because this month, NTCA members will be receiving the 2016-2017 publication in the mail, and it will be available for others in the industry to purchase as well.

If you missed the July article, the NTCA Reference Manual is a compendium of knowledge, research and development, brought to you by the NTCA Technical Committee and its members. These members include leading experts from various industry sectors: tile and stone contractors, distributors, manufacturers and others allied to the tile industry.

This year’s edition has a different format that follows the flow of a job, and that makes it easier to find content pertinent to your job or challenge. Chapters will begin with General Requirements, Substrates, and flow all way through to Maintenance and Precautions.

The NTCA Reference Manual identifies recurring challenges to tile and stone installations and recognizes potential problems. Industry experts come together to achieve consensus on solutions, presented in a problem-prevention-cure format. Clarifying photographs are included, as well as letter templates that address common issues in documentation and negotiation on the jobsite, and can be customized to fit the needs of the contractor. A collection of general position statements about industry issues is also included.

Each year, NTCA Technical Committee subcommittee members review and revise the publication, since new technologies, methods and products all impact the experience, practice and outcome of tile and stone installations.

Because the information is so crucial to the industry, NTCA also makes the NTCA Reference Manual available on its website HERE to non-members or those who desire additional copies.

Familiarize yourself with this well-respected companion document to the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile Installation and ANSI standards. Together these publications form a triumvirate of expertise and knowledge that creates a strong framework from which to conduct your business.