NTCA Workshops: Visiting Dalene Flooring in Connecticut

Last week, NTCA Technical Trainer Mark Heinlein visited with Five Star Contractor Dalene Flooring in South Windsor, Connecticut.

IMG_5939“NTCA Region 1 Director Chris Dalene gave me a tour of the facility, introduced me to all of the Dalene headquarters staff and and gave me an overview of some of their many past and present projects,” Mark said. “Chris is extremely passionate about the tile industry and Dalene Flooring’s contributions to it and the flooring industry in general. They have a great operation based on a tradition of quality and customer support.”

“Dalene flooring works with many types of floor coverings in addition to tile. I rode along with Chris on an inspection visit to one of their clients, the University of Hartford. The floor has been in for many years and Dalene works with the university on an ongoing basis to analyze the floor for performance and keep it in tip top condition. While I was there, they were locating and correcting “dead spots” where, from use and changing conditions, a floor board needs to be removed, tightened from beneath, and replaced. Dalene recently refinished the floor in the University’s Chase Family Arena including the painting of the court and game lines and logos.”

IMG_5927 small

Chris Dalene (right) and one of his hardwood flooring experts discussing the tuning of the floor and removing “dead spots” where the basketball has slightly less bounce due to the use and changing conditions of the floor.

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