Qualified Labor – August 2015 “Green Issue”

1_CTI_20x20ACT certification enriches Neuse superintendent’s abilities

Juan Sauceda is the first Neuse Tile Service installer to obtain ACT credentials

By Terryn Rutford, Social Structure Marketing


Juan Sauceda recently completed his Advanced Certified Tile Installer (ACT) certification in Membranes and Shower Receptors. He is one of many Neuse Tile Service installers to have successfully completed the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) exam over the last decade, but the first to achieve ACT certification. “I felt like it was an opportunity,” Sauceda said. “The company didn’t have anybody with that label, and they just wanted to go for it.”

1-QL-neusetilePaige Smith, vice president, said Neuse (www.neusetile.com) sends installers to National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) and Certified Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) education programs because, “It distinguishes us from the many competitors we have in the market. It’s also a great opportunity as [the installers] study for the tests to refresh what they already know, and it gives them pride in what they do.”

As Neuse Tile’s superintendent and installer for over 13 years, Sauceda took the ACT exam in order to “enrich [his] abilities.” Sauceda said, “When you’re in the field, sometimes you learn on your own; there are very few opportunities to see other points of view. [Taking the test] is a good way to see other ways to get things done. Different techniques. You just expand your knowledge.”

Sauceda became a CTI about eight years ago and has continued to learn and improve over the last decade. Becoming a CTI and ACT helped Sauceda learn different tile setting techniques that literally cut the time in half it that it took him to do it before.

Neuse Tile Service is a NTCA Five Star Contractor based in Youngsville, N.C., from where past NTCA president Nyle Wadford hails. The company uses the CTI and ACT credentials everywhere it possibly can. Smith said, “We try to promote any of the programs that are in our area through our social media, anything that we attend and any offerings we want our customers to know are available for continuing education.” Smith pointed out that paying attention to continuing education distinguishes Neuse Tile as a company that cares about its customers and their employees, which hopefully gives them a leg up over the competition.